Brand Rep - More Information

Below is our Sponsored Brand Rep FAQ.

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How it works:
1. You make a code, we approve it
2. You you share your code to your friends, family, and fans
3. Every sale made with your coupon, you get paid!

Terms / FAQ:
• Your coupon code is good for 10% off
• Your coupon code is good for any items on, unless otherwise listed in the description
• Your coupon code is also good for any sale items
• You will be paid in either Store Credit or Cash - you choose!
If you choose Rage On! Store Credit:
• You will be issued a Gift Card
• You will be paid 25% of each sale you make
• Payments happen once a month, typically at the 1st of each month
If you choose cash:
• A Paypal email address is required (no checks - sorry!)
• You will be paid 15% of each sale you make
• You will get paid once a month
• You may post your code on:
◦ Your website
◦ Any social media / blogs
• You cannot post your code on:
◦ Product comments on the RageOn website or app unless they are your own products
◦ Coupon / discount websites like “retailmenot” etc. (this includes their social media / blogs as well!)
◦ Any Company related social media posts, including:


If we have any suspicion of fraudulent activity, we will terminate your discount code.

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