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Video Game Day!

Posted by Jack How on

It's time to re-live our childhood and diving into the world of video games again! Yes, it's Video Game Day on 7/8! Video Games have been a part of everyone's lives, whether they play it professionally or recreationally, with friends or family, and will continue to grow alongside us.

With many bar-cades popping up around town, it goes to show that video games are timeless. That retro look and feel give us a sense of nostalgia, where we can forget about our everyday stress for that short 5-10 minutes of fun.

Other than retro video games, the advancement of technology has greatly launched the quality of video games to stardom. With a wide range of cool features (voice/facial recognition, 4K HD displays, virtual/augmented reality, etc.), there is no doubt that video games are here to stay for now, and forever. Let's rejoice gamers!

Check out our amazing video game outfits in our Video Game Day Collection.

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1. Aku Aku T-Shirt

Aku Aku T-Shirt

2. Good Guys Finish Last T-Shirt

Good Guys Finish Last

3. Super Donald T-Shirt

Super Donald T-Shirt

4. Fire vs Ice T-Shirt

Fire vs Ice

5. Rainbow Heart Gamer T-Shirt

Rainbow Heart Gamer

6. Warrior Princess Hoodie

Warrior Princess

7. Fantasy Quest IX T-Shirt

Fantasy Quest IX

8. Cute Fantasy VII Crewneck Sweatshirt

Cute Fantasy VII Crewneck Sweatshirt

9. The Real Heroes T-Shirt

the real heroes

10. Shinobi Ninja Hoodie

SHINOBI Ninja Hoodie by Mexifunk

11. Gamer Bod T-Shirt

Gamer Bod T-Shirt

12. Gamer Love Headset Red T-Shirt

Gamer Love Headset RED

13. Demon Hoodie


14. Ken Masters Art T-Shirt

Ken Masters Art By Picasso Dular Tribute To Street Fighter

15. Starry Night Mashup Van Gogh Never Faced Bullet Bill T-Shirt

Starry Night Mashup van Gogh Never Faced Bullet Bill

16. We Are Dogs T-Shirt

We Are Dogs T-Shirt

17. Duck Hunt Camo T-Shirt

Duck Hunt Camo T-Shirt

18. Jesus Died For Your Sims Bandana

Jesus Died For Your Sims Bandana

19. Trigger Of Time Hoodie

Trigger of Time

20. Hotline Miami Tank Top

Hotline Miami Tank Top

It doesn't matter if you're on Team Playstation, Team XBOX, Team Nintendo, or Team CPU, we're all on Team Video Games together! So let's set our differences aside on this day and play hard from dusk till dawn!!

Share in the comments below which was your favorite piece from our Video Game Collection!

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