Do Your Part for Change!

Do Your Part for Change!

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We Stand with the Black Community.
For Equality, Justice, and Peace.


It is easier than ever to donate to a cause or support your fellow man through the use of technology. When terrible things happen there are resources out there that will help whoever is directly impacted. Now is the time to sign petitions, donate, text, and call to help bring justice and a call for police reform. Also, make sure to go out and VOTE! Together we can bring long lasting change to America. 

Take Action BELOW!


Justice for George Floyd

Demand justice for George Floyd

#JusticeforFloyd: Demand the officers who killed George Floyd are charged with murder.


-Text “JUSTICE” To 668366

-Text “FLOYD” To 55156

-Get in contact with the District Attorney and Minneapolis Mayor. Leave a message for them DEMANDING that 4 officers including Derek Chauvin (Badge #1087) and Tou Thao (Badge #7162) be arrested for the Murder of George Floyd. (Info Below)

- (612) 673-2100: Minneapolis District Attorney, Mike Freeman.

- (612) 348-5550 or email:

- 612-673-3074: Internal Affairs Number



Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

George Floyd’s Daughter’s Fund

Reclaim the Block 

Take a look at our powerful collection featuring designs from our community of artists and creators. We will be making a donation of 10% of the profits made from the collection. 

Black Lives Matter Face Mask


PRO BLK 24-7 365 T-Shirt


Racism Stops with Me Face Mask

Black Lives Matter Love All Fist T-Shirt

I Am George- BLM George Floyd Memorial Tribute Hoodie



I Have a Dream that Black Lives Matter T-Shirt


I Cant Breathe face Mask


Black Lives Matter T-Shirt

Please forward your confirmation email and order number to in order for us to make the donation!

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