The Birth of Let's Rage

The Birth of Let's Rage

The “Let’s Rage” Story:

The phrase “Let's Rage” started in 2007 when company founder Mike Krilivsky toured the United States five consecutive times with Red Blue Records’ premiere artist, Ice Nine Kills. During these tours, Ice Nine Kills and Mike would follow up shows by going to random nightclubs, house parties, and just about anywhere else, shouting “Let's Rage!” everywhere they went. This catchphrase evoked a feeling of fun, freedom, and embraced every moment of life in every city that the band ventured!

During their fourth time around the US in 2008, Ice Nine Kills revisited many cities from previous tours and noticed that “Let’s Rage” had caught on-- people that they ran into again and even strangers were starting to say “Let's Rage” in public, at shows, clubs, or wherever!

Mike decided to take the phrase "Let's Rage" to the next level, and put it on the back of shorts to sell on the Vans Warped Tour. In less than two months, he sold over 2,000 pairs of shorts that had the phrase “Let's Rage” on them!

At this point, everyone was telling Mike to start a clothing line. However, his interests were 110% invested into his Red Blue Records bands, so he passed on the opportunity. In 2009, the band encouraged Mike to make a shirt with the phrase “Let's Rage” on it. He did, and it sold out the first day of the tour! However, Mike decided not to re-order the shirts because they weren’t band-related and, at the time, he was headstrong with his priorities towards Red Blue Records.

A catastrophic event in 2010 was the inspiration to turn Let's Rage from a great idea into a reality. Mike Krilivsky and a few of his friends were in a near-fatal car accident in Boston. Traveling on Interstate 93 southbound at approximately 70 miles per hour, about 100 feet above the city of Boston, the driver lost control of the car and swerved into a barrier. Mike’s face hit the door so hard that he nearly died with his face bleeding into his friend’s lap. He suffered from amnesia while being rushed to the Boston MGH hospital.

Mike had to undergo facial reconstructive surgery to fix his broken nose, tooth, and face. While recovering, Mike realized that he had to embrace every moment, simply because it could be his last. He knew that there was more to life than just planning, waiting, and relying on others.

Mike then created the real meaning behind Let's Rage: “Celebrate the fact that you’re alive!” This phrase can apply to anyone of any race, religion, personal style, music preference, etc. You can be “raging” anywhere, at any time, as long as you’re enjoying life!

After the accident, Mike had the motivation and a driving reason to launch Let's Rage as it is today, bringing the brand’s message to what would soon be millions of people. Since the inception of Let’s Rage, Krilivsky and the Let's Rage team have donated their time, services, and finances to homeless shelters, food drives, cancer research, Japan Disaster Relief, and many more philanthropic efforts to spread their positive message!

The Let’s Rage team works hard, so you can play hard! The goal of Let’s Rage is to bring joy to millions of people worldwide. Let's Rage hopes that not only will people enjoy the wild, vibrant, and ridiculous designs, but also that these same people will continue to spread the message of enjoying every moment of the precious life that we’ve all been gifted!

Let's Rage!


- This bio and message are dedicated to Mike's two siblings who have recently passed: Jerry and Sarah Bajda


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