Why Ben Heine is Designing Face Masks

Why Ben Heine is Designing Face Masks

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Ben Heine is a world renowned artist and Verified Artist on RageOn!

We love to showcase amazing artists on RageOn! and especially artists who are doing good in their communities and beyond! Ben recently stepped up to help the world by creating face masks! We interviewed Ben and he explains how he personally came in contact with the hardships caused by the virus and also provides advice for RageOn! creators.

Where are you based out of?

"I am an artist based in Brussels, Belgium. I am a professional illustrator and photographer. I also play the piano as a hobby and I have 2 children."

How has Covid-19 affected your country and yourself?

"Belgium has the highest rate of deaths in proportion with the total population. It’s a small country, we all know someone who was infected. My grandfather was infected at 91 year old, he was heavily sick for 2 weeks, but he survived. The lockdown was a very hard moment to live economically and socially speaking. I also have a master in Journalism so I have also  published many video analysis of what we are living currently."

Why did you decide to sell face masks with us?

"Because I really think these masks can save lives in crowded spaces. They are also mandatory in many cities so I want to contribute and help people with nice looking masks. I also know RageOn products are high quality and made with care."


What are you doing to help get the word out about your face masks and the importance of wearing face coverings in public?

"I’m sharing them on all my social networks which accumulate more than 500,000 people."

Any tips for artists running online stores on RageOn or advice on how artists can get through tough times like these? 

"Keep uploading and creating original art to change and improve the world."


Thank you so much, Ben!

Do yourself and your community a favor by picking up one of Ben’s creative face mask designs! STOP THE SPREAD!

Scroll down to check out a few of Ben’s face masks or go to benheine.rageon.com for his whole collection


Lion Mouth Face Mask


Invisible Man - Flesh and Acrylic Face Mask


Reggae King. Digital Circlism. Face Mask


Multi-Color Rose Face Mask

Screaming Face Mask Design by Ben Heine - Covid-19 Protection

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  • Sorry but what a stupid interview. World famous? ok but he wants to help people protect themselves with the masks too ok, but honestly Rageon, your delivery time doesn’t help. It sometimes takes 6 weeks for the goods to arrive. If people have to wait so long, it makes no sense. Ps. He has about 90,000 followers on Instagram but hardly any licks on his posts.

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