Spirit Mechanism
Spirit Mechanism




Spirit Mechanism

by: JoyKingdomArt

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    I got a chance to sit in front of a real computer and access my Google Drive files and editing software. This is my latest piece "Spirit Mechanism" and I'll be posting more real soon! Today marks the first day of my 4th week as a RageOn! clothing designer! At first I just wanted to post a few products and gain a following. Thank you all for your support so far! Our seller community at RageOn! is our first line of defense in our arsenal against mass produced corporate tyranny! And our most powerful marketing tool is each other! Please like and Superlike this product? Tag words Chakras aura Buddhist monk Taoist mixed martial arts yoga tai chi qi gong trippy psychedelics space nebulae galaxy universe guided meditation meditates Gears steampunk quantum physics law of attraction abundance world peace love harmony prayer joy happiness fans of positive creations Alex Grey Lisa Frank Bernie Sanders Peru Ayahuasca shaman mushrooms DMT chai tea LSD Terrence McKenna Timothy Leary Grateful Dead spirit molecule Jesus Christ Krishna Ganesha Shiva Egypt Mayan pyramids ancient aliens mysteries wonders of the world pleiadian arcturan sirian dank ganja mojo weird pot weed Mary Jane THC edibles stoner cool dispensaries cancer cure medical and recreational marijuana Humboldt Mendocino Trinity Emerald Triangle County NorCal northern pacific California southern Oregon Washington Colorado Seattle Denver San Francisco Bay Area Berkeley Oakland Mount Shasta Bible Koran Kabbalah Tao te Ching Constitution Karma 10 commandments Golden Rule ascension Rasta reincarnation punks hippies all lives matter people with dreadlocks atheists devout agnostics backpackers, world travelers, stay at home moms and dads, for everyone, the finest near death and out of body life experiences, lucid dreaming, powerful message in silence
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