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Pride Month - Pride Outfits

Posted by Jack How on

The month of June signifies a lot of things for many people; the start of summer, the halfway point of the year, and also the LGBT Pride Month. In commemoration of the Stonewall riots in June 1969, pride events have been held annually on this month to show recognition for how LGBTQ people have impacted the world. 

The Mother of Pride, bisexual activist Brenda Howard coordinated the very first LGBT Pride march and was credited greatly for her contributions toward the rise of the annual LGBT Pride celebrations.

For us to celebrate this occasion, we have prepared a Pride Month Collection with apparel that was designed by artists from the LGBTQ community, such as LiveLoudGraphics, Boylesque (Boy George), and Paul Richmond Studio!

1. Bisexual Abstract Drips Flag Hoodie

Bisexual Abstract Drips Flag

2. Abstract Bisexual Flag

Abstract Bisexual Flag

3. Non-Binary Abstract Drips Flag Hoodie

Non-Binary Abstract Drips Flag

4. Two-Spirited Denim Flag Hoodie

Two-Spirited Denim Flag

5. Le Punk T-Shirt

Le Punk

6. Glitter LGBT Ally Pride Flag Hoodie

Glitter LGBT Ally Pride Flag

7. Graffiti Rainbow Lightning and Arrows Hoodie

Graffiti Rainbow Lightning and Arrows

8. LGBT Ally Abstract Drips Flag Hoodie

LGBT Ally Abstract Drips Flag

9. Bear Abstract Drips Flag Hoodie

Bear Abstract Drips Flag

10. Abstract Genderqueer Flag Hoodie

Abstract Genderqueer Flag

11. Abstract Gender Fluid Flag Hoodie

Abstract Gender Fluid Flag

12. Pansexual Paint Splatter Flag Hoodie

Pansexual Paint Splatter Flag

13. Transgender Abstract Drips Flag

Transgender Abstract Drips Flag

14. Hobo Blue T-Shirt

Hobo Blue

15. 1985 T-Shirt


16. Stitch Up T-Shirt

Stitch Up

17. Above and Beyond Tank Top

Above and Beyond Tank Top

18. Rainbow Pride Cheesecake Boy Tank Top

Rainbow Pride Cheesecake Boy Tank Top

19. The Dollypop Guild Unisex T-Shirt

The Dollypop Guild Unisex Tee

20. While There's Light Left Unisex T-Shirt

While There's Light Left Unisex T-Shirt

Hope you've enjoyed our Pride Month Collection! Pick your favorites and don them with pride! It is truly awesome and liberating that we can live in a world where there have been progressive support toward giving the LGBTQ community the rights that they deserve. Share in the comments below which was your favorite piece!


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