7 Tips That Make You Money During Holidays

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Special events play an important role with individuals and society. Aside from the impact holidays have on people and families, it also acts as a huge demand generator - especially POD goods.

POD or Print on demand goods refers to all kinds of products which are made to order. They range from T-Shirts, Duvet Covers, Shoes, and everything in between. This industry is forecasted to reach $31.63 billion by 2021 in terms of its market size.

Here are some of the biggest (and upcoming) events of the year, and how they impact demand of various products:

1) President’s Day - Feb 19th

There are many sales on President’s Day, as well as specially customized merchandise, like t-shirts, cushions, mugs featuring previous presidents, US Flag etc. President’s Day weekend offers a huge opportunity for producers. Make the most of this weekend by hosting President’s Day sales, and by adopting marketing tactics to create a hype for your products for the upcoming holiday weekend.

Bonus tip: Create a blog post with unexpected or weird historical facts about former presidents. Make the sure the headline is enticing. Include your products inside the article.

2) St. Patrick’s Day - Mar 17th

The theme of St. Patrick’s Day revolves around the color green. There is a huge demand for POD goods during St. Patrick’s Day. These include personalized apparel, Shamrock customized blessing merchandise, and a lot of various gift items with Leprechauns on it.

Host events and competitions like a ‘lucky’ contest to attract customers during this holiday, as well as deals and discounts on green items and various social media competitions.

Bonus Tip: Word shirts are big on this holiday. Capitalize on the demand for drunken irish puns with wacky text based designs people can wear at the bar.  

3) Memorial Day - May 28th

Many people celebrating Memorial Day by wearing personalized shirts honoring the soldiers who gave up their lives for the safety of civilians.

Celebrate the Memorial Day weekend with week-long sales, and honor the veterans with your customers by redecorating your store/online pages with a Memorial Day theme.

Bonus Tip: Online shoppers have started looking for deals on this weekend, so consider throwing a “Memorial Day Warehouse Sale” or even a sale on Tank Tops for summer.

4) Independence Day - July 4th

The Fourth of July or Independence Day is a fun holiday with a lot of marketing prospects for various sellers of Fourth of July items.

Promote your items this Fourth of July by creating patriotic themed products, list them on your store, and offer a large sale.

Bonus Tip: Celebrate with a “Summer Clearance Sale” or if possible, offer discounts on shipping inside the U.S. only.

5) Halloween - Oct 31st

Everyone celebrating Halloween spends the time leading up to this holiday searching for the perfect customized costume for themselves. Publicize your products on Halloween by creating fun contests and designs before the holiday to create a hype.

Bonus Tip: Halloween is a very fun and hands on holiday. Create a promo video for your halloween contest or costume collection to really boost engagement on social media.

6) Black Friday - Nov 23rd

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are one of the most anticipated events of the years, every customer is looking for the biggest bargains, and all the retailers are going out of their ways to create the best deal for them.

Start promoting your Black Friday deals with your best products beforehand so that the customers already know what you will be offering, and they will be more receptive towards your deals. Offer the most cutting-edge deals with an ease of access, like online sales to attract customers.

Bonus Tip: Use language like “Doorbuster” and “Flash Sale” to create limited time offers that promote urgency. If your Black Friday sale is 40% off everything, then your Doorbuster should be 50% off or higher.

7) Christmas - Dec 25th

People now prefer to give personalized gifts to their loved ones at Christmas. This ranges from anything from custom printed socks, or various custom gift items like Ugly Christmas Sweaters, bundles and more, specified according to their needs.

Christmas creates a huge once in a year, seasonal demand for Christmas related items, especially for customized items. Make special Christmas only deals and bundles with your brand’s most anticipated Christmas items, and celebrate Christmas with your customers by actively interacting with them on social media.

Bonus Tip: Creating a Holiday gift guide is great for SEO and will compel customers to reimagine your products as the perfect Christmas presents for loved ones.  Let's say your brand features cat designs. One easy way to create a gift guide is writing a blogpost titled "12 Great Gifts For Cat Lovers in 2017".

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