I Dream Of Diamonds




I Dream Of Diamonds

by: stonedreams53

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    Design also available on other products -- swipe left or right to see on numerous other items and clothing. diamonds, gemstones, rivers, dreams, daydreaming, pools, wealth, money, riches, fortune, money, inheritance, coins, sapphires, rubies, emeralds, rare minerals, mining, gold, silver, platinum, believe, wonder, desire, need, want, like, love, lust, crave, Cyan, blue, purple, lavender, streams, clouds, weather, electricity, circuits, power, flow, AC/DC, generator, swirls, rivers, friends, spirits, angels, cells, germs, bacteria, viruses, microbes, home decor, decorating, pillows, couches, beds, living, den, rooms, office, spaces, luxury, design, custom, unique, rare,
  • This item is a 30" X 20" Pillow Cover (No Pillow Included). It is a soft, comfortable, and fun way to decorate a bedroom. Microfiber polyester moisture wicking for super comfortable feel.

  • All sizes are in inches

    Pillow Case

    One Size
    Height (inches) 20
    Width 30
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