Facebook A/B Testing

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facebook a/b testing

Marketing a business in this digital age may often seem daunting, but in reality, digitization makes marketing easier than ever, especially with tools like Facebook’s split testing. Previously it was extremely difficult to analyze which of your advertisement was gathering the most profit for you, and which one needed to be stopped. Let us teach you the basics of A/B testing and how it can greatly benefit your business!

What exactly is A/B testing?

Split testing or A/B testing is a Facebook Advertising feature that collects statistics on your different advertisement tests and compares them against each other to find out which of them yielded a benefit for your strategy and which one was inefficient.

A/B testing gives accurate results and is easy to implement. Furthermore, it can be used for testing anything, whether it’s determining which images/creatives work best, to which call to action plan attracts a greater audience, etc.

A/B testing is a very important tool for marketers. It has proven to greatly increase ROI, often in the 10x range, and not only that, but it helps businesses determine what their target audience prefers to see as well as how different variations like color schemes and images affect the consumer response to ads.

Steps to take for the most successful Facebook A/B testing:

1. Test a single variable:

It is very easy to get carried away with split testing, creating vastly different ads and then comparing them to each other. That makes it difficult for you to determine which factor contributed towards the success of that advertisement.

Instead, when creating an A/B test, your ads should be almost identical to each other with the exception of one major variable. Doing so will make analyzing which creative strategy was the most successful for you, easier.

2. Use multiple ad sets:

There are two ways to place an ad on Facebook - you can either place all your ad variations within one ad set, or you can place them under separate ad set. Going the ‘separate’ route is the better choice as this gives a more comprehensive comparison which makes it easier to clearly identify which ad is more successful.

3. Use the right audience:

Ideally, you should have a large enough audience for these tests, which are demographically accurate for your marketing campaign. If your target audience is too small, you will not be able to gather the most accurate representation.

However, make sure that the audience you are using for these tests is different than your other Facebook campaigns, or it might lead to biased results.

4. Set the most accurate time duration:

When creating a split test, you must always remember that you need to give just enough time for your ad test to run so that it reaches your intended audience. But it shouldn’t carried out for such a long time that it becomes repetitive and a waste to your budget.

The ideal time duration your ad test should run for lies between 4-14 days, after which you should have enough results to make your conclusions.

5. Create a budget:

Before you start creating ad tests, allocate a proper, well-thought out budget. Ad testing can easily get very costly if it’s not handled efficiently.

Therefore, always plan ahead, and be prepared for your estimated budget to exceed as well once your ad tests start rolling.

6. Stop the losing ads:

As time goes by, you will be able to easily identify which of the ad tests are winning and which are losing. Once you have identified those, you should stop the ads which didn’t gather the success other ads did, as continuing them would just be a burden on your budget as you work to grow your business.

Keep removing the ads which aren’t winning until you end up with the final ad which performed the best in you’re A/B testing, and use your newfound learnings to strategize your future marketing strategies.

Wrapping It Up

Knowing the proper way to use the Facebook A/B testing tool can offer a lot of benefits to your growth. However, remember to be patient when it comes to collecting proper data and learning from trial-and-error.

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Congrats to the winner of our Valentine's Day Design Contest!

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We’re excited to announce that the winner of RageOn's Valentine's Day Design Contest is...



Congratulations on creating this super cute winning design: Dreamy Pizza Cutepid Cat T-Shirt! This adorable sweater was the #1 most popular design with the #RageOnVDayContest hashtag on our Community Favorites in the last 30 Days

Prizes for this contest included: 

  • $150 Gift Card
  • Blog Interview
  • Homepage product placement for a week
  • Featured spot on our contest page

We checked in with the winner for a special interview and to hear the back story of their relationship with RageOn: 

* * * 

Give us some info on who you are! 

CatLife is a collaborating team headed up by designer Abel Cabral from Florida, USA of  @TheCreamPriest and programmer/marketer Peter Craig from SA, Australia of @ThisOnAShirt along with a growing team of other designers, collaborators and marketers from the ThisOnAShirt and extended communities.


What made you want to create an entire brand devoted to cats? 

CatLife formed originally and exclusively on RageOn simply from a comment posted by Abel of @TheCreamPriest asking “does anyone have any tips to make sales?”. Peter of @ThisOnAShirt responded with an avalanche of private messages and over the next few weeks of emails, messages, advice and ideas across opposite time zones, the pair mutually agreed to head up a team built atop the already established ThisOnAShirt community of users to contribute to a new RageOn store.

We shortlisted a handful of our own favourite topics we shared interest in or felt the RageOn audience would appreciate most and settled on “cats” and “playing card designs”. Hence the @AllCats and @Cards accounts were born - AllCats later being changed to the CatLife we know today!


Where do you find inspiration for new designs? 

We draw inspiration from our mutual interests, past proven successes and following trends.

Mutual Interests: Our mutual interests lie along the lines of outrageous, borderline offensive, pop culture parody - so a lot of our ideas stem from brainstorming various combinations of each until we all agree on an idea we simply can’t stop thinking about or just have to see on a product.

Past Proven Success: knowing what designs have been proven to popular or sells well from our own catalogue of successful products across the ThisOnAShirt community, helps us create unique variations or commission those designs directly. We also consider variations of our own designs when they show success within RageOn.

Following Trends: we often aim to apply an original spin on what’s trending within RageOn, for example, our successful “Cat Fight” design paying homage to RageOn’s popular “Thundercat” with an added “Rocky” parody and our “Ahegao cat collage” which parodies the popular Manga/Anime design.


Tell us about the cats in your real life. :) 

Peter owns a family cat called “Cfor” (C for cat), it has the unique trait of not having a tail, having been docked by the vet after a near fatal car accident. Other team members are actually mostly dog lovers.


How do you know when a CatLife design is complete? 

Some designs come together without much discussion and are posted with the confidence it’s complete. Others have taken up to weeks of negotiating, variations and tweaking until everyone is happy it’s as good as we’re able to make it. Then there are still a select few still in production, not yet refined enough to feel confident releasing just yet.

Designs usually go through an array of steps; brainstorming the idea, researching elements already available to us, setting up various mock-ups/candidates, reworking low-resolution assets into the highest resolutions available for best quality prints across all products, review and “product testing”. Before completion, designs are often shown to handfuls of test audiences (family, friends, and other collaborators) to determine first impressions, saleability, or suggestions for improvement.


What are your favorite things about RageOn

RageOn provides a platform for designers an entrepreneurs to be able to quickly produce a range of products from their designs, along with benefiting from various commissions that rival other services and some not available elsewhere – earning a reasonable commission for sales of individual designs, commissions for affiliate and referral sales and commissions for simply supporting other designs via Super Likes. 

There are numerous platforms and services for creating and selling products and designs, but RageOn has so far proven to be a stand-out with its extremely addictive community quality, following other stores and designs as a print-on-demand social network of sorts – it’s this addictive aspect that continues to draw us back to the platform daily that stands as our favourite aspect of RageOn.


Do you have any advice for other RageOn creators? 

Starting out can be tough and slow at first, but keep consistent and persistent, reach out to other users with positive feedback and support for their work and consider teaming up with other users that suit your style and interest. Collaboration has proven so far to be satisfying in reaching a greater end goal that could have been achieved individually, along with producing quality designs and ideas that expand beyond our own style.


What other RageOn stores do you enjoy following? 

There tends to be a strong mutual respect for and friendly rivalry between other collaboration groups that we enjoy seeing contributions from – their continued collaboration, support and teamwork is highly commendable; @Collaborations, @OrgyByDesign, @Parody, @BigTexFunkadelic, @MarkyMark123, @Mashups, @DreadPirateRoberts among others.

 We’re also pretty big fans of the styles posted by @Geometric and @RagePatterns and also enjoy seeing the continued success of @Mongrel’s hentai collages.


Which design from the CatLife brand is your favorite? 

Thundercat Cat Fight Champion” is our best-seller and our overall favourite design, for its combination of outrageous style, based on a parody of “Rocky” and “Muhammad Ali” and for its simplicity.

Ahegao cat collage” is a close runner-up for its combination of parody, original idea and effort to make.


Where can people find your work? 


Thank you to CatLife for sharing their story and a big thank you to all of the artist who participated! Were you one of the many creators hoping to win this contest? Don't sweat it- we're always offering new ways to win exclusive merch, discounts, and other prizes. Stay tuned for updates! 

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Uploading Images in the Builder

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RageOn products are already the highest quality!  They don’t peel, crack, or fade.  However, even the best quality products only look the best when the highest quality artwork is printed on them!

As an artist we give you the freedom to express yourself and create killer products without restrictions!  However, for best results we strongly recommend that you use high quality images (.jpg or .png format) that are a minimum of 5000 x 7000 px with a resolution of 150-300 dpi.  Images should be no larger than 20MB to prevent loading delays.

Printing on clothing is very similar to printing a photo.  The bigger the item, the higher the resolution needs to be in order to get a crisp clean image.

To determine the dimensions of an image saved on your computer, right click and select “Properties” if you are using a PC or “Get Info” if you are using a Mac.  You’ll find the size and other information in this menu.





Demo_1.jpg    Demo_2.png


You can also find the resolution and dimensions of an image by opening it in an editing application such as Photoshop or Paint.


Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 12.40.13 PM.png    Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 12.41.11 PM.png



demo-3.png    demo-4.png


Once you have created your product you will actually see a digital mockup, slight variations may occur during printing, but this gives you a good representation of how the finished product will look.  If your image is blurry on this mock-up, it will be blurry printed. 



Low quality image used. :-(   



High quality Image Used! :-)                                    




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A practical guide to Influencer Marketing

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Your company is opting for an influencer marketing approach. But there are several questions confronting your teams. Should they choose a macro influencer or a micro influencer? What if the influencer endorses a competing brand in the near future? These are only two of the several issues confronting influencer engagement.  

At TedX BandraSalon hosted at the Godrej headquarters in Mumbai, Sowmya Iyer of DViO spoke about these dilemmas confronting marketers and ways and means to surpass them. She said that a detailed study of digital influencer led marketing campaigns over the last few years had revealed some trends.

First, a macro influencer saw a drop in the rate of engagement, while those brands preferring a micro influencer saw higher rates of engagement.

For every influencer who had under 20,000 followers, the engagement rate was as high as 7.5 per cent. It dropped to five per cent when the influencer had a following in the range of 20,000 to 40,000. The engagement rate was only 2.7 per cent when influencers had a following of anywhere between 40,000 to 1,00,000 and the engagement rate went down further when it goes beyond 1,00,000.  

"Deep dive into the data further and you get the picture," she told the audience.  

She added that micro influencers make an effort to engage with fans and have one-to-one conversations and followers. "The macro influencer has a larger audience to address and they have to be relevant to that audience as well," she said.  

However there was a rider: It's wrong to make a sweeping statement that macro does not work and only micro does drive engagement.  

"There is a decline in trust on what people see in digital today. How does one get around it? People see through inauthenticity very quickly," she said.   

Iyer said that a practical guide to influencer marketing would be in viewing it not as content versus reach, but through the lens of authenticity.  

She emphasised that authenticity matters whether you have a successful campaign or not and said that there were several levels to measure authenticity.  

At the basic level, the authenticity was at a bare minimum.  

Level two: The authenticity of a campaign goes up several notches, when you are able to map the audience that the influencer has on his list.   

Level three: It goes higher when influencer matches the ethos of the brand, and they create content that adds value to the followers.  

Level four: Brands co-create content with the influencer and the amplification brands can build is  if influencers or fans are advocating the brand irrespective of whether the brand is talking or engaging wih them or not.  

Level five: The brand becomes a part of the community, then it’s the epitome of influencer marketing.  

Some examples: Zara co-created fashion with influencers and even used them as models in its catalogue to create the impression of accessible fashion. Red Bull brought in talent in the form of Parkour athletes who did not have enough reach, but the brand uses its reach and amplification with Parkour athletes to take the level of engagement to another level.

Source: Campaign India

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Introducing: RageOn Plans!

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rageon plans

Whether you are just starting, ready to make a go of it, or a Fortune 500 brand, RageOn offers plans specifically designed to meet your needs. Here’s how they work:

There are four RageOn Plans - Free, Starter, Business (our most popular plan!), and Enterprise. You can see all of the RageOn Plans details here. Under the “Monthly Price” header, you can toggle between Base Price/Item, Profit, Margin, and Goals to see the differences between the plans.

All users that sign up are automatically opted into the Free plan - and that’s right, it’s FREE! If you choose to upgrade in order to gain higher benefits and features, you would join one of the paid plans, depending on what your needs are.

You can upgrade (or downgrade) your plan at any time! If you’re currently on the Free plan and would like to upgrade, simply sign up for a paid plan here.

The biggest difference between the plans are commission and customization levels. If you are serious about selling, have been selling merchandise for a while, or want things “your way”, going with a business or enterprise plan would be your best bet.

Have further questions? Visit our FAQ page here or shoot us an email at As a serious seller, we also recommend for you to join our exclusive Facebook group here to further connect with our team and the RageOn creator community!

rageon plans

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Explaining the Facebook Campaign, Ad Set, & Ad Structure

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facebook ads


In this era, to make your brand successful and create a name and market for it worldwide, you need a strong social media marketing strategy.  The most prominent social media platform for marketing is Facebook. Facebook offers business a huge platform to reach a huge mass of prospective consumers, and to keep in direct contact with them.

With Facebook Pixel, it is even easier for businesses to successfully carry out campaigns and reach strategic goals. The elements of Facebook Advertising are divided into three subcategories, which collectively work together to bring the most benefit to you. Here are the three components that you can utilize for your business.


1)    Campaign:

The first step that you should take is to set clear objectives (on the campaign level) on what you plan to achieve. Therefore this step consists of you selecting the main objective of your campaign’s structure.

For example, if you want to find out the impact of sales then choose the objective of website conversion. If your main aim is gathering the most likes, choose the objective of page likes, and more.

This option gives you the liberty to choose whichever of the objectives is most important for your business, and choose them as a priority throughout the entire campaign, making it more organized and comprehensive for you to analyze results.

If you are utilizing the Facebook Pixel and want to maximize on sales, we would recommend your first step to be to set your objective to “Conversions”.

Facebook Power Editor



2)    Ad Set:

Once you have set your objectives, then comes the campaign component where you select the main target audience of your campaign, demographics, platforms etc.

In ad sets, you get the option to divide your campaign into various segments, which enable you to target various different groups with different specifications. You can allocate different budgets for the various ad sets.

You get to choose the age groups, gender, location, and along with that you also get to choose whether you want your ad set to appear on mobile or desktop, and so much more.

For example, you can create various ad sets targeting different audiences - like Email Subscribers, Facebook Fans, People not Connected and more - and use different budgets and strategies for them. This also makes it extremely easy to analyze the results and A/B test since it gives results in a very organized manner.

3)    Ads:

This last component is where you actually create the content you are going to market your campaign with. This is essentially the advertisement with various creatives which will appear in your target audience’s news feed.

With ads, you have a huge opportunity to creatively design content perfect for A/B testing what creative works best for your audience. However, while customization is a great tool, don’t forget to stay on the same theme across your creatives  to maintain a levelled brand image.

In conclusion, with Facebook Advertising, the choices of customization are endless and with some creative thinking you can successfully carry out a huge marketing strategy which works to perfectly attract a huge number of prospective customers. Enjoy and good luck!

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7 Tips That Make You Money During Holidays

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rageon holidays

Special events play an important role with individuals and society. Aside from the impact holidays have on people and families, it also acts as a huge demand generator - especially POD goods.

POD or Print on demand goods refers to all kinds of products which are made to order. They range from T-Shirts, Duvet Covers, Shoes, and everything in between. This industry is forecasted to reach $31.63 billion by 2021 in terms of its market size.

Here are some of the biggest (and upcoming) events of the year, and how they impact demand of various products:

1) President’s Day - Feb 19th

There are many sales on President’s Day, as well as specially customized merchandise, like t-shirts, cushions, mugs featuring previous presidents, US Flag etc. President’s Day weekend offers a huge opportunity for producers. Make the most of this weekend by hosting President’s Day sales, and by adopting marketing tactics to create a hype for your products for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Bonus tip: Create a blog post with unexpected or weird historical facts about former presidents. Make the sure the headline is enticing. Include your products inside the article.

2) St. Patrick’s Day - Mar 17th

The theme of St. Patrick’s Day revolves around the color green. There is a huge demand for POD goods during St. Patrick’s Day. These include personalized apparel, Shamrock customized blessing merchandise, and a lot of various gift items with Leprechauns on it.

Host events and competitions like a ‘lucky’ contest to attract customers during this holiday, as well as deals and discounts on green items and various social media competitions.

Bonus Tip: Word shirts are big on this holiday. Capitalize on the demand for drunken irish puns with wacky text based designs people can wear at the bar.  

3) Memorial Day - May 28th

Many people celebrating Memorial Day by wearing personalized shirts honoring the soldiers who gave up their lives for the safety of civilians.

Celebrate the Memorial Day weekend with week-long sales, and honor the veterans with your customers by redecorating your store/online pages with a Memorial Day theme.

Bonus Tip: Online shoppers have started looking for deals on this weekend, so consider throwing a “Memorial Day Warehouse Sale” or even a sale on Tank Tops for summer.

4) Independence Day - July 4th

The Fourth of July or Independence Day is a fun holiday with a lot of marketing prospects for various sellers of Fourth of July items.

Promote your items this Fourth of July by creating patriotic themed products, list them on your store, and offer a large sale.

Bonus Tip: Celebrate with a “Summer Clearance Sale” or if possible, offer discounts on shipping inside the U.S. only.

5) Halloween - Oct 31st

Everyone celebrating Halloween spends the time leading up to this holiday searching for the perfect customized costume for themselves. Publicize your products on Halloween by creating fun contests and designs before the holiday to create a hype.

Bonus Tip: Halloween is a very fun and hands on holiday. Create a promo video for your halloween contest or costume collection to really boost engagement on social media.

6) Black Friday - Nov 23rd

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the most anticipated events of the years, every customer is looking for the biggest bargains, and all the retailers are going out of their ways to create the best deal for them.

Start promoting your Black Friday deals with your best products beforehand so that the customers already know what you will be offering, and they will be more receptive towards your deals. Offer the most cutting-edge deals with an ease of access, like online sales to attract customers.

Bonus Tip: Use language like “Doorbuster” and “Flash Sale” to create limited time offers that promote urgency. If your Black Friday sale is 40% off everything, then your Doorbuster should be 50% off or higher.

7) Christmas - Dec 25th

People now prefer to give personalized gifts to their loved ones at Christmas. This ranges from anything from custom printed socks, or various custom gift items like Ugly Christmas Sweaters, bundles and more, specified according to their needs.

Christmas creates a huge once in a year, seasonal demand for Christmas related items, especially for customized items. Make special Christmas only deals and bundles with your brand’s most anticipated Christmas items, and celebrate Christmas with your customers by actively interacting with them on social media.

Bonus Tip: Creating a Holiday gift guide is great for SEO and will compel customers to reimagine your products as the perfect Christmas presents for loved ones.  Let's say your brand features cat designs. One easy way to create a gift guide is writing a blogpost titled "12 Great Gifts For Cat Lovers in 2017".

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Congratulations to our friend T-Pain!

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Congratulations to T-Pain, winner in two categories alongside Bruno Mars at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards! This adds two more to his collection of 4 awards. 

The singer took to Twitter to show his excitement. 

Just a few months ago the Grammy Award winning artist gave his endorsement of the RageOn app in this hilarious shout out.  

Big shout out to T-Pain for giving us a co-sign and congrats to all the creatives who took home awards on Grammy night.

Ready to share your own creativity with the world? Download the RageOn app for iOS or visit to start creating and selling custom merchandise! 📱

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Why Facebook?

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facebook advertising

Despite the popularity of other social media apps in the recent years, Facebook still continues to be the most successful marketing medium for enterprises. Be it a small new set up, or a market giant; every company knows that in order to grow as a company, efficient Facebook marketing is necessary.  This is especially the case for brands which have a print on demand (POD) strategy, as it helps to create an interaction with the customers, which is extremely necessary for customized goods.

Here are some main reasons why Facebook marketing is crucial for any business:

1)   Facebook Brings More Customers, For Less:

Of all the social media sites, Facebook has the most viewers, roughly 2.07 billion monthly users, which means it has the highest potential of reaching the maximum audience. And you can start off a Facebook page with no cost at all.

Especially as a startup, Facebook is a great medium to use as the main marketing strategy. Suppose you are an artist who makes customized portraits of people. You don’t have enough budget for any other marketing strategy than social media, and you want to target as many people as you can. Facebook is a great tool for that, as it will use your page’s interaction with your current social circle to attract prospective new customers.

This also boosts your brand’s SEO efforts, as the keywords in your posts are used by search engines, which help bring more customers to you.


2)   You Can Gain Customer Insights:

Facebook for business gives you clear insights on how many people your posts are reaching, how your advertisement boosts are helping you reach your target audience, and so much more. It also offers an in-depth analysis of which of your strategies/ posts are more popular amongst the audience, and which are not.

3)   Helps In Targeting The Audience:

With Facebook, you have the opportunity to direct your posts and advertisements to the relevant audience only, based on demographics, interests, location and much more. This helps root out the most prospective customers amongst all the people on Facebook easily. For an author who publishes books per order, Facebook would help in directing their ads to those people who are looking for books specifically related to its subject.

4)   Creates A Relationship With Customers

One of the most important aspects of using Facebook marketing is the brand loyalty it creates. Facebook incorporates real-time interaction with the customer. They can message, they can comment on posts, they have the capability to give their honest reviews on your products.

Psychologically, people, who have direct communication with the brand they are purchasing from feeling more loyal towards it. Because of this, brands are more able to identify customer needs and sort out their grievances in real time.

This also helps in attracting more customers, especially for brands which sell customized goods, as customers prefer to read other customers’ reviews first, and then making a decision to buy from them or not.

5)   You Get To Share Content Faster:

Other marketing strategies, like print ads, take up a slightly longer time to reach the audience and compared to that, social media is the fastest method to share with your audience, be it any news, product announcements, giveaways or something else.

Facebook continues to be the most efficient social media marketing tool. It is a cheap and resourceful utility which brings together various marketing strategies and help to promote a business, and creating long-term relationships with customers.

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Valentine's Day Design Contest

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Valentine’s Day is around the corner and love is in the air! What better way to welcome it than with a Valentine’s Day Design Contest.

This month only, RageOn is hosting a contest for our users to design the BEST Valentine’s Day design EVER. Here's how to enter:

  1. Design the best Valentine’s Day design using the RageOn iOS App or Web Builder.
  2. Use the hashtag #RageOnVDayContest in your product description so that we can track your entries!
  3. Share your design from RageOn to Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter and tag RageOn.
  4. Get your friends and family to Like / Super Like / Comment on your contest entries. This will boost the product higher in the Popular Section.

The #1 most popular design with the #RageOnVDayContest hashtag on our Community Favorites in the last 30 Days on Feburary 15th, 2018 will win a $150 RageOn Gift Card, blog interview, homepage product placement for a week, and a featured spot on our contest page.

Whether you’re designing romantic T-Shirts or slightly naughty undies, remember to keep it original and creative! 



How do you rank higher?

Follow other users, like their products, and share your designs with your social network! This will drive more visibility and engagement towards your brand! Also, the more awesome Valentine's Day designs that you upload, the higher of a chance you have of creating a KILLER one that people LOVE. Don't forget to check the popular section on RageOn for real time updates on what's trending. 

Popularity will be calculated by an algorithm that factors in Likes, Super Likes, and Comments. This means that the more Likes, Super Likes, and Comments that you have on your sweater, the higher your sweater will rank!

How do the prizes work?

The Valentine's Day Design Contest winner will receive a $150 RageOn Gift Card, blog interview, homepage product placement for a week, and a featured spot on our contest page!

Even if you don't win first place, RageOn may make you a cash offer to buy your design, and you can still keep your design live on your store!

Contest End Date: February 15th, 2018 @ 11:59pm PST

More Contest Details:

- All Contest entries must have hashtag #RageOnVDayContest in the product title.

- You may submit as many designs as you'd like!

- If we find that you are spamming the comments of your own entries to rise in popularity, your spammed product(s) will not be considered.

- All submissions must be original art/illustrations.

- Recommended specs:

    • 7000px x 7000px
    • Minimum 150 dpi/resolution

- The winners will be announced on the RageOn Facebook page!

Things You Should Avoid:

- Respect copyright. DO NOT submit copyrighted work.

- DO NOT use stock images or clip art.

- Do not submit low resolution designs. 

Download the RageOn App or visit to begin! Good luck!


RageOn reserves the right to use any uploaded designs for promotional and commercial purposes related to the RageOn Valentine's Day Design Contest and all RageOn Valentine's Day Design Contest partners. 

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Congrats to the winner of our Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest!

Posted by Cindy Le on

We’re excited to announce that the winner of RageOn's Ugly Christmas Sweater Contest is...


Marjorie Freya

Congratulations on creating this super cute winning design: Cat Love Christmas Pattern Crewneck! This adorable sweater was the #1 most popular design with the #RageOnXmasContest hashtag on our Community Favorites in the last 30 Days

Prizes for this contest included: 

  • $150 Gift Card
  • Blog Interview
  • Homepage product placement for a week
  • Featured spot on our contest page

We checked in with the winner for a special interview and to hear the back story of their relationship with RageOn

Who is MarjorieFreya in one sentence? 
- MarjorieFreya is a merch brand on RageOn where you can find products inspired from mixed media art based on nature, music and culture.
What started your relationship with art? 
- I always had genuine passion for Arts. It stimulates my imaginations and encourages me to express creatively.
Where do you get the inspiration for your creations?
- My creations are mostly inspired from (but not liminted to) mixed media art based on nature, music and culture.
Do you have a favorite design? 
- Its difficult for me to pick just one :) If I really had to, I would say "Driven By Compassion". It potraits the face of a decorated Ape who symbolizes the drive and compassion from within.
Why do you love RageOn? 
- I love full print merchandise, it allows me more freedom and surface to express. Besides, I totally love the community here and to my surprise, RageOn is the first POD platform where I made an organic sale!! 
Any advice for other RageOn app users? 
- To advice specifically to fellow artists on Rageon, I would have to say authenticity. Even if you love the latest trend that everyone is using, only use what really feels right for YOU. You may find that what speaks to you in the works of others is not necessarily what will work best for you in your own art making. Stay open and experiment :)
Where can people find you online?
- Please find me at:


Thank you to Marjorie for sharing their story and a big thank you to all of the artist who participated! Were you one of the many creators hoping to win this contest? Don't sweat it- we're always offering new ways to win exclusive merch, discounts, and other prizes. Stay tuned for updates! 

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Bitcoin Accepted Here!

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cryptocurrency accepted here


Got cryptocurrency to spend? RageOn is excited to announce that we accept both Bitcoin (BTC) and Monero (XMR) as payment!

So, you're in luck if you've been holding onto yours for a while now and feel ready to use them to make a purchase. You can now pay for everything from t-shirts and sweatshirts to duvet covers and pillows with bitcoins.

To use your BTC or XMR on RageOn, simply select your preferred currency at checkout to complete your purchase. We have chosen BitPay and GloBee as our payment processing partners for these digital currencies. 

 What are you waiting for? Shop Now!

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