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World Emoji Day 😂😄😊😍😜😝

Posted by Jack How on

World Emoji Day falls on July 17 as shown on the iconic calendar emoji 📅! But this day is not just that commemorate 1 emoji, it is to appreciate all emojis in the world! All emojis, whether they are new or old, are well-loved by everyone.

Starting in 2014, World Emoji Day was founded by Jeremy Burge, creator of Emojipedia. Despite being just a fun way to text your friends and loved ones, emojis have become a way of life for us!

To show our love for emojis, we have an amazing World Emoji Day Collection filled with awesome emojis designs for you to choose from! Enjoy~

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1. Hippy Peace Emoji T-Shirt

2. Ok Hand Sign Emoji T-Shirt

3. Poop Emoji Coffee Mug

4. Emoji Love Crop Top

5. Emperor's Secret Sweatpants

6. Che Guevara Crying Emoji T-Shirt

7. Emoji T-Shirt

8. Emoticon Swim Shorts

9. Emoji Poop Pillow

10. Don't Fucking Touch Me T-Shirt

11. Junk Food Emojis Tank Top

12. I Love Emojis T-Shirt

13. Romantic Emojis Crewneck Sweatshirt

14. Emoji Fast Food Couch Pillow

15. Emoji Hieroglyphics Tank Top

16. Alien Emoji Tank Top

17. Middle Finger Crewneck Sweatshirt

18. Pizza Space Poop Tank Top

19. Emoji Zip-Up Hoodie

20. Shit Happens Tank Top

Hope that our World Emoji Day Collection had the amazing emoji designs you were looking for! If not, you can create new designs to spread your emoji love!

We all use emojis in our daily lives, so let's celebrate it by using them as much as we want on World Emoji Day! Remember to use our special 20% off discount code: EMOJI20

Share in the comments below about your favorite emoji!


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