CoViD-19 Update and Special Announcement

CoViD-19 Update and Special Announcement

Posted by Chelsea Heidlebaugh on

CoViD-19 (Coronavirus) took the world by surprise and thousands have died due to the highly contagious airborne spread. All of our lives have impacted during this difficult time. 

The virus does not discriminate, so always take the proper precautions when going out in public or around family. If you are not showing symptoms, you still may be a carrier of the virus and can spread to others who have compromised immune systems.

Here are some best practices to protect yourself and stop the spread:

  • Clean your hands often and for 20-30 seconds with warm/hot water
  • Don’t touch your face
  • WEAR A FACE MASK, Goggles, gloves
  • Avoid close contact (social distancing)
  • Stay home if you’re sick (quarantine yourself in a room)
  • Cover coughs and sneezes (use a tissue or your arm)
  • Clean and disinfect
  • Stay Home in general (you may be asymptomatic)

  • Due to this pandemic, the RageOn! Team has worked extremely hard to bring something truly special to the public. Customizable Face Masks! Wearing ANYTHING on your face helps decrease the chance of spreading or getting this awful virus CoViD-19.


    The Kitten No One Loved Face Mask

    Blackout Face Mask

    Oil Spill Face Mask

    These customizable face masks are now available on our web builder to sell or buy.

    Big reasons why wearing a face mask will help save lives:

    If you have CoViD-19, are asymptomatic, or sick in general, it WILL HELP mitigate the amount of your droplets from reaching others nasal and mouth passages, it WILL HELP mitigate the amount of other droplets from reaching your nasal and mouth passages, and it WILL HELP by causing you to touch your face less. Touching your face is one of the easiest ways to bring the virus into your body through your nose and mouth. 

    These masks are also great for pet allergens, dusty environments, and Other environments that require Respiratory Protection. Made from polyester blend material and sublimated print. These face masks serve as an easy to wear protective layer and designed for comfort.


    This practice has been proven time and time again to work and stop the spread of many illnesses.


    I Just Need Some Space Face Mask

    Tentacle Face Mask

    Skulls and Flowers Face Mask  

    Customize Your Own!

    Notable Quotes:

    “the CDC is reportedly contemplating a change in guidance, and many public-health experts have already pivoted. “I went with the public-health message at the beginning: People don’t need masks,” Marr said. “But I’ve changed because of the mounting evidence that it does seem to be spreading through the air.“

    “A few studies suggest that homemade cloth masks are less effective than proper medical ones, but are still better than nothing . In one experiment , a surgical mask filtered 89 percent of viral particles from the air, a tea towel blocked 72 percent, and a cotton T-shirt blocked 50 percent.* In general, thicker materials are better than thinner ones,”  

    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ **This face mask is NOT 100% preventative, no mask is, and it’s NOT FDA approved, intended to be a surgical mask or medical respirator. DO NOT GO AROUND PEOPLE UNLESS IT’S AN EMERGENCY, please social distance yourself, and use this mask in a worst case scenario of having no other alternatives, or simply enjoy this mask as a fashion product post CoViD-19! Remember, this mask IS better than nothing - so please wear one to help save lives if there is nothing else better available**

    Extra Face Mask Tips: 

    -Wash your mask daily if worn in public places like the grocery store
    -Add an extra layer of fabric or tissue. The more layers the better. 

    Other great tips on mitigating CoViD-19 are located here:
    (mitigating the transfer of CoViD-19 - basic things like social distancing, washing hands, etc.)

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    • I’m going to rage on you lye, no way you are saving life’s your face masks are sewn backwards and are ready coming apart just in shipping. Someone needs to contact the Ohio attorney general about this rip off business. It goes back to ancient times … if your parents where crooks you are a crook and kids are going to be crooks.

      RIchard McMaster on

    • Wow what rip off. The masks are sewn the wrong way, the face is sideways, what a ripoff,got screwed, over price, low quality, no way to contact, this sucks, looks like Covid-19 is a good way for them to …. you.

      RIchard McMaster on

    • Disposable isolation gown, disposable protective gown and disposable surgical gown are commonly used personal protective equipment in hospitals. The world is now facing Covid-19 problem, it’s very contagious .Still now there is no vaccine invented yet. So, we need careful attitude. For this carefulness we need protective equipment. Try our best isolation gown in this situation.

      Ronald I Bremer on

    • New information is emerging every day on how the new coronavirus spreads and the best ways to protect against COVID-19. The most effective protections include washing your hands frequently with soap and water and practicing physical distancing. However, wearing cloth face masks or coverings in public when physical distancing can’t be observed does offer protection against spread of COVID-19. face shield canada

      Ronald I Bremer on

    • I got several customized masks which were great. They took quite a while to get here but I figured with everything going on and being customized it was understandable. One I got though didn’t have the black elastic like it shows in the pics and the elastic was really long/loose unlike the other masks I received. That it went over the head was not the reason for the length as when I put on how it shows their was a large amount of loose elastic at my neck and I have a pretty large head. That it went over the head was also kinda weird and I was not expecting that when I ordered it. I was more disappointed by the wrong color elastic than the length as the length is easy with a quick stitch. Another one I got custom I had put writing on the design using their custom builder. I’m very particular and I made sure when I had the writing put on as I was designing it that the wording fit within their parameters. When I got it part of the wording was sewn into the edging. I mean you can still kinda get what it’s saying since it’s a well know quote but it was disappointing. I would think someone making it or looking at it would see that and fix it while in the process of making it. It was only off by like half an inch to an inch. It could have been adjusted and not thrown off the rest of the mask I think. As previously stated I am particular so I was sure it aligned with their template before submitting it for order. I really like that I can custom design and I might get more depending on the pandemic and how long it lasts but I guess next time I’ll just have to assume the amount of space is less than it shows it to be.

      Emily on

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