Face Mask Collabs!

Face Mask Collabs!

Posted by Chelsea Heidlebaugh on

RageOn! has teamed up with multiple influencers to help spread the word on the importance of wearing masks during this pandemic! 

Our goal is to Stop the Spread and Save Lives with our massive collection of incredible face mask designs, where everybody can find a mask they feel comfortable wearing daily. 

Check out these video collabs and let us know what you think in the comments! Much more to come!






Due to this pandemic, the RageOn! team has worked extremely hard to bring something truly special to the public -- Customizable Face Masks! CDC says wearing ANYTHING on your face helps decrease the chance of spreading or getting this awful virus CoViD-19.

These masks are also great for pet allergens, dusty environments, and Other environments that require Respiratory Protection. Made from polyester blend material and sublimated print. These face masks serve as an easy to wear protective layer and designed for comfort. 


This practice has been proven time and time again to work and stop the spread of many illnesses.




Tutorial on how to create your own

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