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4 Ways to Build an Eco-Friendly E-Commerce Store

Posted by Jack How on

Running your own E-Commerce Store can be a thrilling yet arduous experience. The joys of being your own boss, having flexible working hours and working remotely may seem amazing (at first!), but you’ll soon realize that being an entrepreneur means that you never stop working…


How to Build an E-Commerce Store


If you’re operational in the apparel industry, the various challenges (designing, marketing, etc.) may seem daunting, but the sense of fulfilment you gain from happy customers wearing your clothes (in style) is priceless! But is the ‘numbers game’ all there is to it?

The short answer: No.


Triple Bottom Line (TBL) Framework

In the current age, environmental issues are becoming more and more noticeable. Businesses worldwide have begun to adopt the ‘Triple Bottom Line’ Framework, which means that there should be a perfect balance between People, Profits, and Planet (see above!). Some famous examples include: DHL, Patagonia, Kering (and Gucci), and many more!

But what do the customers think?


Survey of Customers that prefer Brands that are known for being Green

Survey of Customer Preference for Green Companies

Survey Results

Evidently, there is a growing trend of preference for Green Companies (look above!), and your E-Commerce Store should work towards fulfilling these needs!


If you are selling apparel, here’s a fun fact for you:

We generate 15M Tons of Textile Waste in the US yearly.

Are you convinced now? 

4 Ways to Build an Eco-Friendly E-Commerce Store

1. Overproduction and Inventory

Overproduction is the main factor that led to 15M tons of Textile Waste in USA yearly. Demand forecasting is a complex procedure, and retailers are still unable to accurately forecast how much inventory should they hold. This results in overproduction of stock, and excess inventory.

In E-Commerce, this Waste can be decreased through investing in intricate demand forecasting technologies, but they are simply too costly for small businesses. An easier way is to apply on-demand processes into your supply chain (only producing once a customer orders)!




At RageOn, we take pride in our on-demand printing services! We have pioneered the art of made-to-order printing, and you can find out more about us here.

2. Over-processing

Over-processing is similar to “using a sledgehammer to crack a nut”. The use of quality equipment or tools in your supply chain usually comes with a huge cost, and should be put to proper use.

In E-Commerce, this Waste can be reduced by forming long-lasting relationships with suppliers/manufacturers and understanding their workflow and processes. Time and effort must be spent to properly assess and identify any red flags.



For example, RageOn has put in place proper measures to ensure that over-processing does not occur. We have leveraged on Economies of Scope as our printing suppliers are equipped with the appropriate printing technologies.

3. Transportation and Waiting

Transportation is a usual suspect for being the bottleneck in lead time, resulting is unneeded waiting. The longer a product is in transit, the higher the chance of it being damaged, which would be detrimental to a company. The time spent waiting for the products to be transported also adds no value to anyone. Transportation is not environmentally-friendly too.

In E-Commerce, there is excessive amounts of waiting for transportation from manufacturers to suppliers, retailers, and finally the customers. A simple solution would be to reduce transportation times, or to invest in drop-shipping models. Sounds easy right?


Drop Shipping

At RageOn, we have you covered for both! Any store on RageOn or RageOn Connect will automatically be involved in our drop-shipping operations, decreasing any form of waste. Also, RageOn will soon be launching our revolutionary 1-Day Shipping option for any store owner on our platform! Your customers can now receive your products within a day!

4. Defects

Defects are mainly due to negligence in ensuring product quality, and can often lead to repairing/scraping.

In E-Commerce, this Waste can be minimized through having a proper Reverse Logistics system set up, to reuse or recycle the defects. One such example can be to donate any defects to the less fortunate. 

RageOn Donates to Homeless

RageOn Donates to Homeless

If you have a store at RageOn, you don’t have to worry! We donate our defects, exchanges, and returns to the homeless, as we believe in giving back to the community. Also, our products last forever - no cracks, no peels, no fade.

RageOn is Sustainable! 

At RageOn, we have thoroughly studied these 4 practices as we want to play a part in saving the world!

To summarize, we:

1. Implemented on-demand printing, having no inventory or overproduction

2. Partnered with professional and reliable manufacturers to prevent over-processing

3. Enabled 1-Day Shipping, reducing transportation and waiting time

4. Create products that last forever - no cracks, no peels, no fades

5. Donate our defects, exchanges, and returns to the homeless.


On top of that, RageOn is a paperless company!

Open your store at RageOn! today, and you can build an Eco-Friendly E-Commerce Store too.


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