Extra! Extra! SnapShirt turns photos into all-over-print clothing!

Posted by Juan Caminero on

When Rage On launched a Kickstarter for our new mobile app SnapShirt, we were amazed by the overwhelming show of support from our awesome fans!

In less than a week, we’ve raised over 50% of our $50,000 goal!

PLUS, SnapShirt has started receiving a TON of press from places like BuzzFeed, US WeeklyJackThreads, ViralNovaAd Hoc NewsFashionWeekDaily, CrowdFundingPR, PixableDaily Dot, Astro AWANIStylecaster, OhMyGossipCreapillsTechminology, TheDishhIsoPixel, Bilgi Cagi and 36kr, one of the top ranking sites in China! SnapShirt even received a co-sign from iJustine, one of the most popular tech vloggers on the internet!

We can't thank you enough for backing this project! However, the battle isn't over just yet!

There's still a bunch of rewards left including custom T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweatshirts, Socks, HUGE deals on Rage On merchandise, and much, much, more.

Get access to AMAZING rewards when you Pledge $1 or more to support our Kickstarter here:  www.SnapShirt.com!


*UPDATE:  RageOn has phased out the SnapShirt app in favor of a new and improved custom creation tool, the RageOn app! Now anyone can create photo-realistic all-over-print clothing to sell and earn cash! Download this new app here: http://ss1.us/a/8c8sM6nm 

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