Super Likes

What are Super Likes?

RageOn is doing something that has never been done in e-commerce! We are enabling every single user on our platform to make money - with Super Likes. How does it work? Imagine walking into you favorite store - seeing something that you think is cool, tapping the star to “Super Like” it, and then every time the product sells - you receive a commission - just because you Super Liked it!

This is an amazing breakthrough for both our users and the artists on our platform because our patent pending technology enables your Super Likes to increase the visibility of cool products and allows everyone to make more money with RageOn.

Use the Super Likes you have, then wait a few hours to get more - OR - on iOS, INVITE your friends to RageOn to get more, and then make sure to Super Like the products that you think will sell best. Super Likes expire in 60 days, but you will get notified and you can still Super Like that product quickly enough - just check your notifications!


Super Like products

Click or tap the star to “Super Like” it. Every time that product sells - you receive a commission - just because you Super Liked it! Start with 5 Super Likes. 4 hours after your last Super Like is used, you will get more. Each product has a max of 100 super likes. Start earning now!


Make money

Get rewarded for supporting the RageOn community. Every time a product sells that you you Super Liked, you earn a percentage of the commission.


Cash out yourself!

Your daily commissions will add up and transfer from Balance to "Available Now" 30 days after each sale date. You can cash out once you have $50 or more in commission. Cash out or buy yourself awesome RageOn gear!