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How to CRUSH your 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotions!

Posted by Alicia Domico on

It’s no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest sales events of the holiday season, so much so that, in recent years, they’ve combined to form Cyber Weekend.


According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual report, over 165 million Americans shopped from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday in 2018, raking in over $6.22 billion for retailers in online and in-store sales. $2 billion of those sales came from smartphones alone, so about 33% of holiday sales now take place on a mobile device. The average shopper spent $313.29 on gifts and other holiday merch, with Gen-Xers and older millennials spending the most.



And, if you think that Cyber Weekend only benefits large major retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, think again. 2018 was a big year for small business, too. Small Business Saturday hit a new record of around $3 billion in sales, with around $400 million being spent Saturday morning alone. Plus, with over 47.4 million shoppers, SBS was the second-largest in-store sales day, only behind Black Friday.


The opportunity to reach more customers during Cyber Weekend is huge. It also means that competition is steep. With so many retailers vying for customer attention, as well as the reality that the average customer is much savvier than before, how do you stand out? In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how.



Getting started early seems like a given, but it’s easy to get so swept up in the daily grind and all of life’s other responsibilities that such an important holiday event might slip your mind, costing you potential sales. Starting and organizing your holiday promotions ahead of time (ideally, in September) will not only give you peace of mind, but you’ll also have time to be more strategic with your marketing initiatives. You’ll also be able to:

  • Clearly define your sales goals
  • Create a well-thought-out campaign strategy
  • Build up customer excitement for your holiday promotions
  • Plan for shipping deadlines




Cyber Weekend is a big deal. Customers are looking for the best deals. Making their shopping experience worth their while is extremely important. Here are just a few popular sales perks you’ll never go wrong with:

  • Early-bird discounts. We will have Early Bird deals going on the week before Black Friday. Blast these on your socials!
  • Promo code. We will be pushing major discount codes on our end. Take advantage and push the same ones!




Once you’ve decided on your promotion strategy, you’ll need to begin thinking about what products you want to feature. You may love the design on your all-over print swim shorts, but swim shorts may not be the most appropriate choice for the holiday season. If you’re having trouble deciding which custom products to sell, no worries! We’ve compiled our top-selling products from Cyber Weekend 2018, and the following products were by far the most popular:

  • All-Over-Print Hoodie
  • All-Over-Print T-Shirt
  • All-Over-Print Sweatshirt 
  • All-Over-Print Onesie
  • Cotton T-Shirt
  • Cotton Sweatshirt 
  • Phone Case
  • Coffee Mug
  • All-Over-Print Leggings
  • All-Over-Print Crop Top
  • Bandana 



This is probably the most important step in the entire promo pipeline. It’s no use putting so much work into planning if your products don’t make it to their customers in time for the holidays. We only provide print-on-demand products, so check RageOn’s shipping and processing policy to gauge approximately when your customers should order to get their gifts on time! 

All of RageOn’s custom products are hand made and made on-demand.




Now that you’ve prepared your strategy, now comes the fun part–planning your holiday marketing campaigns. Have a little fun with your campaigns and remember that the holiday season is not just an event, it’s an experience. Bring a little magic to your customer with holiday campaigns that get them in a festive mood. Create eye-catching graphics that feature your best sellers and also some limited time releases to boost sales!

Check out what your favorite stores and artists are doing on their end. You may see something else that will work for you too!



If you have additional questions about how to maximize this HUGE selling opportunity please email our team at so that we can connect you to our team that can support you!




Continue to look out for more emails to help you along the way so that you can CRUSH IT!

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Tell A Joke Day! 🤣

Posted by Jack How on

HAHAHAHAHAH! It's TELL A JOKE DAY! The funniest holiday is back again this year on August 16th, and we can't wait to have a great laugh and forget about our everyday worries. Tell all your friends and family your favorite joke and get them to do the same! You'll definitely spend the entire day filled with smiles and laughter! 🤣 🤣

Before you get too excited, always remember 3 important factors when telling a joke: humor, timing, and delivery. It takes some skill to tell a joke well, but no pressure! Did you know that jokes have been a part of culture since 1900 BC? Wow.

Let's celebrate Tell a Joke Day together with some hilarious designs from our Tell a Joke Day Collection


1. Tank Top Tank Top

Tank Top Tank Top

2. Um, The Element of Confusion T-Shirt

Um, the element of confusion T-Shirt

3. Fight for E-Koala-Ty T-Shirt

Fight For E-Koala-ty T-Shirt - Cute Koala Bear Equality Pun

4. Hipster Jesus Loved You Before You were Cool T-Shirt

Hipster Jesus Loved You Before You Were Cool T-Shirt - Funny

5. Earth Is Like Uranus, You Should Keep It Clean T-Shirt

Earth Is Like Uranus, You Should Keep It Clean T-Shirt - Fun

6. Taco 'bout it, It's Nacho Problem T-Shirt

Taco 'bout it, It's nacho problem T-Shirt

7. I'm A Fun Guy T-Shirt

I'm a Fun Guy T-Shirt

8. It's All Good In My Hood T-Shirt

All Good In My Hood T-Shirt - Grim Reaper Funny Metal

9. Food Fight Tank Top

Food Fight Tank Top

10. Bar Code T-Shirt

Bar Code T-Shirt

11. My Mind Was Changed By A T-Shirt Slogan Said No One Ever T-Shirt

My Mind Was Changed By A T-Shirt Slogan Said No One Ever T-Shirt - Funny Sayings

12. Dad Joke Survivor T-Shirt

Dad Joke Survivor T-Shirt

13. All Systems Gogh T-Shirt

All Systems Gogh T-Shirt - Vincent Van Go Funny Art

14. Chick Magnet Boxers

chick magnet boxers

15. Clinton On The Streets, Sanders In The Sheets T-Shirt

Clinton On The Streets Sanders In The Sheets T-Shirt

16. Put Me Out Of My Missouri T-Shirt

Put Me Out Of My Missouri T-Shirt | Funny Saying State Tee

17. 9 Juan Juan In Case Of Taco Emergency T-Shirt

9 Juan Juan In Case Of Taco Emergency T-Shirt

18. 7 11 Was A Part Time Job T-Shirt

7 11 Was A Part Time Job T-Shirt

19. Aunt Becky's New Show T-Shirt

Aunt Becky's New Show

20. Best Graphic Designer Ever T-Shirt

Best Graphic Designer Ever T-Shirt

Knock knock!

Who's there?


Boo Who?

Aww, I know it's sad that we've come to the end of the blog post but you don't have to cry hahaha! If you love jokes as much as we do, please check out our Tell A Joke Day Collection (don't forget to use "JOKE20" for 20% OFF!). Tell your favorite joke in the comments below!


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Posted by Jack How on

SHARK WEEK IS HERE!! *Cues Jaws Theme Song*

The biggest predators of the ocean are finally getting the love and appreciation they deserve. These big bads may appear to be tough on the outside, but we believe that they are actually shy softies! We need to rise up and protect them!

Humans kill more than 100 million sharks yearly, due to the practice of "shark finning". Our majestic white beasts have great commercial value, especially their fins. Shark meat is also high in protein and is considered a delicacy to some cultures. If we do not stand together to protect our sharks, they will be soon become endangered..

Shark Week was an annual week-long program on Discovery Channel that aimed to spread conversation efforts and to correct any misconceptions about sharks. At RageOn, we are celebrating Shark Week by donning in our amazing shark-themed apparel from our Shark Week Contest Collection. If you're interested to join us, have a look below!

1. Megalodon Custom T-Shirt

#SharkWeekContest Megalodon Custom T-Shirt

2. Lazer Shark T-Shirt

Lazer Shark

3. Shark Bite v2 T-Shirt


4. Jawsome! T-Shirt


5. Rad Shark T-Shirt

Rad Shark

6. Hammer Time T-Shirt

Hammer Time T-Shirt - Hammerhead Shark Funny Pun

7. Rainbow Sharks T-Shirt

Rainbow Sharks T-Shirt

8. Journeying Spirit Swim Shorts

Journeying Spirit Swim Shorts

9. Ocean Pals T-Shirt

Ocean Pals

10. Shark Swim Shorts


11. Mata I Taliga T-Shirt

mata I Taliga

12. Shark Bite T-Shirt

Shark Bite T-Shirt

13. Shark Attack! T-Shirt

Shark Attack! T-Shirt

14. Laser Shark T-Shirt

Laser Shark T-Shirt                                                                        

15. American Shark Swim Trunks

american shark swim trunks

16. Space Shark Lizard Corgi Alien On Laser Dinosaur T-Shirt

Space Shark Lizard Corgi Alien On Laser Dinosaur

17. Unicorn Shark Skeleton T-Shirt

Unicorn Shark Skeleton

18. Pencil Vs Camera T-Shirt

Pencil Vs Camera - Shark T-shirts and Clothes

19. Mata I Taliga T-Shirt

Mata i taliga

20. Jawsome Shark Scallop Pattern Swim Shorts

jawsome shark scallop pattern (all products) #SharkWeekContest

Sharks are truly magnificent creatures. Many people believe that getting killed by a shark is pretty common, but they could not be more wrong. In fact, you would have a higher chance of dying from fireworks and being struck by lightning!

Share in the comments below your favorite shark species, and your favorite shark-themed apparel from our Shark Week Contest Collection


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International Youth Day 👦👧

Posted by Jack How on

We've all been a youth before! Even though we cannot the effects of time, our fond memories of our childhood days will always be precious in our hearts. International Youth Day was founded by the United Nations to give awareness to all cultural and legal issues surrounding youths.

There is no doubt that the future leaders of the world will come from the youths today, as observed by rising trend of young entrepreneurs, athletes, and artistes. On top of that, the Forbes' 30 under 30 list is definite proof that youths are amazing!

On August 12th, we shall celebrate this special occasion earnestly! We have specially picked out some of our best youthful designs in our International Youth Day Collection, so do check it out below!

Use "YOUTH20" for 20% OFF

1. Pizza Time Kids T-Shirt

Pizza Time Kids T-Shirt

2. The Old Skool "S" Kids T-Shirt

The Old Skool "S" Kids T-Shirt

3. Butterfly Greetings Kids T-Shirt

Butterfly Greetings - Kids T-Shirt

4. Cat Girl Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Cat Girl

5. Icon Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Icon

6. Green Lantern (John Stewart) Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Green Lantern (John Stewart)

7. Bumblebee Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Bumble Bee

8. Blue Beetle Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Blue Beetle

9. Spawn Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Spawn

10. Falcon Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Falcon

11. Brother Voodoo Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Brother Voodoo

12. Super Natural Girl Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Super Natural Girl

13. Bat Wing Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Bat Wing

14. Bat Girl (Tiffany Fox) Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Bat Girl (Tiffany Fox)

15. Kid Flash (Wally West) Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Kid Flash (Wally West)

16. Nubia Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Nubia

17. Rocket Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Rocket

18. Misty Knight Kids T-Shirt

Young Heroes: Unlimited (Limited Edition Kids Shirts)- Misty Knight

19. Just Ducky Kids Hoodie

Just Ducky Kids Hoodie

20. Basketball Zone Youth Tank Top

Basketball Zone Youth Tank Top

Let's all show our appreciation to youths on International Youth Day! Share in the comments below - your favorite memory of being a youth. Don't forget to use "YOUTH20" to get 20% any item from the International Youth Day Collection.


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Lazy Day 😴😴😴

Posted by Jack How on

National Lazy Day falls on August 10th annually and it's the perfect day to laze around and sleep in like a sloth! Celebrate this lazy holiday by just doing nothing - just like the lyrics in Bruno Mars' "The Lazy Song". 

Not much is known about this tiresome occasion as the creators were just too lazy to write about it! Even though we are all lazy people at heart, we will still work hard and dedicate this blog post to National Lazy Day!

Check out our awesome Lazy Day Collection that's filled with tons of amazing onesie designs! Onesies are the perfect Lazy Day outfit as they're sooo comfy to laze around in.

Use "LAZY20" for 20% OFF!

1. Cat and Pizza Onesie

Cat and Pizza Onesie

2. MeowsterS Kawaii Cat Burst Onesie

MeowsterS Kawaii Cat Burst Onesie Popsicle

3. The Old Skool "S" Onesie

The Old Skool "S" Onesie

4. Mourning Star Onesie

Mourning Star - Onesie

5. Luminescent Jellyfish Custom Onesie

Luminescent Jellyfish Custom Onesie

6. Hummingbird Custom Onesie

Hummingbird Custom Onesie

7. Serenade to the Universe Custom Onesie

Serenade To The Universe Custom Onesie

8. Sea Unicorn Custom Onesie

Sea Unicorn Custom Onesie

9. The Mystery of Ourselves Onesie

The Mystery of Ourselves - Onesie

10. Celestial Synergy Onesie

Celestial Synergy - Onesie

11. As the Dark Turns to Day Onesie

As The Dark Turns To Day - Onesie

12. The Dreamcatcher Onesie

The Dreamcatcher - Onesie

13. Galaxy Camp Onesie

Galaxy Camp Onesie

14. Yellow Bolts on Blue Onesie

Yellow Bolts on Blue Onesie

15. Rainbow Unicorn Onesie

Rainbow Unicorn Onesie

16. Rainbow Pizza Onesie

Rainbow Pizza Onesie

17. Red Lips Blue Onesie

Red Lips Blue Onesie

18. Camo Pop Art Onesie

Camo Pop Art Onesie

19. "Glamour & Glitter" Onesie

"Glamour & Glitter” Onesie

20. Candy Pattern Onesie

Candy Pattern Onesie

*Snores* *Snores*
Oh sorry, I must have fallen asleep from being so lazy. Hope our awesome Lazy Day Collection caught your eye, as it is one of our personal favorites! Share in the comments below your laziest day, and don't forget to use "LAZY20" for 20% off!


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International Cat Day 🐱! Meow ~

Posted by Jack How on

MEOW! 🐱It's time to show our love for all cats worldwide! These cute creatures have been by our side and cheered us up with their fluffy goodness! To show appreciation for our favorite pets, the International Fund For Animal Welfare has founded International Cat Day in 2002.

International Cat Day falls on August 8th and aims to raise awareness for our lovely feline friends and share about how to help and protect them. At RageOn, we love cats too! You can probably tell by our classic cat designs that have been a part of our company since the start. 

Check out the amazing cat designs from our International Cat Day Collection!

Use "CAT20" for 20% OFF 

1. Meowstache Cat Sweatshirt

Meowstache Cat Sweatshirt

2. DJ Cat T-Shirt

DJ Cat T-Shirt

3. Kitten T-Shirt


4. Pizza & Cats T-Shirt

Pizza & Cats

5. Cat 3D T-Shirt

Cat 3D

6. Cute Funny Buddha Cat T-Shirt

Cute Funny Buddha Cat - Third Eye Cat

7. Cute Kitty Cat Flower T-Shirt

Cute Kitty Cat Flower

8. Hamburger Astro Cat on Burger T-Shirt

Hamburger Astro Cat On Burger

9. Astronaut Cat T-Shirt

Astronaut Cat

10. The Kitten No One Loved Classic T-Shirt

The Kitten No One Loved Classic T-Shirt

11. Space Cat T-Shirt

Space cat

12. Pizza Cat

Pizza Cat

13. MeowsterS Kawaii Cat Burst Candy Hoodie

MeowsterS Kawaii Cat Burst Candy

14. He Not Like The Banana Cat Meme T-Shirt

He not like the banana cat meme

15. MeowsterS Rising Sun Ninja Cat

MeowsterS Rising Sun Ninja Cat

16. Shinx Gladiolus Crewneck Sweatshirt

Shinx Gladiolus

17. HypeBeast Cat T-Shirt

HypeBeast Cat T-Shirt

18. CatMoon T-Shirt

CatMoon T-Shirt

19. Catnado Tank Top

Catnado Tank Top

20. Take Me To Your Litter T-Shirt

Take Me To Your Litter

Hope you enjoyed our International Cat Day Collection. Share in the comments below about your favorite cat species and don't forget to use the "CAT20" code for 20% off!


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International Beer Day 🍻🍻

Posted by Jack How on

Cheers! 🍻International Beer Day is a global holiday for us to celebrate one of the greatest drinks in the world: Beer! Founded in 2007, International Beer Day falls on August 2nd annually and is recognized by more than 207 countries to date.

There are 3 main goals for this amazing holiday. Firstly, we should make use of this occasion to hang out with our closest friends over a beer and just cherish the taste of the beverage. Secondly, this day is to pay respect to all brewers and servers of beer worldwide! It isn't an easy job, so we should definitely appreciate them. Lastly, It is bringing the world together to spread joy and peace under the grand banner of beer!

At RageOn, we absolutely love beer too! Here are some amazing designs from our International Beer Day Collection!

Use "BEER20" for 20% OFF!

1. The Great American Pastime T-Shirt

2. Beerkini Bikini

3. Crunk Sloth Tank Top

4. Toga Party Beer Pong T-Shirt

5. I Have A Drinking Problem T-Rex T-Shirt

6. Beer Me Up Scotty T-Shirt

7. Irish I Had Another Beer T-Shirt

8. Alcohol You Later Funny Beer T-Shirt

9. Everything Will Beer Okay T-Shirt

10. AM PM Beer Classic T-Shirt

11. Life Behind Bars T-Shirt

12. Sleep When You're Extinct T-Shirt

13. Don't Over Think, Over Drink! T-Shirt

14. Beer For Breakfast T-Shirt

15. Suds T-Shirt

16. Pong Time Crewneck Sweatshirt

17. Eye Sink, You Drink T-Shirt

18. Beer Pong Tank Top

19. Beer Cans Crewneck Sweatshirt

20. Get Your Balls Wet T-Shirt

It doesn't matter whether you're having a good or bad day - beer is the perfect drink! Here to lift your spirits when you're feeling down, or to accompany you in times of bliss, beer will always be there for you!

Share with us your favorite beer in the comments below! Don't forget to browse our International Beer Day Collection and use "BEER20" for 20% off!



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International Friendship Day🚶🚶‍♀️🚶🚶‍♀️

Posted by Jack How on

Proclaimed by the United Nations back in 2011, July 30th is International Friendship Day! The aim of International Friendship Day is to unite people from all around the world, breaking all borders.

Friendship is a powerful tool that can build bridges across all walks of life! It is an amazing way to form a bond between different people, countries, and even cultures. In fact, friendship is a key factor in inspiring peace efforts.

From a personal level, friends are an important part of everyone's lives. At the end of a long day, you would often find yourselves in the company of your friends and families to share your joys and sorrows with.

In commemoration of this day, here are our best designs from the International Friendship Day Collection!

Use "FRIEND20" for 20% OFF

1. Jelly Classic T-Shirt

2. Peanut Butter Classic T-Shirt

3. Avocado Half Classic T-Shirt

4. Avocado Half v2 Classic T-Shirt

5. Where My Beaches At? T-Shirt

6. Friends Forever T-Shirt

7. Friends Don't Lie Crop Top

8. Lettuce Be Friends T-Shirt

9. With Friends Like These, Who Needs Anemones? T-Shirt

10. Friends Pho-Ever T-Shirt

11. Ducklings Squad Goals T-Shirt

12. Squid Squad T-Shirt

13. Sushi Friends Tank Top

14. But Officer They Were Fxxkin With My Squad T-Shirt

15. Ocean Pals T-Shirt

16. The One With The Nineties Classic T-Shirt

17. Squad Goals Crewneck Sweatshirt

18. Squad Goals Crewneck Sweatshirt

19. Space Pals Crewneck Sweatshirt

20. Forest Friends T-Shirt

It's time to appreciate your friends! Show your closest friends some love on International Friendship Day, and live life with no regrets. Hope you've enjoyed our International Friendship Day Collection!

Share your favorite design in the comments below, and don't forget to use "FRIEND20" for 20% off!


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National Hot Dog Day! 🌭

Posted by Jack How on

Who doesn't love hot dogs? Hot dogs are one of America's iconic foods alongside hamburgers and french fries! In fact, hot dogs are loved so much that July 17th has been declared to be National Hot Dog Day! 

Established by the National Hot Dog and Sausage Council, this day celebrates the joy of relishing on hot dogs whether they are grilled, pan-fried, cooked on a stick during campfires and more! 

Hot dogs are a classic summertime food, as people enjoy them at sports games with their favorite condiments: mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, onions, etc. At RageOn, we love hot dogs too! Check out our handpicked designs from our Hot Dog Day Collection!

Use "HOTDOG20" for 20% OFF

1. Cowboy Space Cat On Dinosaur Unicorn - Hot Dog T-Shirt

2. Cowboy Space Sloth On Wolf Unicorn - Hot Dog T-Shirt

3. Freshest T-Shirt

4. Hot Dogs and Hamburgers Swim Shorts

5. Space Sloth Riding Dinosaur Unicorn - Hotdog & Taco T-Shirt

6. Space Cat Riding Dinosaur Unicorn - Hotdog & Taco T-Shirt

7. Hot Dog Flag Classic Black T-Shirt

8. Dog Bless America T-Shirt

9. Hot Dog Water T-Shirt

10. HotDognalds T-Shirt

11. Leonardo Da Vinci Hot Dog T-Shirt

12. Che Guevara Hot Dog T-Shirt

13. Suns Out Buns Out T-Shirt

14. Hot Dog Meme T-Shirt

15. Dancing Hot Dog Pocket T-Shirt

16. A Wiener Is You T-Shirt

17. You're A Hot Dog T-Shirt

18. A Wiener Is You T-Shirt

19. Hotdog Swim Shorts

20. Hot Dog Phone Case

We absolutely adore the amazing hot dog designs in our Hot Dog Day Collection! Make full use of National Hot Dog Day to have a laugh with your friends and family over your funny Hot Dog T-Shirt or Phone Case! And of course, wear it while sharing hot dogs together (;

Remember to use "HOTDOG20" for 20% OFF!


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World Emoji Day 😂😄😊😍😜😝

Posted by Jack How on

World Emoji Day falls on July 17 as shown on the iconic calendar emoji 📅! But this day is not just that commemorate 1 emoji, it is to appreciate all emojis in the world! All emojis, whether they are new or old, are well-loved by everyone.

Starting in 2014, World Emoji Day was founded by Jeremy Burge, creator of Emojipedia. Despite being just a fun way to text your friends and loved ones, emojis have become a way of life for us!

To show our love for emojis, we have an amazing World Emoji Day Collection filled with awesome emojis designs for you to choose from! Enjoy~

Use "EMOJI20" for 20% OFF

1. Hippy Peace Emoji T-Shirt

2. Ok Hand Sign Emoji T-Shirt

3. Poop Emoji Coffee Mug

4. Emoji Love Crop Top

5. Emperor's Secret Sweatpants

6. Che Guevara Crying Emoji T-Shirt

7. Emoji T-Shirt

8. Emoticon Swim Shorts

9. Emoji Poop Pillow

10. Don't Fucking Touch Me T-Shirt

11. Junk Food Emojis Tank Top

12. I Love Emojis T-Shirt

13. Romantic Emojis Crewneck Sweatshirt

14. Emoji Fast Food Couch Pillow

15. Emoji Hieroglyphics Tank Top

16. Alien Emoji Tank Top

17. Middle Finger Crewneck Sweatshirt

18. Pizza Space Poop Tank Top

19. Emoji Zip-Up Hoodie

20. Shit Happens Tank Top

Hope that our World Emoji Day Collection had the amazing emoji designs you were looking for! If not, you can create new designs to spread your emoji love!

We all use emojis in our daily lives, so let's celebrate it by using them as much as we want on World Emoji Day! Remember to use our special 20% off discount code: EMOJI20

Share in the comments below about your favorite emoji!


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National Give Something Away Day!

Posted by Jack How on

National Give Something Away Day falls on July 15th! We should be thankful for having the fortune to live comfortably and having more than we need to live. This special day gives us a chance to give back to the community. We can do this through supporting fundraisers, looking for public-society foundations or even supporting small local businesses.

In fact, it has been reported that more people are giving back in the US. Giving USA stated that all nine major categories (from religion to education to environment and animals) have seen a rise in people give back to them.

We have prepared a Give Something Away Day Collection filled with amazing designs for you to pick from! Use this moment to Give Something Away to people that need it more than you!

1. Chill Couch Pillow

2. Bread Pillow

3. Shrimp Neck Pillow

4. Beach Man T-Shirt

5. Cactus #2 Canvas

6. Adventure Awaits Anchor T-Shirt

7. Beagle Night Tank Top

8. Your Mountain is Waiting T-Shirt

9. Explore the World Tote Bag

10. Into the Woods We Go Pullover Hoodie

11. Graphic Designer Naming Conventions Mug

12. Compass Mug

13. Road Trippin' Dad Hat

14. Black Eyed Pease Where's the Love Black Sole High Tops

15. Charles Pugsley Pillow

16. Donut Disturb Couch Pillow

17. Colorful Astronaut Custom Canvas

18. "Good Vibes Only Pineapple” Canvas

19. Experience So Lucid, Discovery So Clear - Canvas Art Print

20. Wild Heart Women's Tank Top

Let's commemorate National Give Something Away Day together! Founded by Linda Eaton Hall-Fulcher, this amazing day is definitely one to appreciate. Share in the comments below what was the best thing you gave away!


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French Fry Day

Posted by Jack How on

What's the best food that goes with burgers? That's right, it's french fries! America's favorite side dish has not been overlooked. On 7/13 this year, let's all celebrate the tastiest holiday: French Fry Day!

French fries are enjoyed worldwide with a variety of condiments like Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Honey Mustard, Ranch Dressing, and many more! The french fry is a super versatile finger food that goes well with almost any sauce, and it truly deserves to receive a holiday for how amazing it is.

A fun fact is that french fries are not from France! The delicious snack originated from Belgium in World War 1 and has stuck around in our bellies every since. Before you get hungry, check out some of our cool french fry-themed designs in the French Fry Day Collection!

Use "FRY20" for 20% OFF

2. Burgers and Fries - Blue Ombre Tank Top

3. Nom Nom Nom T-Shirt

4. Junk Food Pattern Gray T-Shirt

5. Junk Food Pattern White T-Shirt

6. Space Junk T-Shirt

7. Fast Food Cat T-Shirt

8. Burgers & Fries Socks

9. Double Fries Crop Top

10. French Fries T-Shirt

11. Dolphin and Fries T-Shirt

12. French Fries Crewneck Sweatshirt

13. French Fry Small T-Shirt

14. French Fry Small Black T-Shirt

15. Junk Food Emojis Tank Top

16. Taters Not Haters T-Shirt

17. Fries Before, During And After Guys T-Shirt

18. Dab On Them Taters T-Shirt

19. Burgers & Fries Blue Ombre T-Shirt

20. Fries Dark Blue Ombre Swim Shorts

I bet your stomachs are rumbling now from our tasty French Fry Collection you saw above! Share with us what your favorite type of french fries in the comments below!

Remember to use "FRY20" for 20% OFF!


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