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Whether you are just starting, ready to make a go of it, or a Fortune 500 brand, RageOn offers plans specifically designed to meet your needs.
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Monthly Price $0 $4.99 $49.99 Contact
1X ~2X more ~4X more ~5X more
T-Shirt $3 $6 $14 $17
Sweatshirt $7 $14 $27 $31
Shoes $8 $17 $32 $41
Onesie $11 $22 $43 $47
0% 10%+ OFF 30%+ OFF 40%+ OFF
T-Shirt $22 $19 $11 $8
Sweatshirt $58 $51 $38 $34
Shoes $72 $63 $48 $39
Onesie $99 $88 $67 $63
~10% ~20% ~40% ~50%
T-Shirt 12% 24% 56% 68%
Sweatshirt 11% 22% 42% 48%
Shoes 10% 21% 40% 51%
Onesie 10% 20% 39% 47%
No. of products to sell to pay for itself
T-Shirt 0 2 5 36
Sweatshirt 0 1 3 21
Shoes 0 1 3 16
Onesie 0 1 2 13
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Do I have to pay to create an account with RageOn? Nope! We offer free and paid plans, depending on what your needs are.
I am currently on a RageOn Free Plan and would like to upgrade my account. How do I do that? If you are on a free plan you can upgrade anytime. Simply Sign Up for the plan above that is right for you.
What are the differences between the plans? The major differences are commission and customization. If you are serious about selling, have been selling merchandise for a while, or want things “your way,” going with a business or enterprise plan is your best bet.
How do I get paid? Every time you make a sale, an affiliate sale, or a referral makes a sale for you, money is deposited to your account in real time! You can withdraw from your RageOn account in real time through Paypal after 30 days of transaction with a balance of $50 or more.
I have general questions about RageOn. Where do I go? Check out General FAQs here. If you have more specific questions or requests, contact us here.
Can I switch from one paid plan to another at anytime? How do I change my current plan? You can change paid plans anytime. Shoot us a request here. If you’re on a free plan and want to sign up for a paid plan, you can do that just paying for the paid plan!
Is the payment automatically deducted from my bank account each month? Will I receive notification? You got it! You’ll need a credit card to sync with your store if you plan to go with a paid package. We’ll send you a monthly email making you aware of each transaction, and we will notify you if there is a problem with payment.
How is RageOn different from Shopify? Some of our best storefronts operate on both RageOn and Shopify. Think of RageOn as the Amazon Marketplace of all things Custom Creation. If you are only interested in selling RageOn products, it is faster, cheaper, more effective - and, in some cases, more profitable - to work with us directly. If you are dedicated to building your own storefront, we will support you any way you need! We are your merchandising partners.
What forms of payment do you accept? Visa, Mastercard, and Paypal (coming soon).
How do I change or update my payment method/information? Send us a note here. We’ll have you sign back in and update
If I am on a paid plan, how do I update pricing, images, deals or discounts? Send us a note here. With exactly what you are looking to do. We’ll take care of your request personally.
What type of payments can RageOn Process for my customer? Almost everything. Apple Pay, Amazon Payments, PayPal, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and Bitcoin on web & web mobile and Apple Pay, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, AMEX, and Paypal are available on iOS. When you accept more payment options, you make more money.
Are the Training Courses self-service? Yes! We have a series of videos, webinars, and strategy docs that are only available to members of the starter, business, and enterprise plans. You’ll get access via email if you are on a paid plan. Will my name be on the shipping label? Custom packaging with your name is only available with the enterprise plan. White labeling is available in the business package, and this will give the customer a generic return address label. Can I promote my products using discount codes I find on RageOn? Of course! But if you want personal ones only to your brand and store, you’ll need to be on the Business or Enterprise plans. Is "Dedicated Support" a live person? Yes. You’ll have direct access to them for more than just administrative tasks, and they bring years of eCommerce expertise to the table. Use them as Tech Support as well as a guru! Do I get a say in the marketing creative and campaign strategies if I am on the business or enterprise plan? Absolutely. We will work with your team to come up with the proper messaging and creative to make our joint promotion a success. You can either provide creative for us to handle or give us direction to take it all the way. It’s up to you! What do I do if I see someone with stolen IP? If you are the owner, please use our easy to use DMCA Takedown form. If you are not, but you want to be a good samaritan, please click the “report” button, which is conveniently located on every product page. Can I run ads to my RageOn product pages? We highly encourage social (Facebook and Instagram) and Google Shopping ads to drive sales. Our numbers show that if your content is good, if you are targeting a specific audience, and if you have a good grasp on your niche, then you can come out on the top - sky is the limit - artists, entrepreneurs and the like have made 6-7 digit revenue using RageOn. What if traffic I send to RageOn ends up in another product sale that is not mine? If someone buys another product, not to worry! We have an Affiliate Code Tracking System built into RageOn. Your unique code is added to product you share - automatically! If that traffic results in a sale outside of your products, we’ll pay you 10% of RageOn’s profit. A cookie will be set for 30 days on the visitor’s browser. Even if they come back to RageOn.com after 29 days, you’ll still be credited for the sale and money will be deposited into your account in real time. Is there a max. or min. on what I can change my pricing to? Starter, business, and enterprise plans allow you to modify your own pricing. You can go as low as the baseline price. But remember: If you set your pricing too low, you could owe us for the cost of goods. Too high, and no one will buy your products. (Unless you’re the bomb. In that case, fire away!)

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