Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Create it, Share it, Wear it!

Before submitting a ticket, please see the below frequently asked questions in regards to your order with us. If none of the below answers applies to you, feel free to visit our Support Page or submit an email through our contact form.

Create a product, share it to your newsfeed so friends and fans can view or buy it, and then purchase and wear it! You will receive commission for sales you make! You can now earn money by Super Liking!

Is this the easiest way in the world to create products, sell, buy them and engage with your fans?


Is it free to use?

Yes! However, we offer paid plans too here that offer even more commission when you sell products!

How do I become a brand?

Just by signing up with an account, or logging in, with RageOn, you are automatically registered as an official brand with paid commissions and agreeing to the Terms of Service. If you want to make the most amount of money, use the web and select a paid plan to get a higher commission rate: SaaS Plan

How many people are visiting RageOn and using the app?

Millions of people visit the site and app and we’re growing rapidly!

What quality will my product come out?

We hand make the highest quality all-over-print products in the world. The larger file (highest res possible) that you use, the better the end product will be!

How much do I make when I sell a product?

If someone buys a product that you create, you will be paid a 100% commission above the base price, less any discounts. Base Prices can be found SaaS Plan and Products and Pricing

What are Super Likes?

Super Likes are when you tap the “Super Like” gold star when viewing a product. Super Like products that you REALLY like! This helps products rise to the top on the Popular screen and then you will get PAID when someone buys it! More info on SL’s!

How much do I get paid when a Super Liked product sells?

If someone buys a product that you Super Liked, you will receive a portion of the earnings - up to 10% of net! When you Super Like a product early and before others, you will receive a larger percentage of the Super Like commission!

Is there a limit to how many times a product can be Super Liked?

Yes, currently, a product can only be Super Liked 100 times.  

How many Super Likes do I get?

Unlimited - but only a few at a time! When you use them, a timer starts and you’ll get more soon! We’ll send you a notification when we replenish your Super Likes!

How can I get more Super Likes?

The best way to get more is to use all your Super Likes so you are given more - you’ll just have to wait!

Can I buy more Super Likes?

Not yet, sorry!

When can I get my money?

You can CASH OUT once you have at least $50 in your “Available Now”! It takes 30 days for sales, refunds, Super Likes, etc. to process and to transition from your Balance into your “Available Now” section.

How do I get paid?

Once you have $50 under “Available Now”, click/tap “CASH OUT” and be paid via Paypal.

Can I only be paid via Paypal?

Currently, yes.

When will the RageOn app be available for Android / Google Play?

We are working on it - so not yet. However, use the web creator for now!

I want to order tons of stuff, can I get a bulk discount?

Yup, easy bulk ordering is available on the web or mobile web, not iOS yet. Go to our creator here or any product page and click “Save Money! Order in Bulk” right next to the “Add to Cart” button. Here’s more about bulk ordering!

I want to set up a drop ship deal with RageOn so you can make my stuff and then I just sell on my own site, can this happen?

Yup, you simply sign up with our app or, create designs and then start marketing your products with facebook, google, and other socials! If you already have a Shopify store and have a lot of physical inventory, we recommend that you use Shopify and sign up here.

Why would I use RageOn instead of Shopify or some other merch company?

Click - 18 Ways RageOn will make you more $$ than any ecommerce solution!

How can I work for RageOn?

Check our Careers page

How can I get a paid internship with RageOn?

Check out our Paid Internship Program

Is this legit? What press have you gotten that proves this is for real?

Yup! Check out some of our awesome press - Press Page

How can I model for RageOn?

Fill this out!

How can I make money by spreading the word about RageOn?

Become a Sponsored Brand Rep! Or Super Like products on the iOS App!

I heard someone gets a free RageOn product every week, just by sharing RageOn products - is this true? How does that work?

Yup! Check that out here.

I have a really large following and I’m legit - let’s do business together RageOn so we can both make some money.

We’d love to! Check this out here.


Customer Service / Shipping

Do you have a customer service phone number I can reach you at?

In order to better assist you as quickly as possible, we found that emailing is a better solution. Please email your concern, feel free to include your order number, attachments, etc.

Does RageOn ship orders internationally?

International shipping choices are available at checkout!

What are your office hours?

Our office hours are Monday through Friday, from 9AM EST to 6PM EST. Any questions or concerns submitted during the weekend will be responded to promptly on the following business day.

I messaged but haven't heard back for 48 hours.

Please check your SPAM/JUNK folder. If you still haven’t received a reply, please email us again. Please note our office hours, which are Monday through Friday, 9AM EST through 6PM EST. Questions and concerns from the weekend will be responded to promptly on next business day!

The USPS Tracking Number says delivered, but I haven't received my order.

All domestic delivery issues become the responsibility of USPS once it’s been shipped. You may contact them at (800) 275-8777.

Why isn't my tracking number working?

Often, tracking numbers will only function on domestic orders, as foreign postal systems will not update the location of the package in our carrier's' systems. International shipping usually takes 2-4 weeks, so you can estimate that it will take about that long from the time your package ships until you will receive it. If your order is domestic and the tracking number doesn't work, please let us know so we can make sure that your items were properly shipped.

Where do I ship my returns to?

Please, for any approved returns, ship them to the following address: RageOn, 1163 East 40th Street, Suite 211, Cleveland, OH 44114

What is printed on the back of what I ordered?

Most items (except for one sided products like: Bandana, Duvet Cover, Shower Curtain, and even one-sided T-shirts, one-sided tanks, etc.) have the same design printed on the front as the back. One sided products are white on the back.

Do your shirts turn out blurry or dark?

We're able to take your photos, and place them onto our fabric and garments. That being said, the quality of the photos we receive to be printed are printed best to the photo's capacity. We will not accept returns for products that come out blurry or dark. If you want a very clear image, use a high quality image!

I've seen all-over-print products from RageOn that contain white marks on the seams or under the armpit, is that how the RageOn app is, too?

Due to the printing process, certain garments, some t-shirts or tank tops, may contain smudges or irregularities along the seams or under the armpit of the sleeves. These do not affect how the shirt is represented while it is worn. Other garments, such as our Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Onesies, etc will not contain these. We cannot accept returns for this reason. Each item is a unique, 1 of-a-kind product, printed exclusively for the customer who ordered it.

What material are your products made out of?

RageOn offers 100% cotton options with classic DTG printed methods and all-over-printed options which are made from 100% specially spun polyester that comes out extremely soft and durable. Our products never crack, peel, fade, or wrinkle!


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