Hottest Swim Wear Trends Of Summer 2018

Posted by Juan Caminero on

RageOn's custom premium bikinis are all the rage this summer! With that said, there's a few epic and high-quality in-house designs that have been flying off the shelves. If mainstream swim wear styles aren't turning heads at the pool, we can guarantee these creative swim shorts and two-piece bikinis will do just that. 

Choose from any of these original top-selling swim wear designs or shop the entire collection

1. Trucked Swim Shorts

2. Neon Green Alien Bikini

3. Emoticon Swim Shorts

4. Pizza Bikini

5. Trump Bikini

6. Weed Swim Shorts

7. Paper Cup Bikini

8. Orange & Blue Camo Bikini

9. Taco Cat Swim Shorts

10. Mardi Gras Collage Bikini


Want to give it your own personal touch? Upload your artwork or original photos onto a top-quality bikini or swim shorts! Get started @

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