Snowball is Helping Save Lives!

Snowball is Helping Save Lives!

Posted by Chelsea Heidlebaugh on

Any face covering at all can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and Snowball has joined the fight to STOP THE SPREAD!

Snowball Money is now collaborating with RageOn’s marketplace to bring you amazing products to help save lives and open your mind to what Snowball can do for you in the near future.

They are used to helping others with their remarkable technology that will soon become a household name. During the current financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Snowball intends to provide support to people living in emerging economies suffering from hyperinflation. 

Go to
to see their product selection and find out where you can invest in this fast growing company!

Snowball Money Face Mask | Gradient


Snowball Mask | Plain Black


Snowball Money Face Mask | Full Black

You can become an early investor of Snowball NOW. With as little as $111, you will be able to invest and own a stake in Snowball! 

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