Luciferian Witchcraft Medieval Sigil 24" x 24" Altar Cloth Banner




Luciferian Witchcraft Medieval Sigil 24" x 24" Altar Cloth Banner

by: LApotheca

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    This is a 24" x 24" white/black Altar Cloth. Originally incorporated into early Luciferian Witchcraft workings and books by Michael W. Ford prior to it being utilized beyond that. This simple part of the more elaborate Lucifer Sigil was soon identified in the Luciferian Magick tradition as the sign of the spiritual rebel and Bringer of Light. The bottom point of the sigil was sharpened to present a visual command of attention. This Altar Banner is printed on a 24” x 24” cloth and is ideal for altars, walls or "prayer cloths" for spiritual practices. This garment is made from a 100% specially spun polyester. Our altar banners are now printed via dye sublimation which will not crack, peel or fade. This allows the images to be printed to a much greater size on the banners.
  • Microfiber polyester moisture wicking for super comfortable feel.

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