The Trump Bikini That Went Viral - A Lesson To Going Viral

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Trump Bikini

Today, the Trump Bikini that I purchased from RageOn arrived in the mail. And oh man - it was everything that I hoped it would be!

The coloring was perfect - an exact replica of Trump's reddish/orangey skin tone. The detail was vivid and the quality was fantastic.

I HAD to try it on.

It was exactly as described!

"The Donald Trump Bikini of your dreams... or nightmares. Whichever you prefer!"

It was absolutely ridiculous! I posted it to my Facebook and Instagram with the caption:

"Just got my Trump Bikini from @rageonofficial. When's the next pool party? 😜"

The reactions were PRICELESS. 

"this is frightening and amazing"


"building pool now"

"omg... slightly disturbed but also laughing at the irony"

As the Director of Marketing for RageOn, I HAD to post it to the company's socials to see the reactions of our fans. And HOLY CRAP - even I was surprised by the response that we got!

On Facebook, 800+ shares, 900+ comments, and 650+ likes! 

"every day we stray further from God's light"

"babe we can't go to the beach anymore unless you get this"

"you need trump on your rump"

"This is just creepy."

"should I get this"

On Instagram, 600+ likes and 60+ comments!

"That is the funniest sh*t I have ever seen! Almost looks like ET from the front 😂"

"Fire and fury! 🔥"


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On Reddit, 200+ upvotes in less than 1 hour!

"the pool party is down the hall and to the left"

"Not sure if aroused or just extremely patriotic right now."

"Oh God, that Trump Vagina Dentata tho."

"I love hot chicks. I love bikinis. I love hot chicks in bikinis. I love Donald J. Trump. However, this doesn't do it for me."

"Hilariously f*cking awesome. Get someone to video the reactions when you wear it in public and post it! I'll bet at least one child has their eyes covered in panic."

Just got my Trump Bikini in the mail. When's the next pool party? from The_Donald

What did I learn from this?

Although the comments that I received were both positive and negative, it was expected. I learned that one of the secrets to going viral is CONTROVERSY.

Make viral/controversial designs, post on your socials, and incentivize your fans to engage by giving something away for FREE! 

And that's all folks! Just wanted to share my tidbit of knowledge (especially with those of you trying to build a brand and gain more traction) - I hope that helps!

PS: If you want the Trump Bikini, you can get it here.

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