Goetic Circle of Black Evocation and Pacts by Levi 24" x 24" Altar Banner




Goetic Circle of Black Evocation and Pacts by Levi 24" x 24" Altar Banner

by: LApotheca

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    This Altar Banner is printed on a 24” x 24” cloth and is ideal for altars, walls or "prayer cloths" for spiritual practices. This garment is made from a 100% specially spun polyester. Our altar banners are now printed via dye sublimation which will not crack, peel or fade. This allows the images to be printed to a much greater size on the banners. The Goëtic Circle of Black Evocations and Pacts, according to Éliphas Lévi: "The circle is formed from the skin of the victim, fastened to the ground by four nails taken from the coffin of an executed criminal. The skull is that of a parricide; the horns those of a goat; the male bat opposite the skull must have been drowned in blood; and the black cat, whose head forms the fourth object on the circumference of the circle, must have been fed on human flesh. There is no authority for any of these stipulations. The small circles within the triangle show the place of the operator and his assistants." Book of Black Magic, A.E. Waite
  • Microfiber polyester moisture wicking for super comfortable feel.

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