18 Trending Products To Sell In 2018

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It's an exciting time to be RageOn seller! Our team is constantly thinking of new ways to take your Shopify stores to the next level. That's why our RageOn Connect featured gallery is regularly upgraded with the latest top-performing brands and products.  

We've put together a list of 18 trending products sellers can now sync and use to maximize sales in 2018. 

There's a little something for every online retailer no matter who your audience is! 

1. Tupac T-Shirt

For when your store ain't nothing but a gangsta party. 

2. Paper Cup Swim Shorts

Our top-selling swim wear design with a retro 90's aesthetic. 

3. Fresh Paint Crewneck Sweatshirt

Artist Yoka Honda brings us this colorful throwback to the 80s. 

4. Prison Mike T-Shirt

"Don't drop the soap! Don't drop the soap!"

5. Taco Cat Tank Top

For customers with cravings for cuteness- in space! 

6. Mermaid Sweatshirt

One of many Hello Kitty products available in our Featured Gallery! 

7. Ableton T-Shirt 

Calling all bedroom DJs, producers, and musicians!

8. Surprised Cats Ankle Socks

Cat lovers are a massive market- but seriously, who could resist these?  

9. Red Star Trip Tree Zip-Up Hoodie

The perfect trippy addition to any raver's wardrobe. 

10. KISS Discography T-Shirt

Something your audience will want to rock all day.  

11. Pizza Fleece Blanket

Our cozy solution to a night in with the munchies. 

12. Wizard of Paws T-Shirt

We're off to see the wizard- in a feline loving twist!

13. Artistic Bomb Tank Top

Surreal and vibrant, this piece will blow minds before they buy.  

14. Orange & Blue Camo Bikini

One of many colorful bikinis that will knock em' dead this summer. 

15. Say Perhaps To Drugs T-Shirt

Specially designed with a sick sense of humor in mind. 


16. The Kitten No One Loved Tank Top

Death and destruction have never looked this good. 

17. Bespin Leggings

Ensured to give your lady shoppers something out of this world. 

18. In Pizza We Crust T-Shirt

All hail the might slice, may it forever arrive at your doorstep. 

Sync any of these high-quality designs from popular artists and licenses right to your Shopify store by visiting Connect.RageOn.com

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