How to Make Money with RageOn!

How to Make Money with RageOn!

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Make Money while staying Fit and having Fun with your Dog!

What did you just read? Making money while staying fit and having fun with your dog. You would enjoy all three activities separately, but it sounds unreal to do all three at once!

Staying fit always costs a lot, doesn't it? But what if we tell you it's all possible in a few quick steps. Perhaps if you're good at it and have a good reach in social media, you can make money in no time!

RageOn makes it all possible. It is an eCommerce website where users can sell their images on a T-Shirt, sweatshirt, face mask, and so on. There are hundreds of product types to choose from on the RageOn! Product Builder. 

Once you upload your product, it will go live among the millions of custom printed designs on Whenever a user buys your design, you'll earn commission on it. Rageon takes care of the printing, delivery, and customer care.

All you have to do is upload the cutest picture and market it as much as you can. Of course, it helps if your friends look up to you on Instagram or you have 'fans' on TikTok.

But you can not earn the big bucks with the help of your adorable dog until jumping into how to make money on RageOn. Let's see how quickly you can register and start earning on RageOn!

How to Earn Money on RageOn?

While there are a variety of ways to make money with RageOn, the easiest of them is to sell your designs. You just have to upload an image that will look good on clothing, see how your design looks and upload the design to your store.

That's it; you're done! Now you'll earn a profit every time someone purchases your design. Here are the steps to register your product and start earning on RageOn:

  • Download the RageOn app for mobile or open website and sign up.
  • Select Profile Picture and username.
  • Choose a plan for your products. You can choose from the Free, Starter, Business, or Enterprise plan as per your reach as a creator. A different program will earn you varying amounts of profits. You can upgrade your plans on the go as your designs go viral.
  • Upload a catchy image or design and choose the product to print it on.
  • Post the design to sell and it will instantly go live on the site
  • Earn money every time someone purchases your design. Visit your account and see your total commission earned and all other sales data


People upload stories with their dogs on Snapchat and Instagram every day.

Dogs are cute, adorable, and it's hard to find someone who doesn't like them. Perhaps, if you have a dog, you probably have already used them to gain likes on social media at least once. People upload stories with their dogs on Snapchat and Instagram every day.

Now instead of finding pictures that fit best on a social post, you can sell unique images of your dog..

Your dog's pictures are unique for you and your dog. And that's what RageOn is about. It's sharing what you have with the world. It's an endless exchange system of creativity that will only grow and grow.

How can you stay fit while uploading pictures of your dog? Well, there is no need to find some far away place most of the time. The nearby garden or dog park will do the job. Do not forget to carry some fluid rich fruits such as watermelon and a water bottle for you and your adorable dog to prevent dehydration. Remember, your dog loves to go on a walk and play outdoors more than travelling in a car with you. 

So, get a backpack with a camera and some food, go on a walk with your dog and visit Dog Parks and Beaches to try some new photographic ideas. This will keep both of you healthy and will improve the bonding between you and your beloved companion as well.

After reaching your destination, Find an exotic background, keep the focus on your dog, and take breathtaking images. You can use your iPhone or a camera to capture some unforgettable moments. Whatever you do, make sure photos are in HD resolution.

Here are a few ideas to take your dog's image that will go viral on RageOn.

Best Places to take images of your dog


Dogs absolutely love water and vast uninterrupted land. And you know that you can capture the best photos of your dog when he's happy. Take a ball or other toys for your Dog to have fun while you capture it all. He will create the moment, and you'll capture it.

Dog Park

Any local dog park around you will come in handy to bring the playful behavior out of your dog. He'll interact well with other dogs in the nearby park if you already walk him there. 

Places with different backdrops

To make your photography day productive, choose places that have different backdrops. You can capture images exuding distinct vibes in a few hours. Choose a park or a ground near a riverside or an amusement park, among others.

Urban Wonderland

Places with paved roads, narrow alleyways, Graffiti sprayed walls, can give that contemporary vibe to your image. Therefore, vibrant contrasts only enhance the sheen of your design.


Of course, you'll find tens of different places apart from these in your neighborhood. Our recommendation is to choose an area within walking distance. This will help you burn calories and also sweat it out while you have fun.


Having your dog on the run will ensure your energy levels are high, and you can travel long distances without fatigue. Moreover, the money you might earn afterward will be enough motivation to walk those extra yards.


You'll also need to stand and crouch a lot while taking images. All this helps you stay fitter and grow stronger by the day. Still figuring out how to click photos that you can be proud to sell? Here are a few tips.


Tips for Capturing breathtaking pictures of your dog

Make your dog used to the camera

The shutter sound can scare your dog. You can either turn it off or click it a few times, pointing away from your dog. Pop him a little treat or pat him every time the shutter closes.

Timing is everything

The vibe you want to create with your picture should decide the timing of your photograph. You should take action photos at the start of the session when your dog is fresh. Clicking photos after the 3-mile walk will enhance a serene vibe.


Take lots of pictures

Clear your camera’s memory card at the start. Get ready to take hundreds of images out of which you'll find one or two designs ideal for your products.

Shoot in morning or evening

Avoid shooting in the afternoon as washed-out images never look good, no matter how good your dog's expression is, the lighting will wash everything out.

Get down on your dog's level

A common mistake people make while taking their dog's pictures is standing over their dog. Don't let your images disappear in the crowd. Sit on your knee and take photos on the eye to eye level for the best results.

It surely will take some time before you get the image that sells. Your best bet is to keep trying until you strike gold. Upload designs regularly, preferably every week.

It will not only increase your chances of earning; you'll stay fit. Undoubtedly, sessions with your dog are never not fun either. After clicking and uploading your best images, don't forget to market them.

Share your product links with friends, family, and followers. You need to make yourself visible to make a sale. And the more you sell, the faster your reach will increase. You might want to treat your dog on your first sale too, eh?


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