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In this era, to make your brand successful and create a name and market for it worldwide, you need a strong social media marketing strategy.  The most prominent social media platform for marketing is Facebook. Facebook offers business a huge platform to reach a huge mass of prospective consumers, and to keep in direct contact with them.

With Facebook Pixel, it is even easier for businesses to successfully carry out campaigns and reach strategic goals. The elements of Facebook Advertising are divided into three subcategories, which collectively work together to bring the most benefit to you. Here are the three components that you can utilize for your business.


1)    Campaign:

The first step that you should take is to set clear objectives (on the campaign level) on what you plan to achieve. Therefore this step consists of you selecting the main objective of your campaign’s structure.

For example, if you want to find out the impact of sales then choose the objective of website conversion. If your main aim is gathering the most likes, choose the objective of page likes, and more.

This option gives you the liberty to choose whichever of the objectives is most important for your business, and choose them as a priority throughout the entire campaign, making it more organized and comprehensive for you to analyze results.

If you are utilizing the Facebook Pixel and want to maximize on sales, we would recommend your first step to be to set your objective to “Conversions”.

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2)    Ad Set:

Once you have set your objectives, then comes the campaign component where you select the main target audience of your campaign, demographics, platforms etc.

In ad sets, you get the option to divide your campaign into various segments, which enable you to target various different groups with different specifications. You can allocate different budgets for the various ad sets.

You get to choose the age groups, gender, location, and along with that you also get to choose whether you want your ad set to appear on mobile or desktop, and so much more.

For example, you can create various ad sets targeting different audiences - like Email Subscribers, Facebook Fans, People not Connected and more - and use different budgets and strategies for them. This also makes it extremely easy to analyze the results and A/B test since it gives results in a very organized manner.

3)    Ads:

This last component is where you actually create the content you are going to market your campaign with. This is essentially the advertisement with various creatives which will appear in your target audience’s news feed.

With ads, you have a huge opportunity to creatively design content perfect for A/B testing what creative works best for your audience. However, while customization is a great tool, don’t forget to stay on the same theme across your creatives  to maintain a levelled brand image.

In conclusion, with Facebook Advertising, the choices of customization are endless and with some creative thinking you can successfully carry out a huge marketing strategy which works to perfectly attract a huge number of prospective customers. Enjoy and good luck!

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