Congrats to the winner of our Valentine's Day Design Contest!

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We’re excited to announce that the winner of RageOn's Valentine's Day Design Contest is...



Congratulations on creating this super cute winning design: Dreamy Pizza Cutepid Cat T-Shirt! This adorable sweater was the #1 most popular design with the #RageOnVDayContest hashtag on our Community Favorites in the last 30 Days

Prizes for this contest included: 

  • $150 Gift Card
  • Blog Interview
  • Homepage product placement for a week
  • Featured spot on our contest page

We checked in with the winner for a special interview and to hear the back story of their relationship with RageOn: 

* * * 

Give us some info on who you are! 

CatLife is a collaborating team headed up by designer Abel Cabral from Florida, USA of  @TheCreamPriest and programmer/marketer Peter Craig from SA, Australia of @ThisOnAShirt along with a growing team of other designers, collaborators and marketers from the ThisOnAShirt and extended communities.


What made you want to create an entire brand devoted to cats? 

CatLife formed originally and exclusively on RageOn simply from a comment posted by Abel of @TheCreamPriest asking “does anyone have any tips to make sales?”. Peter of @ThisOnAShirt responded with an avalanche of private messages and over the next few weeks of emails, messages, advice and ideas across opposite time zones, the pair mutually agreed to head up a team built atop the already established ThisOnAShirt community of users to contribute to a new RageOn store.

We shortlisted a handful of our own favourite topics we shared interest in or felt the RageOn audience would appreciate most and settled on “cats” and “playing card designs”. Hence the @AllCats and @Cards accounts were born - AllCats later being changed to the CatLife we know today!


Where do you find inspiration for new designs? 

We draw inspiration from our mutual interests, past proven successes and following trends.

Mutual Interests: Our mutual interests lie along the lines of outrageous, borderline offensive, pop culture parody - so a lot of our ideas stem from brainstorming various combinations of each until we all agree on an idea we simply can’t stop thinking about or just have to see on a product.

Past Proven Success: knowing what designs have been proven to popular or sells well from our own catalogue of successful products across the ThisOnAShirt community, helps us create unique variations or commission those designs directly. We also consider variations of our own designs when they show success within RageOn.

Following Trends: we often aim to apply an original spin on what’s trending within RageOn, for example, our successful “Cat Fight” design paying homage to RageOn’s popular “Thundercat” with an added “Rocky” parody and our “Ahegao cat collage” which parodies the popular Manga/Anime design.


Tell us about the cats in your real life. :) 

Peter owns a family cat called “Cfor” (C for cat), it has the unique trait of not having a tail, having been docked by the vet after a near fatal car accident. Other team members are actually mostly dog lovers.


How do you know when a CatLife design is complete? 

Some designs come together without much discussion and are posted with the confidence it’s complete. Others have taken up to weeks of negotiating, variations and tweaking until everyone is happy it’s as good as we’re able to make it. Then there are still a select few still in production, not yet refined enough to feel confident releasing just yet.

Designs usually go through an array of steps; brainstorming the idea, researching elements already available to us, setting up various mock-ups/candidates, reworking low-resolution assets into the highest resolutions available for best quality prints across all products, review and “product testing”. Before completion, designs are often shown to handfuls of test audiences (family, friends, and other collaborators) to determine first impressions, saleability, or suggestions for improvement.


What are your favorite things about RageOn

RageOn provides a platform for designers an entrepreneurs to be able to quickly produce a range of products from their designs, along with benefiting from various commissions that rival other services and some not available elsewhere – earning a reasonable commission for sales of individual designs, commissions for affiliate and referral sales and commissions for simply supporting other designs via Super Likes. 

There are numerous platforms and services for creating and selling products and designs, but RageOn has so far proven to be a stand-out with its extremely addictive community quality, following other stores and designs as a print-on-demand social network of sorts – it’s this addictive aspect that continues to draw us back to the platform daily that stands as our favourite aspect of RageOn.


Do you have any advice for other RageOn creators? 

Starting out can be tough and slow at first, but keep consistent and persistent, reach out to other users with positive feedback and support for their work and consider teaming up with other users that suit your style and interest. Collaboration has proven so far to be satisfying in reaching a greater end goal that could have been achieved individually, along with producing quality designs and ideas that expand beyond our own style.


What other RageOn stores do you enjoy following? 

There tends to be a strong mutual respect for and friendly rivalry between other collaboration groups that we enjoy seeing contributions from – their continued collaboration, support and teamwork is highly commendable; @Collaborations, @OrgyByDesign, @Parody, @BigTexFunkadelic, @MarkyMark123, @Mashups, @DreadPirateRoberts among others.

 We’re also pretty big fans of the styles posted by @Geometric and @RagePatterns and also enjoy seeing the continued success of @Mongrel’s hentai collages.


Which design from the CatLife brand is your favorite? 

Thundercat Cat Fight Champion” is our best-seller and our overall favourite design, for its combination of outrageous style, based on a parody of “Rocky” and “Muhammad Ali” and for its simplicity.

Ahegao cat collage” is a close runner-up for its combination of parody, original idea and effort to make.


Where can people find your work? 


Thank you to CatLife for sharing their story and a big thank you to all of the artist who participated! Were you one of the many creators hoping to win this contest? Don't sweat it- we're always offering new ways to win exclusive merch, discounts, and other prizes. Stay tuned for updates! 

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