Silver Chainmail Medieval Costume Armor Neck Tie
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Silver Chainmail Medieval Costume Armor Neck Tie




Silver Chainmail Medieval Costume Armor Neck Tie

by: tackytiesandthings

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    This chain mail costume armor pattern is silver, to represent the highly polished armor of your classic knight in shining armor. Mostly like the armour of a prince or a king. Walk around like a fantasy warrior, looking like a million dollars while slaying dragons and conquering the hearts of fair maidens and noble warriors, like the heroes of old tales, with this chainmail armor costume clothing. Perfect for SCA, Amtgard, medieval cosplay, fantasy costume, tabletop gamers or even Halloween Chainmail costume clothing is easy to wear and makes a great addition to any medieval fantasy costume for costume contests, plays, Amtgard, SCA, Ren Fairs, or just wearing around the house for a friendly gaming session. Chainmail is a great armor type for costumes of legendary Arthurian characters, literary fictional fantasy heroes, mythological characters or costumes of historical figures. Chainmail costume clothing has several advantages over real armor in that it’s softer and can be washed and dried without rusting – or clanking around in the dryer. It breathes and isn’t as heavy, so it can be worn for hours as cosplay in convention hall, camping events, or at a local park. Chainmaille was used historically as the primary source of armor for armies since the beginning of the Iron Age. The metal links used to construct this armor made the armor strong enough to block a sword or axe, yet flexible enough to maneuver around a battlefield. It is no wonder it has become the mainstay of heroes in most fantasy novels and great works such as the Arthurian knights of legend. For costuming purposes, chain mail pattern clothing, the real armor is expensive to make, expensive to maintain, takes a great deal of time to construct, and can easily weigh over several dozen pounds. Some historical suits of armor weighed over a hundred pounds! With a costume clothing shirt, it’s easy to wear, easy to maintain, and doesn’t become a burden after romping around in a hall or through the woods. It’s also great for children.
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