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International Beer Day 🍻🍻

Posted by Jack How on

Cheers! 🍻International Beer Day is a global holiday for us to celebrate one of the greatest drinks in the world: Beer! Founded in 2007, International Beer Day falls on August 2nd annually and is recognized by more than 207 countries to date.

There are 3 main goals for this amazing holiday. Firstly, we should make use of this occasion to hang out with our closest friends over a beer and just cherish the taste of the beverage. Secondly, this day is to pay respect to all brewers and servers of beer worldwide! It isn't an easy job, so we should definitely appreciate them. Lastly, It is bringing the world together to spread joy and peace under the grand banner of beer!

At RageOn, we absolutely love beer too! Here are some amazing designs from our International Beer Day Collection!

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1. The Great American Pastime T-Shirt

2. Beerkini Bikini

3. Crunk Sloth Tank Top

4. Toga Party Beer Pong T-Shirt

5. I Have A Drinking Problem T-Rex T-Shirt

6. Beer Me Up Scotty T-Shirt

7. Irish I Had Another Beer T-Shirt

8. Alcohol You Later Funny Beer T-Shirt

9. Everything Will Beer Okay T-Shirt

10. AM PM Beer Classic T-Shirt

11. Life Behind Bars T-Shirt

12. Sleep When You're Extinct T-Shirt

13. Don't Over Think, Over Drink! T-Shirt

14. Beer For Breakfast T-Shirt

15. Suds T-Shirt

16. Pong Time Crewneck Sweatshirt

17. Eye Sink, You Drink T-Shirt

18. Beer Pong Tank Top

19. Beer Cans Crewneck Sweatshirt

20. Get Your Balls Wet T-Shirt

It doesn't matter whether you're having a good or bad day - beer is the perfect drink! Here to lift your spirits when you're feeling down, or to accompany you in times of bliss, beer will always be there for you!

Share with us your favorite beer in the comments below! Don't forget to browse our International Beer Day Collection and use "BEER20" for 20% off!



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