Fluorescent Flow Yoga Gear




Fluorescent Flow Yoga Gear

by: bykenique

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    Fluorescent Flow by Kenique. This design is available on additional apparel, home decor, cell phone cases, yoga mats, and more! By Kenique products are featured on McCalla Coulture. Visit bykenique.com for more products and information. all over print, by kenique, mccalla coulture, rageon #alloverprint #rageon #mccallacoulture #bykenique #customdesignedapparel #customdesigns #customclothes #customclothing #trendydesigns
  • This yoga mat is a high-quality non-slip accessory designed for max comfort and style during yoga sessions of any type. Dimensions are 24" x 72". Eco-PVC, latex/silicone/phthalate free.

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