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SHARK WEEK IS HERE!! *Cues Jaws Theme Song*

The biggest predators of the ocean are finally getting the love and appreciation they deserve. These big bads may appear to be tough on the outside, but we believe that they are actually shy softies! We need to rise up and protect them!

Humans kill more than 100 million sharks yearly, due to the practice of "shark finning". Our majestic white beasts have great commercial value, especially their fins. Shark meat is also high in protein and is considered a delicacy to some cultures. If we do not stand together to protect our sharks, they will be soon become endangered..

Shark Week was an annual week-long program on Discovery Channel that aimed to spread conversation efforts and to correct any misconceptions about sharks. At RageOn, we are celebrating Shark Week by donning in our amazing shark-themed apparel from our Shark Week Contest Collection. If you're interested to join us, have a look below!

1. Megalodon Custom T-Shirt

#SharkWeekContest Megalodon Custom T-Shirt

2. Lazer Shark T-Shirt

Lazer Shark

3. Shark Bite v2 T-Shirt


4. Jawsome! T-Shirt


5. Rad Shark T-Shirt

Rad Shark

6. Hammer Time T-Shirt

Hammer Time T-Shirt - Hammerhead Shark Funny Pun

7. Rainbow Sharks T-Shirt

Rainbow Sharks T-Shirt

8. Journeying Spirit Swim Shorts

Journeying Spirit Swim Shorts

9. Ocean Pals T-Shirt

Ocean Pals

10. Shark Swim Shorts


11. Mata I Taliga T-Shirt

mata I Taliga

12. Shark Bite T-Shirt

Shark Bite T-Shirt

13. Shark Attack! T-Shirt

Shark Attack! T-Shirt

14. Laser Shark T-Shirt

Laser Shark T-Shirt                                                                        

15. American Shark Swim Trunks

american shark swim trunks

16. Space Shark Lizard Corgi Alien On Laser Dinosaur T-Shirt

Space Shark Lizard Corgi Alien On Laser Dinosaur

17. Unicorn Shark Skeleton T-Shirt

Unicorn Shark Skeleton

18. Pencil Vs Camera T-Shirt

Pencil Vs Camera - Shark T-shirts and Clothes

19. Mata I Taliga T-Shirt

Mata i taliga

20. Jawsome Shark Scallop Pattern Swim Shorts

jawsome shark scallop pattern (all products) #SharkWeekContest

Sharks are truly magnificent creatures. Many people believe that getting killed by a shark is pretty common, but they could not be more wrong. In fact, you would have a higher chance of dying from fireworks and being struck by lightning!

Share in the comments below your favorite shark species, and your favorite shark-themed apparel from our Shark Week Contest Collection


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