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National Selfie Day

Posted by Jack How on

With the rise of Social Media, more and more people are taking selfies of themselves! To celebrate the joy of taking selfies, let's take as many selfies as possible on National Selfie Day (June 21st). Created by DJ Rick McNeely in 2014, this idea of people enjoying creative ways of taking selfies has now developed into an actual holiday!

I'm sure we have all taken a selfie or wefie before. What better way to remember that special selfie than to print it on apparel and wear it with pride! Our patented iOS app allows you to do all that in a matter of seconds!

While you're waiting for the app to finish downloading, have a look at our amazing National Selfie Day Collection!

1. Selfie Crewneck Sweatshirt

Selfie Crewneck Sweatshirt

2. Selfie Sweatshirt


3. Hot and Spicy Shower Curtain

Hot and Spicy Shower Curtain

4. Looking for the Answers Tank Top

Looking for the Answers Tank Top

5. Above and Beyond Tank Top

Above and Beyond Tank Top

6. Brave Face Womens T-Shirt

Brave Face Womens T-Shirt

7. In The Moment Sweatshirt

In The Moment Sweatshirt

8. The Secrets Inside Women's T-Shirt

The Secrets Inside Womens Tee

9. Shouting Girl T-Shirt

Shouting Girl - T-shirts and Clothes

10. Alberto Blanket


11. Control Art Restriction Crewneck Sweatshirt

Control Art Restriction  Crewneck Sweatshirt

12. AL Capone Sweatshirt

AL Capone

13. Alien Drome Sweatshirt

Alien Drome

14. Ape 2018 Sweatshirt

Ape 2018

15. “Smiley Green Camo” Tank Top

Smiley Green Camo Tank Top

16. Smile S'more T-Shirt

Smile S'more T-Shirt - Cute Marshmallow Camping

17. Joy Sweatshirt

Joy Sweatshirt

18. Smiling Skull, Love Conquers Death Phone Case

Smiling skull, Love conquers death

19. Troll Face T-Shirt

Troll Face T-Shirt

20. Alien Lisa T-Shirt

Alien Lisa T-Shirt

Take your best selfie with any product from our National Selfie Day Collection and tag us on our socials to be featured! Which one was your favorite piece? Share it in the comments below!


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