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RageOn is proud to welcome PopCouture to our family tree of brands!  PopCouture is a lifestyle brand that translates pop culture trends into fashion pieces for obsessed music, movie & TV fans. Aside from unique depictions of your favorite personas you'll find creative movie posters and beautiful multi-media collage art. Scroll down for an exclusive interview with artist and brand owner Paul Martin. 
Tell us a little about yourself and your art? 
I’ve been around art and artistic people my whole life. My grandmother was an amazing figure artist and my mom was a professional Calligrapher, so I caught the bug early. I can remember back in Junior High School, I drew a portrait of Michael Jackson and everyone flipped out. There were copies of it all over school the next day, kids were making requests…it was cool. Soon after that, I started painting jean jackets for all the kids - album covers and things like that - this is when I realized I could make some good money with art.

What inspires you?
I’m a huge music and movie fan - as you can probably tell from my shop.

You left a similar drop-ship service to join RageOn. Why?
I wasn’t thrilled with the quality of their printing, and their app is a bit clunky. Also, they had very poor customer service. The difference between RageOn and them is night and day.
What do you love about Shopify?
They make everything that’s scary about e-commerce super easy. You can have a basic store in no time.
What is your favorite aspect of RageOn Connect?
The speed and ease of use is unreal. You can create and add products in 2 minutes…literally.

What are your plans to boost sales?
Social media. Paid and organic. Share. Share. Share. Also, become very active on the RageOn! app/site, liking and following the artists that I like.
Why did you decide to keep your RageOn Marketplace Store even after you launched your own Shopify store? (
I think it is important to maintain a web presence for a number of reasons.
What is your favorite feature of the RageOn platform?
I’m still new here, but I love how easy everything is to use, and I love the social/community feel of RageOn!

What is your number one piece of advice for up and coming artists that are looking to monetize their work?
Continue to develop your craft and use the power of the internet to get your work seen.

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