Introducing the Artist: Black Ink Art

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Black Ink Art is the latest in RageOn’s diverse line up of brands! The collection features a handful of artistic all-over print T-Shirts that showcase finely tuned illustration skills and a creative sense of humor. The artist duo behind the brand, Jon and David Swartz, credit a mix of music, cultures, and other artists for their inspiration. According to BIA, their aim is to create "surreal worlds, where the only limit is their imagination". One thing you're likely notice about the brand is the wide variety of themes the artists are able to work with. Whether you're seeking a psychedelic design fit for a hippy or a dark and twisted tee for the road, there's no end to the talents of this imaginative team. Scroll down and check out RageOn's exclusive  interview with the masterminds behind the stylish new Black Art Ink brand.

What can you tell us about Black Ink Art?

Black Ink is the partnership between me, Jon, and my brother, David swartz. The name comes from a play on words that incorporates the german translation of the name Swartz, which is black. So we decided to use Black Ink as our company name because it symbolizes our incorporation, and our aim to leave our mark on the world through our art. You have some great T-Shirts inspired by the movie Anchorman.

Which one is your favorite?

Probably Brick.

We noticed some trippy themes in designs such as the Wild Flowers T-Shirt and the Kaleidoscope Eyes T-Shirt. Where did you get the inspiration for those?

Kaleidoscope eyes is inspired by the songs "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" and "Strawberry Fields Forever" The lyrics in the first song always left my head filled with images, and the girl with kaleidoscope eyes was always the most interesting character to me. Wild Flower was inspired by the feeling of freedom, and being one with everything around us. I like to think of Wild Flower as Mother Natures daughter.

What kind of awesome artwork can we expect from your future releases?

We have an Ol Dirty Bastard design that we hope to get made, and we're always cooking up something new in the studio, It all depends on what works for a T-shirt.

Where can we find more of your work?

You can check out more of our work, and purchase prints, as well as many other products on our website and if you have the gram follow what we do on the daily @blackinkarts 


By now, you've probably fallen in love with these vibrant all-over print clothes. Collect all of these sublimated artistic T-Shirts and even more unique clothing at your number one stop for original 2015 Fashion,! SHOP NOW for new and creative clothing from the future and top of line, high-quality designs.



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Introducing the Artist: Steve Urkel

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RageOn has just teamed up with Jaleel White, the actor who played Steve Urkel on the hit TV series Family Matters! You can now get all-over print apparel inspired by America’s Favorite Nerd from our new and exclusive Steve Urkel brand!

The collection includes all-over print Steve Urkel T-Shirts, Steve Urkel Sweatshirts, and even Home and Apartment products all featuring the Winslow’s annoying neighbor! Things could get a little steamy with products such as our Hot and Spicy Beach Towel, but no worries! You can always cool off with designs like our Original Hipster T-Shirt! These all-over print garments are the most vibrant, colorful, and high-quality clothing on the web! Even Steve Urkel knows RageOn has sublimation printing down to a science!

In honor of our AWESOME new collaboration, RageOn has decided to share some mind-blowing facts about actor Jaleel White with our fans!

Fact #1: White's first television role was a guest stint on The Jeffersons, in 1984.

Fact #2: White was cast in the role of Rudy Huxtable on The Cosby Show (the character was originally intended to be male) but was replaced by Keshia Knight Pulliam when Bill Cosby decided to mirror his television family after his real life family.

Fact #3: He was the voice of the famed video game character Sonic the Hedgehog in all of the American produced animated series including Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog, and Sonic Underground.

Fact #4: The role for Steve Urkel was initially set to be a one-time guest appearance, but the character proved to be so popular that White was given a full-time starring role.

Fact #5: In addition to starring in Family Matters, White also wrote several episodes, including one, at age 19, that was the series' highest rated for that year.


This brand is loaded with a dozen geeky designs sure to bring back memories of Urkel’s wild and crazy antics! Whether you're a hardcore Urkel fan or simply a nerd lover at heart, you're bound to find something that will add a snort to your giggle. Shop for all of this official Steve Urkel merchandise exclusively on RageOn!


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Introducing the Artist: Jason Limon

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Jason Limon is a painter, sculptor, and the artist behind RageOn's latest brand! He has had exhibitions across the country and his work is on display internationally. Limon's art focuses on mythological creatures and the paranormal, however he also tends to incorporate an element of playful humor into his designs. Turn heads with Limon's Faulty Feline T-Shirt or inspire curiosity with the Beacon Owl Tank Top! His creations take on a life of their own and you're sure to fall in love with these unique and curious characters. RageOn is proud to welcome Jason Limon and his talents to our store! Collect all of these fascinating designs HERE


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Introducing the Artist: Larry Carlson

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Larry Carlson, the mastermind behind RageOn's newest brand of the same name, has been called “The Salvador Dali of the Next Century." Through his often abstract artwork he seeks to make the observer see the world in an entirely new way. Riddled with mysterious and psychedelic themes, designs such as the Skryer T-Shirt and Wonder Wolf T-Shirt are bound to inspire curiosity and consciousness. Entertain your imagination with these wearable enlightened works of art from Larry Carlson. Collect them all HERE


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Introducing the Artist: Steve Simpson

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RageOn means business this Holiday season and for our latest brand we've teamed up with one of the most creative and fresh thinking artists in the world, Steve Simpson! This Ireland-based illustrator is known across the globe for his award winning art that merges styles of South American folk art with retro vintage colors. The brand features festive designs such as the Dia De Los Muertos T-Shirt and intricately detailed pieces like the Senora Lavery T-Shirt! Explore a world of dancing sugar skulls and beating hearts when you check out RageOn's entire Steve Simpson collection! SHOP HERE!


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Introducing the Artist: The Gabbie Show

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The Gabbie Show is the product of 23 year old Vine sensation Gabrielle Hanna. For the past year Gabbie has used her growing social media following of one million to entertain fans and promote products/lifestyles. After much hardwork, Gabbie has decided to move to LA in order to further pursue her singing and acting career. RageOn and Gabbie have teamed up to bring our fans a brand new line of designs handpicked by Gabbie! Die-hard Gabbie fans will love designs with signature catchphrases like the Hop in the Buick T-Shirt while designs such as the Twinkie Guardian Crewneck Sweatshirt can appeal to even wider audience! Get all of these sexy all-over print T-Shirt, Tank Top, and Sweatshirt designs from Gabbie and RageOn HERE

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Introducing the Artist: Evviart

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RageOn's newest brand Evviart has made it's way to our store! This collection of radiant designs depicts your favorite Disney princesses as Hipsters! This classic case of royalty gone alternative features Cinderella, Snow White, Belle, and MORE covered in tattoos of the characters from their fairytales! The brand even features a special appearance from DC's Poison Ivy flowing under a sea of bats! All of these bohemian ladies are available now, only on RageOn! Get yours HERE!

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Introducing the Artist: Monty Boy

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Monty Cat is the internet cat sensation who was born without a nasal bridge and the star of RageOn's latest brand, Monty Boy! This Danish kitty cat's abnormality awakens empathy in us all and teaches us that strange can be adorable! These all-over print designs featuring Monty are fun and wacky and PURRFECT just the way they are! Get your favorite Monty Boy designs from RageOn HERE!

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Apply Now and become a RageOn Model!

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The word is out! RageOn is looking for models to be a part of our awesome team! 

Visit to apply and you could get access to: 

  • FREE RageOn Gear to take home from the Shoot!
  • Updates on photoshoots in your area!
  • Professional pictures to add to your portfolio!
  • Exclusive offers for applying!

This is your chance to let RageOn know about your following and share your modeling talents with the world! Best of all, you’ll be able to do it wearing your favorite all-over print designs! Don’t be SHY! Take advantage of this AMAZING modeling opportunity while it lasts! APPLY NOW!

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Introducing the Artist: DVO

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DVO is Rage On’s latest brand and the brainchild of Devin Roth, the original artist of Bob’s Burgers! The brand features comic style artwork that’s as wacky as it’s colors are vibrant. You’re likely to see burgers incorporated into Roth’s illustrations, perhaps an ode to the beloved Belcher Family. There’s a variety of creative and eye-catching designs such as Gene Belcher riding a burger and even a joint smoking T-Rex with shades on! Get all of Rage On’s unique DVO designs HERE!


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Introducing the Artist: Peach Munkey

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Mitsumi Flores has invaded Rage On with an influx of strikingly vivid designs available from our new brand, Peach Munkey! The brand features a colorful cast of ghouls and critters drawn with a comic-like flare! Rage On proudly welcomes the self-taught designer and his outlandish list of abstract creatures! These fantastic designs are only available on Rage On and you can get them all HERE



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Extra! Extra! SnapShirt turns photos into all-over-print clothing!

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When Rage On launched a Kickstarter for our new mobile app SnapShirt, we were amazed by the overwhelming show of support from our awesome fans!

In less than a week, we’ve raised over 50% of our $50,000 goal!

PLUS, SnapShirt has started receiving a TON of press from places like BuzzFeed, US WeeklyJackThreads, ViralNovaAd Hoc NewsFashionWeekDaily, CrowdFundingPR, PixableDaily Dot, Astro AWANIStylecaster, OhMyGossipCreapillsTechminology, TheDishhIsoPixel, Bilgi Cagi and 36kr, one of the top ranking sites in China! SnapShirt even received a co-sign from iJustine, one of the most popular tech vloggers on the internet!

We can't thank you enough for backing this project! However, the battle isn't over just yet!

There's still a bunch of rewards left including custom T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Socks, HUGE deals on Rage On merchandise, and much, much, more.

Get access to AMAZING rewards when you Pledge $1 or more to support our Kickstarter here:!


*UPDATE:  RageOn has phased out the SnapShirt app in favor of a new and improved custom creation tool, the RageOn app! Now anyone can create photo-realistic all-over-print clothing to sell and earn cash! Download this new app here: 

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