Intellectual Property (IP) Protection at RageOn

RageOn’s mission is to empower the creators of the world!

To empower the true IP owners and creators, RageOn must be the #1 Safe Harbor for original IP owners in the user generated marketplace space.

Here’s how we go above and beyond user generated marketplaces to protect IP:

  • Full time DMCA agent to help protect Intellectual Property
  • Keyword automation and manual scrubbing
  • “Report button” located near every single product
  • DMCA link on every page of RageOn in the footer
  • We have an easy to use DMCA form - unlike Alibaba, Etsy, etc.
  • Verified IP owners will receive a special verification mark on their accounts
  • Lastly, help us, help you! Your feedback is always welcome. We are 100% mission driven to protect IP - communication is the best way for us to protect user’s IP and for us to make our systems better to serve you and IP holders

This is a top priority for RageOn and we highly value the original content creators and those that support them!

Thank you,

Mike Krilivsky, CEO & Co-founder