5 Easy Ways To Increase Conversions for Black Friday / Cyber Monday!

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You have less than 10 days until Black Friday! It's important to make sure that both your RageOn store and your socials are optimized to convert the most sales. Here are 5 simple things that you can do to prepare:
1. Update your Product Titles & Product Descriptions to be SEO-friendly. 
By doing this, you are optimizing your products for search. This means that when customers type certain keywords or phrases on the search bar on RageOn or on Google, you will have a higher chance to populating first if your products have relevant keywords in them. Read more about SEO here.
2. Create or update your store description.
You want your customer to know a little bit about you, your designs, and your story. By building a story, you can create a more personal connection with your potential customers. They want to know who they are buying from! Tell them who you are, where you're from, and what inspired your brand / art / designs. 
3. Place your store URL in the bio's of your Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
This will make it easy for your fans to access your store if they want to make a purchase!
Your store URL is formatted like this: YourUsername.RageOn.com
(Example: LetsRage.RageOn.com)
You should include that URL in the About Me or Bio section on all of your social media profiles - the most important ones being: Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
4. Use "Swipe Up" links in your Instagram stories.
When you make Instagram story posts, make sure to include your store URL link for customers to swipe up on! They may seem underrated, but Instagram stories have the most engagement from users. If you're feeling fancy, try placing some Facebook ads on your Instagram stories (or posts) to increase conversions!
5. Tag @RageOnOfficial on Instagram and @RageOn on Facebook.
If you tag us in your posts (both in the copy and in the image), you will automatically be guaranteed more impressions. #1 - Your post will show in our tagged images so anyone looking at our tagged images will see your post. #2 - RageOn will receive a notification that you tagged us, and more likely than not, we will like and share your post - which will also increase your impressions.
By implementing these simple tips, you are basically guaranteed to see an increase in conversions over Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Have any more proven tips, tricks, or other advice that you'd like to share with our community? Make a post in our Facebook Group here!

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