The 7 Most Creative Yoga Mats You've Ever Seen

Posted by Juan Caminero on

Yoga is a hindi word that roughly translates to union. Aside health and inner peace, the  breath control and simple meditations of this eastern tradition offer us a greater awareness of ourselves. Your yoga mat represents a space in which your mind might experience some relief from the stress-laden, chaotic, and unpredictable nature of daily life. With this in mind, why not make it a creative and beautiful space! 

We've gathered a few of our favorite yoga mats from the hundreds available on our store. These high-quality designs are meant to compliment your spiritual practice with vibrant colors and symbolic artwork. 

Each our yoga mats is a premium non-slip accessory designed for max comfort and style during yoga sessions of any type. Completely latex/silicone/phthalate free! :) 

Shop through this collection of beautiful custom yoga mats while supplies last! 

1. Gratitude for the Earth and Sky Yoga Mat 

2. Planets Aligned Yoga Mat 

3. Dreams of Unity Yoga Mat

4. Snake Charmer Yoga Mat

5. Buddha Mind Yoga Mat

6. Hope For the Sound Awakening Yoga Mat

7. Unfolding Vision Yoga Mat

Want to create your own custom Yoga Mats? Download the RageOn app for iPhone or visit to get started! 📱 Namaste!  

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