Want to Win a Shopping Spree? Enter our Instagram Story Contest!

Posted by Cindy Le on

Want the chance to win a $200 SHOPPING SPREE on RageOn?! Enter our Instagram story contest today! 

It's 2018... You're probably already on Instagram and posting to your story to give your followers the update on your day. Why not also enter to win a $200 shopping spree while you're at it?

How To Enter:

We will be counting the number of times that you mention us in your stories (limited to one mention per story). At the end of the month, the person that mentions the most in their Instagram stories will win a $200 shopping spree!

You may post as many stories as you'd like! They don't have to be relevant to RageOn. You can just mention @RageOnOfficial is your day to day Instagram stories.

Requirements to Enter:

  • Must follow @RageOnOfficial on Instagram.
  • Must have at least 50 followers on Instagram.

The winner will be announced on September 2nd. Good luck and happy mentioning!

- The RageOn Family

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    Hottest Swim Wear Trends Of Summer 2018

    Posted by Juan Caminero on

    RageOn's custom premium bikinis are all the rage this summer! With that said, there's a few epic and high-quality in-house designs that have been flying off the shelves. If mainstream swim wear styles aren't turning heads at the pool, we can guarantee these creative swim shorts and two-piece bikinis will do just that. 

    Choose from any of these original top-selling swim wear designs or shop the entire collection

    1. Trucked Swim Shorts

    2. Neon Green Alien Bikini

    3. Emoticon Swim Shorts

    4. Pizza Bikini

    5. Trump Bikini

    6. Weed Swim Shorts

    7. Paper Cup Bikini

    8. Orange & Blue Camo Bikini

    9. Taco Cat Swim Shorts

    10. Mardi Gras Collage Bikini


    Want to give it your own personal touch? Upload your artwork or original photos onto a top-quality bikini or swim shorts! Get started @

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    Join the #SharkWeek Contest & Get Featured!

    Posted by Cindy Le on

    Thank you to everyone who participated in our the #ROFreedomContest. You guys made some amazing designs - congratulations to the eight chosen winners!

    Now, we invite the creators of RageOn to make Shark Week-themed designs in preparation for the epic Shark Week that starts on July 22nd. At the end of the entry period, our team will choose EIGHT unique and awesome designs to be featured in the curated Shark Week collection. These eight designs will also be featured on our Homepage, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Email Newsletters.

    We will accept contest submissions up until Thursday, July 19th, 2018. All contest entries must contain the tag #SharkWeekContest in the product title. Also - please do not use any copyrighted images that you do not own. 

    Happy designing! 

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    Dennis Rodman x RageOn

    Posted by Cindy Le on

    dennis rodman potcoin t-shirt

    Dennis Rodman was seen at the Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore wearing a Potcoin t-shirt from his exclusive brand on RageOn.

    Shop his limited edition collection here:


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    3 Effective Marketing Tactics for Mother's Day

    Posted by Cindy Le on

    mother's day marketing strategies

    It’s finally May. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, and it is almost time to celebrate the most important women in your life!

    For brands and retailers, it is an opportunity to increase profits with key Mother’s Day marketing tactics! According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day is the third highest grossing seasonal event in the United States. Mother’s Day is also much larger than Father’s Day because gifts for mom typically tend to cost more. It is also a known fact (but not surprising) that most Mother’s Day shoppers wait until the last minute to shop for gifts!

    This means that it is perfect timing for you to start marketing for Mother’s Day. Here are some strategies that you can put into use this Mother’s Day:

     1. PPC Campaigns

    If you have the budget, pay-per-click campaigns become especially useful the week leading up to Mother’s Day because all of the last minute shoppers frantically scouring the internet for gifts for mom. Remember to include keywords that target stepmoms, aunts, grandmothers, wives, sisters, and daughters.

     2. Social Media

    Pinterest becomes especially important around Mother’s Day due to consumers looking for shopping or DIY inspiration for a unique gift for mom. This is key for brands that are not normally geared towards the Mother’s Day crowd.

    Also - Remember that with RageOn, you can create custom Mother’s Day-inspired designs and post them across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to generate sales!

    3. Facebook & Instagram Advertising Campaigns

    Facebook and Instagram are great outlets for targeting specific demographics that you believe will purchase your products, and for targeting custom audiences. You can upload a list of your past purchasers onto Facebook Audiences and create a lookalike audience from them in order to find consumers with the highest chance of converting on your store. You can also try some interest based targeting once you understand your ideal customer profile and demographic.


    Courtesy of: The Shelf

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    R.I.P. Avicii

    Posted by Cindy Le on

    rip avicii

    Avicii, a dear friend of many in the RageOn community, passed away today. In honor of his life, we are empowering the entire community to create Avicii inspired designs for us to showcase to Avicii’s legal rights owners.

    In order for us to track all submissions, please use the hashtag #RIPAvicii in your product title and description!

    Our goal is for Avicii’s team to select some of your designs, have them go viral and then donate profits to Avicii’s favorite cause - Feeding America. Your design may get picked and featured to millions of people!

    To be clear, we do not own rights to Avicii name, image, etc. We’re excited to see what you come up with, wish you the best of luck, and hope that the RageOn community yields a couple of winning designs that Avicii and his team will feature and maybe even work out a deal with you directly!

    R.I.P. Avicii ❤️

    rip avicii

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    Happy Earth Day!

    Posted by Juan Caminero on

    Today is an important reminder of our responsibility to protect this planet. Did you know RageOn is committed to keeping our company eco-friendly? Our sustainable made-to-order process ensures there is no excess waste. Rather than producing a warehouse surplus, our products are sent to the customer directly from the manufacturer. For years, we have worked to refine this system and keep our marketplace effectively green. An extension of that goal is RageOn Connect, our print on demand service that allows sellers to sync products right to their store easily and sustainably.

    We’ve put together a list of our favorite Earth Day inspired designs. Choose from any of these high-quality items to show your passion for the planet and wear them proudly knowing your clothing is consciously sourced. Happy Earth Day!


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    18 Trending Products To Sell In 2018

    Posted by Juan Caminero on

    It's an exciting time to be RageOn seller! Our team is constantly thinking of new ways to take your Shopify stores to the next level. That's why our RageOn Connect featured gallery is regularly upgraded with the latest top-performing brands and products.  

    We've put together a list of 18 trending products sellers can now sync and use to maximize sales in 2018. 

    There's a little something for every online retailer no matter who your audience is! 

    1. Tupac T-Shirt

    For when your store ain't nothing but a gangsta party. 

    2. Paper Cup Swim Shorts

    Our top-selling swim wear design with a retro 90's aesthetic. 

    3. Fresh Paint Crewneck Sweatshirt

    Artist Yoka Honda brings us this colorful throwback to the 80s. 

    4. Prison Mike T-Shirt

    "Don't drop the soap! Don't drop the soap!"

    5. Taco Cat Tank Top

    For customers with cravings for cuteness- in space! 

    6. Mermaid Sweatshirt

    One of many Hello Kitty products available in our Featured Gallery! 

    7. Ableton T-Shirt 

    Calling all bedroom DJs, producers, and musicians!

    8. Surprised Cats Ankle Socks

    Cat lovers are a massive market- but seriously, who could resist these?  

    9. Red Star Trip Tree Zip-Up Hoodie

    The perfect trippy addition to any raver's wardrobe. 

    10. KISS Discography T-Shirt

    Something your audience will want to rock all day.  

    11. Pizza Fleece Blanket

    Our cozy solution to a night in with the munchies. 

    12. Wizard of Paws T-Shirt

    We're off to see the wizard- in a feline loving twist!

    13. Artistic Bomb Tank Top

    Surreal and vibrant, this piece will blow minds before they buy.  

    14. Orange & Blue Camo Bikini

    One of many colorful bikinis that will knock em' dead this summer. 

    15. Say Perhaps To Drugs T-Shirt

    Specially designed with a sick sense of humor in mind. 


    16. The Kitten No One Loved Tank Top

    Death and destruction have never looked this good. 

    17. Bespin Leggings

    Ensured to give your lady shoppers something out of this world. 

    18. In Pizza We Crust T-Shirt

    All hail the might slice, may it forever arrive at your doorstep. 

    Sync any of these high-quality designs from popular artists and licenses right to your Shopify store by visiting

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    How Instagram's New Feature Can Benefit Your Shopify Store

    Posted by Cindy Le on

    "With the vast adoption of mobile, more and more people (especially millennials) are learning of brands and making purchases through Instagram.

    As a Shopify store owner, this is now more important than ever since Instagram just launched a new product tagging feature that is currently available to approved businesses in the United States, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and Brazil.

    This brand new feature allows the Shopify store to directly tag their products inside of their posted Instagram picture. This means that your fans can access and shop your products directly from Instagram.

    To access this shopping experience, your fans would click on the Instagram photo that you tagged to display the product name and the product price. Once they click “Shop Now”, it will bring them to the product page on your website where they can go through your shopping experience, and be tracked by your website’s pixels and cookies.

    instagram product tagging

    So how do you tag products in your posts on Instagram?

    Once your store is approved for shopping on Instagram, you will want to update to the latest version of the Instagram app on your mobile device. You would then want to enable product tagging within your Instagram profile. In order to enable product tagging, click on the gear (or settings) icon on your profile, tap Shopping (under Business Settings), select the product catalog that you want to use, and tap Done.

    If you don’t see Shopping under your Business Settings, this means that your account is not yet approved for shopping on Instagram or still under review for access to the feature.

    To tag products in your posts:

    1. Select a photo and add a caption, effects and filters
    2. Tap the products in the photo that you want to tag
    3. Enter the names of the products you want to tag, then select them as they appear in the search box
    4. Tap Done
    5. Tap Share

    It’s possible to tag products in both new and older/existing posts on your Instagram account. Up to 5 products can be tagged per single-image post or 20 products per multi-image post.

    This new Instagram feature will help you better convert your Instagram audience and also makes purchasing on mobile easier than ever for your fans!

    Want to learn more? Get more info directly from Facebook here.

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    420 Design Contest! Win up to $200!

    Posted by Cindy Le on

    It's the National Weed Appreciation Day, so what better way to celebrate than an epic RageOn T-Shirt contest! Here's how to enter:

    1. Design the best 420/Weed T-Shirt using the RageOn iOS App or Web
    2. Use hashtag #RageOnWeedContest in your product posts so that we can track your entries! You may submit more than one design.
    3. Push your friends and family to create an account on RageOn and Like/Super Like/Comment on your contest entries. This will boost the product higher in the Popular Section. 

    The 3 most popular weed designs on our Community Favorites in the last 30 Days on April 20th, 2017 will win!

    Popularity will be calculated by an algorithm that factors in Likes, Super Likes, and Comments. This means that the more Likes, Super Likes, and Comments that you have on your t-shirt, the higher your t-shirt will rank!

    How do you rank higher?

    Follow other users, like their products, and share your designs with your social network! This will drive more visibility and engagement towards your brand! Also, the more awesome Weed-themed t-shirts that you upload, the higher of a chance you have of creating a KILLER one that people LOVE. Don't forget to check the popular section on RageOn for real time updates on what's trending. 

    How do the prizes work?

    1st Place: Win a $100 Gift Card, blog interview, featured spot on our contest page. 

    2nd Place: Win a $75 Gift Card!

    3rd Place: Win a $25 Gift Card!

    Contest ends Friday, April 20th, 2018. The winners will be announced via Facebook Live on the RageOn Facebook page so stay tuned!

    Download the RageOn App or visit to begin! Good luck!

    RageOn reserves the right to use any uploaded designs for promotional and commercial purposes related to the 420 Contest and all RageOn 420 Contest partners. 

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    9 Tips To Retarget And Retain Your Clients

    Posted by Cindy Le on

    During this age of online competition where there is a constant struggle to be the best or have your online presence be forgotten, it's difficult to keep your clients engaged. This is because there are so many offers out there that continuously try to pull them out of your brand's reach.

    So, the best way to increase your clientele and be able to continue grabbing their attention is by remarketing or retargeting. It's a method which surely works. It's also very light on the pocket of the investor when done correctly.

    Below are the 9 best possible ways to retarget and retain your clients (target audience) which will help your brand to grow and beat your competitors.

    1. Buck Up Your SEO

    The first thing that you are supposed to do is bucking up your SEO on both your blogs and your website. It's essential to make use of the latest SEO techniques if you want a large chunk of the audience to turn your way. Those days are obsolete when dumping specific keywords in an article got you the desired results online.

    Google penalizes this practice, and the audience out there has grown smart, now being capable of identifying a blog post decked with keywords. Strong content and strong SEO will attract your desired audience towards your product.

    2. Identify Your Audience

    Know who your audience is because without that, all the SEO and content best practices are useless. It's recommended to create complete profiles of all your customers with information regarding their age, gender, career, income, lifestyle, etc.

    It's also essential to know what they are expecting from you as a brand (their pain points) and whether or not you're fulfilling all their desires/needs. Deepen your research and try to find all those intricate details as this will distinguish you and your brand from the rest. If you are already using Facebook advertising, we recommend using Audience Insights to learn more about who your customers are.

    3. Create Engaging Content

    Both your customers and Google’s algorithm always appreciate online content that's unique, engaging, to the point, and relevant. It should immediately address the issues of your customers and present a suitable solution to it. This increases your SERP ranking and also adds to your clientele.

    4. Control Your Expenses By Deciding A Budget

    Knowing your limitations and funds is extremely important before engaging in a marketing campaign to either reach out to new clients or for retaining the ones you already have. Set your goals according to your budget as marketing and retargeting strategies usually work on a cost-per-click basis.

    5. Choose The Right Platform

    Finding and using the right platform is very important when it comes to retargeting as you should know the best way to engage with your audience. Facebook ads, display ads, and email marketing are some of the best ways to retarget your audience based upon abandoned carts, etc. Make smart choices and don't hasten your way into it.

    6. Create A Target Audience List

    A good business analytic would know how much time someone would spend on their site on an average and that's very important as it mainly impacts the client's response. It's a smart move to target people who spend at least five minutes or more on your site or someone who added something to their cart and left.

    You need to judge how serious they were about purchasing your product or service and how to turn their interest into a possible sale. These people (who show interest) are your primary goal when it comes to the kind of visitors you should target rather than those who visited for mere ten seconds or so.

    7. Create A Remarketing Agenda

    You can use the list approach to know your audience, or you can do what a smart business person would: track your visitors/audience by using cookies and pixels. There isn't only one option or path that leads to retargeting. Make your own retargeting strategy based upon what you think would resonate best with your target demographic.

    8. Develop Your Ads

    It's essential that your ads have an encapsulating call to action (CTA). It's foolish to have just one or two ads in this ferociously competitive market; try to have a few of them which are relevant and attractive. Keep a strict check on them, so you know which ones are effective and which need some more work.

    You need to brainstorm all kinds of copy and creative that your audience will respond to and then pick the best one. It gets very redundant to see the same ad continuously so try to continuously add new content, even if it just means you changing the color scheme to keep the audience's interest intact.

    9. Keep Recapitulating

    Retargeting is your brand’s chance to make a strong second impression to potential customer. You shouldn’t let this chance go in vain. So, keep a regular check on your ads. Monitoring, analyzing, and optimizing them strictly is something that should be on your daily to-do list. It's not going to happen immediately, though. If you want your ad campaign to work then A/B testing should a priority as this keeps your advertising campaigns alive and productive (continually changing to retain clients).

    Wrapping It Up

    Retargeting and retaining your brand’s clients is possible if you follow some of the tips mentioned above. However, you’ll need to be patient and do the required amount of research to ensure you’re on the right track to hopefully gain the results you want.

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    Facebook A/B Testing

    Posted by Cindy Le on

    facebook a/b testing

    Marketing a business in this digital age may often seem daunting, but in reality, digitization makes marketing easier than ever, especially with tools like Facebook’s split testing. Previously it was extremely difficult to analyze which of your advertisement was gathering the most profit for you, and which one needed to be stopped. Let us teach you the basics of A/B testing and how it can greatly benefit your business!

    What exactly is A/B testing?

    Split testing or A/B testing is a Facebook Advertising feature that collects statistics on your different advertisement tests and compares them against each other to find out which of them yielded a benefit for your strategy and which one was inefficient.

    A/B testing gives accurate results and is easy to implement. Furthermore, it can be used for testing anything, whether it’s determining which images/creatives work best, to which call to action plan attracts a greater audience, etc.

    A/B testing is a very important tool for marketers. It has proven to greatly increase ROI, often in the 10x range, and not only that, but it helps businesses determine what their target audience prefers to see as well as how different variations like color schemes and images affect the consumer response to ads.

    Steps to take for the most successful Facebook A/B testing:

    1. Test a single variable:

    It is very easy to get carried away with split testing, creating vastly different ads and then comparing them to each other. That makes it difficult for you to determine which factor contributed towards the success of that advertisement.

    Instead, when creating an A/B test, your ads should be almost identical to each other with the exception of one major variable. Doing so will make analyzing which creative strategy was the most successful for you, easier.

    2. Use multiple ad sets:

    There are two ways to place an ad on Facebook - you can either place all your ad variations within one ad set, or you can place them under separate ad set. Going the ‘separate’ route is the better choice as this gives a more comprehensive comparison which makes it easier to clearly identify which ad is more successful.

    3. Use the right audience:

    Ideally, you should have a large enough audience for these tests, which are demographically accurate for your marketing campaign. If your target audience is too small, you will not be able to gather the most accurate representation.

    However, make sure that the audience you are using for these tests is different than your other Facebook campaigns, or it might lead to biased results.

    4. Set the most accurate time duration:

    When creating a split test, you must always remember that you need to give just enough time for your ad test to run so that it reaches your intended audience. But it shouldn’t carried out for such a long time that it becomes repetitive and a waste to your budget.

    The ideal time duration your ad test should run for lies between 4-14 days, after which you should have enough results to make your conclusions.

    5. Create a budget:

    Before you start creating ad tests, allocate a proper, well-thought out budget. Ad testing can easily get very costly if it’s not handled efficiently.

    Therefore, always plan ahead, and be prepared for your estimated budget to exceed as well once your ad tests start rolling.

    6. Stop the losing ads:

    As time goes by, you will be able to easily identify which of the ad tests are winning and which are losing. Once you have identified those, you should stop the ads which didn’t gather the success other ads did, as continuing them would just be a burden on your budget as you work to grow your business.

    Keep removing the ads which aren’t winning until you end up with the final ad which performed the best in you’re A/B testing, and use your newfound learnings to strategize your future marketing strategies.

    Wrapping It Up

    Knowing the proper way to use the Facebook A/B testing tool can offer a lot of benefits to your growth. However, remember to be patient when it comes to collecting proper data and learning from trial-and-error.

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