RageOn empowers creators, we won’t empower hate.

Posted by Juan Caminero on

Each day hundreds of new designs make their way onto the RageOn marketplace and our team works tirelessly to review them. Keeping our platform free of stolen art or inappropriate content is very important to us.

During a routine clean up, our team discovered a number of anonymous accounts uploading racist and hateful content. This is not what RageOn created this platform for. We are here to empower artists, but we will NEVER empower hate.

During these emotionally-charged times, it is imperative that we continue humanity's progress towards a more free and accepting society. For this reason, we wanted to make it clear that our technology is for all people of every shade. If you see a user on our platform uploading something hateful, we encourage you to use the report button located on every RageOn product. 

Help us keep our Marketplace safe! 

Download the RageOn app for iPhone or visit Create.RageOn.com to start designing and selling custom merchandise. Together we will ensure artists of the world have the tools they need to change it. Ignore the haters! 

Here's a few designs that will help you spread the love: 

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  • Thank you. Thank you for standing against hate and promoting kindness. We need more people (and businesses) like you!

    Kathleen on

  • I fully agree NO hate! The image and text on pillow is great!

    Erika on

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