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Weed Slide

Ever wish you could find all of your favorite drug-related designs in one place? Well now you can with our new High Times brand!

Whether you’re seeking to find the doors of perception or just trying to party, this brand aims to increase your buzz by allowing our customers to find both classic and brand new designs that promise to offer a little something for everyone into drug culture.

So what are you waiting for? Check out High Times brand today and see what kind of sick shirts we’ve got for you!

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Behind the Artist: Chris Dyer

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Chris Dyer is the 35-year old, Montreal-based creative genius behind our Positive Creations brand and our latest artist to be featured on our brand new onesies and socks.

Having spent most of his childhood in Peru, Dyer began studying art full-time after moving to Montreal and deciding to pursue a more spiritual journey around 
the age of 22.

He got his start by having his work featured in magazines and later by becoming an artist for Creation Skateboards.
Eventually his position with Creation Skateboards allowed him the freedom to travel and have his work displayed both within the US and internationally.

While you can find Chris Dyer’s all-over print designs on onesies, t-shirts, sweatshirts, socks and tank tops under his brand, Positive Creations, on,
Dyer’s personal brand (also Positive Creations) has included everything from tapestries
and hemp clothing to books and DVDs.

You can find Chris Dyer’s wearable art here on, but you can also check out his official website and Facebook page, 
Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on all things Positive Creations.

Follow us on both Twitter and Instagram, and “Like” our Facebook page in order to keep up to date on the latest news from those of us here at Rage On!

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Introducing Paul Ribera's Childhood Ruined Collection

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Artist Paul Ribera is ruining childhoods everywhere with our newest collection titled Childhood Ruined. The collection features popular 90s cartoons like Powerpuff GirlsJohnny Bravo, and Rugrats, transforming them into disturbingly awesome depictions of drug addicts. Ribera said in a Huffington post article that he was inspired by questioning what everyone's favorite 90s cartoons would look like if they lived in his city, which he called "bat country.”

We decided to do a short interview with Paul to get a little bit of insight on what inspired the collection:

Rage On: How did you get into this style of art you describe as hesh art?
Paul: Have been around skateboarders, punk rock, and the drug scene my entire life. I've tripped, seen people trip their brains to shreds, and I kind of took it from there.

Rage On: What made you want to work with Rage On?
Paul: Rage On contacted me. I researched them and really like the style of print they do, as well as the passion they have for random, interesting artwork.

Rage On: What's your process for choosing which drugs the cartoon characters would take?
Paul: It just depends on the way the cartoons look. I thought Arnold kind of had meth addict hair and Johnny Bravo just looked like a cocky coke head. Dexter looked like he could have been cooking meth like some of the people in my home town, and it all just fell together that way.

Rage On: Outside of your own line, what are a few of your favorite Rage On products?
Paul: I really like the Bath Salts Betty White shirt and the American Psycho shirt. The Wild Life collection is rad too. I really just like any of the designs that catch my eye.

Rage On: Articles have mentioned that these images are a better deterrent than the D.A.R.E program. Was your intention to stop kids from abusing drugs with your art?
Paul: The idea was really just to show the stuff the media doesn't, and I felt it would be more shocking if I depicted the cartoons I used to watch.

Rage On: What was your favorite cartoon growing up? Have you depicted the cartoon in your art?
Paul: I suppose my favorite cartoon was Beavis and Butthead, but I didn't draw them because they were already nuts. I also thought the Ninja Turtles were bad ass, but they don't fuck around with hardcore street drugs— just pizza and adrenaline.

Rage On: In your opinion, what is the most disturbing rendition of a cartoon character that you’ve created?
Paul: I would have to say Dexter, because Dee Dee looks like this sketchy tweaked out chick who lives in my town. She danced constantly and never stopped moving… I heard she lost her head in the desert or something, pretty sketchy.

Rage On: How do you respond to critics?
Paul: I apologize if they are offended, considering that they may have experienced issues because of drugs. I will be sincere, but my work is also a representation of what I have seen and the personal hell I have experienced as well. Art is how I left off steam and keep myself occupied in a small town. What you see is what you get.

Rage On: It seems like you’ve really narrowed down your style. Any plans on creating art that has a different style or appeals to the masses?
Paul: I have some new stuff in the works, which won’t just be all about drugs, but it's gonna get even stranger. It’s top secret.

Rage On: So one last question, where can people find your new "Childhood Ruined" collection?
Paul: Right here at

Our collaboration with Ribera adds beautiful detail mixed with visually simulating images to create some of the most unbelievably haunting imaginations of 90s cartoon characters. So kiss your nostalgia goodbye and pick up some of these super vivid (and super dark) designs from Paul Ribera, at!

You can also check out more of Ribera's crazy imaginations on his website and Facebook.

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram, and remember to like us on Facebook to stay tuned for Rage On's next big project!

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Rage On Takes MTV!

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We're very excited to announce that our Kanye and Urkel's Ice Cream & Heartbreak design by our new brand, Quarterback Club, has been featured on MTV!

If you like really weird and fucked up designs, such as Bath Salts Betty White, Where The Hell's Waldo, and the now infamous Kanye and Urkel's Ice Cream & Heartbreak, then you need check out our full Quarterback Club line!

Be sure to like our Facebook page and follow us on Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date on everything we're doing!

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Festival Grab Bag Packs Are Here!!

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Festival Pack 3

Need something to wear to your favorite festival? Well get ready for our best deal yet!!

You will receive TWO tees and ONE tank, ONE hat

ONE bracelet and ONE of EACH of our 8 stickers


It's a $131 value for ONLY $39.99

All you have to do is select your size, then WE choose the shirts, tank, bracelet, and stickers at random from the amazing designs listed above and then we ship them out to you the SAME DAY! No wait time!

Get your Festival Grab Bag Pack while supplies last!

And make sure to like our Facebook and follow us on our Twitter and Instagram to keep up to date with us!

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Behind The Artist: Antoni Tudisco

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This is Antoni Tudisco.
At just 22 years old, he has attracted the likes of MTV,Coca-Cola, Nike & Louis Vuitton.
Tudisco has built a reputation among the contemporary art world for his complex style and digital feel.
He claims that a healthy diet of Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers served as inspiration for his earliest works.
Tudisco is based in Germany where he’s made masterpieces for the world and your favorite all over print store,


You can check out more of Antoni’s amazing work on his official website, and facebook page
And check out our full Antoni Tudisco collection HERE!!


And introducing our BRAND NEW limited edition designs. Click HERE to view them all!

ONLY 50 of each will be made! Get them while supplies last!

And check out more of our BRAND NEW awesome designs! 
Frog & Toad
Ancient Mew Limited Edition Black
RIP Hannah Montana
The Little Twerkmaid
Good Burger
and MORE!


Stay tuned for more great stuff from us!
Make sure to keep up to date on what we’re up to by liking our facebook and following our twitter & instagram!


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Shopify calls “World’s Largest All-Over-Print Online Store”

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Shopify, the king of E-commerce platforms, calls "world's largest all-over-print online retailer store!" Thank you Shopify!

We are proud to announce that Rage On now carries over 3,000 products, has grown over 2000% in the last year, and Rage On has the pleasure of working with some of the greatest artists, celebrities, musicians, and in-house staff we could find!

We also are grateful for some of the greatest musicians and celebrities in the world that work with Let's Rage: Krewella, Superstar DJ Steve Aoki, Borgore, Rusko, Skerrit Bwoy of Major Lazer, Zack Johnson of I See Stars, Zed’s Dead, Clinton Sparks (DJ / Producer of P-Diddy (Sean Combs), Lady Gaga, Pitbull, Akon), Dillon Francis, Datsik, DJ Klever, Eva Simons, Flinch, Hoodie Allen, Jesse F Keeler of MSTRKKRFT / Death From Above 1979, Joey of Kissing Candice, Julissa Veloz of American Idol, Justin of Love Hate Hero, I Wrestled A Bear Once ( IWABO ), Victory Records band Dr. Acula, Cara Maria from MTV’s Real World, Hot Pink Delorean, Audrey Napoleon, Marlon Flohr of Bass Jackers, Thrasher from Love Hate Hero and Escape The Fate, Reid Speed, Wilmarie Sena of the Bad Girls Club, Benny Santoro of The Venetia Fair, TBMA (The Bolivian Marching Affair, and many more!

Some of the most amazing brands we get to work with on a daily basis are: Kerli (inventory of “Bobble Goth” and signed to Ultra Music Records), Sprayground (your leading street wear backpack makers!), Chris Dyer’s Positive Creations (one of the World’s Greatest Visionary Artists), Mr. Gugu (The Dye Sublimation king’s of Europe), Nectar Sunglasses, Cos Player Soni Aralynn, The Art of Gareth Johnson, and more!

Shopify's full article: is the world's largest all-over print online retailer store with the most outrageous, artistic and fun designs.

What are the key factors that have helped your store be successful?

We’ve tried just about every marketing strategy and have stuck with the ones that have worked for us. We haven’t been afraid to travel or move to wherever to accomplish our goals.

If you’re doing something amazing that people love, don’t stop, don’t take no for an answer, figure out how to get to the next level and do it.

What are your top recommendations for new store owners?

Our top 4 recommendations to new store owners are:

1. DEMAND. Make sure you have something awesome that your friends want. If you’re friends don’t want it, then somebody else better want it, otherwise, it’s not worth doing.

2. DEDICATION. Be sure that you want to dedicate your life to it. Nothing just magically turns into a multimillion dollar business. Someone, somewhere is busting their butt, or has busted their butt to get their company to where it’s at today. Dedicate or go home.

3. PASSION. If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing, your work days will feel like work. I love what I do and therefore I work on it as much as possible and love it. You’ll find that’s how most successful entrepreneurs look and act :)

4. LIMITLESS. Be limitless. No idea is a stupid idea until you have tested it or someone else has but with the same variables. You would be surprised what hasn’t worked for someone else, could be the variable that brings you over the top. Never stop creating.

After working with several online stores, we are heavy advocates of Shopify for MANY reasons.

Any Closing Remarks?

You would be surprised what hasn’t worked for someone else, could be the variable that brings you over the top. Never stop creating.

Link to Shopify’s article here


Never Stop Creating” - Mike Krilivsky

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Female Models Wanted for Merchandise Photo Shoot!

You’ll get worldwide exposure to millions of fans on our webstore: and on all of our social media!

The samples of product we have are in size small, so we require a size small model.

Apply by:

1. Filling out this form:

2. Attach pictures and links to modeling photos to:

(When emailing pictures, please include heads shots, body shots, and any information that you think we should know!)

Compensation: Earn up to $150 store credit!

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Marketing & Advertising Job Available NOW!

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We are looking for an up-tempo, exciting, fun, and experienced marketing & advertising expert  to steer Rage On into the future! You must be experienced with the platforms we currently use, and must possess additional marketings skills to bring to the table. This individual should also be prepared to work long hours when necessary.

Must be willing to report to our current location – Cleveland Ohio
(We may be relocating shortly to CA or to Boston, must be flexible)
Experience in Facebook Ads & Google Ads
Mass Email Experience
Ability to communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing
1+ years of professional marketing experience
Mac operating system, Microsoft Word and Excel experience
Laptop: Newer Macbook Pro or Air
Iphone 4s or greater or newer Android smartphone
Work 5 days per week, 8 hours per day, more required to complete projects

Facebook and Google Ads
Mass Email
SEO Management
Manage Social Media
Delegate Tasks to Staff

Competitive Salary
Chance to rise and potential equity
Discount on merchandise!
FREE or discounted events / festivals!
Casual attire to work!
Great atmosphere!
Creative meetings in which your opinion matters!

We are a rapidly growing company and we increase wages based upon your performance! If you do exceptionally well and you’re looking for more than just a job and a potential partnership opportunity, that door is open! 

Email your resume to:, please list anything you think we should know, fill out our application here!

Pictures of our new office/warehouse space in CLE:

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Chris Dyer, Buddha Pop, Gareth Johnson, and Wild Life hit!

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We are please to announce the launch of our new brandsChris Dyer’s Positive CreationsThe Art of Gareth JohnsonNick Sanchez’s Wild Life, and Mat Poprocki’s Buddha Pop! Everyone go give their Facebook a ‘like’ and check them out on!

Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 6.20.31 PM


Screen Shot 2014-03-28 at 6.20.46 PM





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    Job Openings: Rage On is expanding!!!

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    Customer Service
    Graphic Design
    Advertising & Marketing
    Supply Chain Management / Shipping / Fulfillment

    We are, an energetic Cleveland-based online store looking for smart, hard-working, and passionate people to join our team.

    You will unite with a group of hard working, do-whatever-it-takes, freakishly-fun folks, who all share the same obsession — our customers. Every fiber of our body is committed to building Rage On into the industry’s greatest success story.

    Beware. . . we’re hands-on at Rage On! We’re humble, insanely focused and do not tolerate hierarchy. You have to be willing to roll up your sleeves, do the work yourself, share funny YouTube videos and even take out the trash. Oh, and you have to smile, a lot :-)

    Do you have what it takes to help steer Rage On into the future with us?


    • Experience
    • Must report to work in Cleveland Ohio area
    • Must be willing to relocate (company may be moving soon)
    • Ability to communicate clearly and professionally, both verbally and in writing
    • Willingness to put in more hours when necessary to complete projects
    • Mac operating system, Microsoft Word and Excel experience
    • Laptop: Macbook Pro or Air
    • Iphone 4s or greater or newer Android smartphone
    • Absolutely no drug users; drug test is mandatory
    • Must have excellent references and be willing to submit background check

    • Competitive Salary
    • Chance to rise the company ladder and maybe even gain Equity!
    • Discount on merchandise!
    • FREE or discounted events / festivals!
    • Casual attire to work!
    • Great atmosphere!
    • Creative meetings in which your opinion matters!

    We are a rapidly growing company and your wage will increase based on your performance! If you do exceptionally well and you’re looking for more than just a job and a potential partnership opportunity, that door is open!

    Email your resume to: and please list anything you think we should know!

    You can get the ball rolling by filling out this application

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    Become a Let’s Rage Sponsored Brand Rep!

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    Are you interested in becoming a Lets Rage Clothing Sponsored Brand Rep?!

    CLICK HERE and fill out the form if you’re interested! :)

    Save this picture and input your code when it’s active to share with your friends!


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