3 Effective Marketing Tactics for Mother's Day

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mother's day marketing strategies

It’s finally May. The sun is shining and the flowers are blooming, and it is almost time to celebrate the most important women in your life!

For brands and retailers, it is an opportunity to increase profits with key Mother’s Day marketing tactics! According to the National Retail Federation, Mother’s Day is the third highest grossing seasonal event in the United States. Mother’s Day is also much larger than Father’s Day because gifts for mom typically tend to cost more. It is also a known fact (but not surprising) that most Mother’s Day shoppers wait until the last minute to shop for gifts!

This means that it is perfect timing for you to start marketing for Mother’s Day. Here are some strategies that you can put into use this Mother’s Day:

 1. PPC Campaigns

If you have the budget, pay-per-click campaigns become especially useful the week leading up to Mother’s Day because all of the last minute shoppers frantically scouring the internet for gifts for mom. Remember to include keywords that target stepmoms, aunts, grandmothers, wives, sisters, and daughters.

 2. Social Media

Pinterest becomes especially important around Mother’s Day due to consumers looking for shopping or DIY inspiration for a unique gift for mom. This is key for brands that are not normally geared towards the Mother’s Day crowd.

Also - Remember that with RageOn, you can create custom Mother’s Day-inspired designs and post them across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. to generate sales!

3. Facebook & Instagram Advertising Campaigns

Facebook and Instagram are great outlets for targeting specific demographics that you believe will purchase your products, and for targeting custom audiences. You can upload a list of your past purchasers onto Facebook Audiences and create a lookalike audience from them in order to find consumers with the highest chance of converting on your store. You can also try some interest based targeting once you understand your ideal customer profile and demographic.


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