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French Fry Day

Posted by Jack How on

What's the best food that goes with burgers? That's right, it's french fries! America's favorite side dish has not been overlooked. On 7/13 this year, let's all celebrate the tastiest holiday: French Fry Day!

French fries are enjoyed worldwide with a variety of condiments like Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Honey Mustard, Ranch Dressing, and many more! The french fry is a super versatile finger food that goes well with almost any sauce, and it truly deserves to receive a holiday for how amazing it is.

A fun fact is that french fries are not from France! The delicious snack originated from Belgium in World War 1 and has stuck around in our bellies every since. Before you get hungry, check out some of our cool french fry-themed designs in the French Fry Day Collection!

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2. Burgers and Fries - Blue Ombre Tank Top

3. Nom Nom Nom T-Shirt

4. Junk Food Pattern Gray T-Shirt

5. Junk Food Pattern White T-Shirt

6. Space Junk T-Shirt

7. Fast Food Cat T-Shirt

8. Burgers & Fries Socks

9. Double Fries Crop Top

10. French Fries T-Shirt

11. Dolphin and Fries T-Shirt

12. French Fries Crewneck Sweatshirt

13. French Fry Small T-Shirt

14. French Fry Small Black T-Shirt

15. Junk Food Emojis Tank Top

16. Taters Not Haters T-Shirt

17. Fries Before, During And After Guys T-Shirt

18. Dab On Them Taters T-Shirt

19. Burgers & Fries Blue Ombre T-Shirt

20. Fries Dark Blue Ombre Swim Shorts

I bet your stomachs are rumbling now from our tasty French Fry Collection you saw above! Share with us what your favorite type of french fries in the comments below!

Remember to use "FRY20" for 20% OFF!


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