5 Effective Marketing Tools For Promoting Your RageOn Store

Posted by Juan Caminero on

As a RageOn user, your success is important to us! Here's a few weapons that you can use to increase sales and raise awareness about your RageOn store! 

Mail Chimp

MailChimp is an email marketing platform that's easy to use and directly integrates with Shopify. The drag and drop interface means you won't need to be an experienced coder. Just add emails to your list and start re-engaging. 

You can even use Mailchimp to automate your cart abandonment emails to re-engage and capture those potentially lost customer!



Hootsuite allows you to manage multiple social media accounts (up to 3 on the free version) all from one place. Our favorite features include analytics, scheduling, and free social media courses. It even integrates with MailChimp! 


Facebook Ads

With the right guidance, Facebook Ads can become the bread and butter of your marketing campaign. The Ads Manager allows you to pick a budget, filter demographics, and target users with specific interests related to your products. You'll need to do a bit of research but this is a sure fire way to generate leads. 

Don't forget to use Dynamic Ads to retarget customers that previously visited your Shopify store to get them to buy (again)!



While Photoshop is the industry standard, Canva provides marketers with zero design background the ability to create simple professional looking graphics. This free software features templates for social media, newsletters, and more! 



Bitly is a handy tool that shortens, brands and optimizes your links across the web. You'll have the ability to view individual link analytics, gather audience intelligence, and measure campaign performance all in one location.

Woo-hoo! You're all set.

All of these tools will make a huge impact on the results of your online marketing. Keep testing, keep pushing, and track your growth!

Let's get started!

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Easy Bulk Pricing is HERE!

Posted by Cindy Le on

Ordering in Bulk is now easier than ever!

We're proud to announce our new BULK ORDERING feature. Whether you're ordering for a bachelor or bachelorette party, to resell in your brick and mortar store, or for a n event, RageOn has enabled easy bulk ordering that you can do yourself!

Add more to your cart and receive an automatic discount based upon your quantity. Here's how to get started:

1. Go to any product page. Click "Order in Bulk?"

bulk t-shirts


2. Add the quantities that you want to your cart and the bulk discounts will automatically be applied to your order amount. See your savings add up!


bulk pricing rageon


3. Add to your cart and checkout!


bulk custom t-shirts


4. Have the coolest crew out there rocking premium all-over-print products!

bulk goals

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Give a Professional Athlete Startup Advice!

Posted by Mike Krilivsky on

Give a Professional Athlete Startup Advice!

Bryan Jasmin, a professional athlete, reached out for advice on his startup idea.

I really enjoy giving back the knowledge that has enabled me to build a multi-million dollar business with 450,000+ users, raise millions of dollars in financing, and empower people in 118 countries to make millions of dollars for themselves by creating new and incredible products easily! :)

I’ve recently been asked to be a Mentor @ Alchemist Accelerator and I want to make sure that I can give the best possible advice back to entrepreneurs. I dedicated some time to listen, ask questions, and then give feedback to Bryan. Please feel free to comment with any ideas on what I could do better or anything in general.


Thank you!

Mike Krilivsky


Hey Bryan,

It was awesome speaking with you and learning more about you today. I hope our talk was enlightening and that you’re more knowledgeable and excited now than before we talked!

My understanding is that you have an idea - An app - “Uber for Personal Training.” You’re an experienced, professional athlete, know a problem that exists, have an idea of how to fix it with app technology, and want advice on next steps. However, you do not have the technical skills to build it, only the product knowledge, experience, and passion for the space and idea. Here’s some ideas on where to start:

Step 1. Market Research

Research ALL the potential competitors on iOS, Android, and Web. Fully learn the market! Do not skimp on this step! The more you know, the smarter you can plan your future!

Step 2. Make a Decision

  1. Your idea doesn’t exist, and you think you have an “unfair competitive advantage,” then go for it!
  2. Your idea does exist, don’t go for it and think of another idea :)
  3. Your idea kind of exists, so you have to analyze and make a decision
    1. Maybe you build a different and better version of what exists?
    2. Maybe you team up with an existing company and get in early so you can make a significant impact?
    3. Maybe you decide not to do it because too many others are doing it and they have better resources than you do at the moment
    4. Think deeply about your “unfair competitive advantage” and make sure that it can’t easily be replicated

Additional Knowledge

Companies are usually 1 of 2 formats:

  1. Solo Founder - Facebook - Mark Zuckerberg - Product Vision AND Technical ability to build his product
  2. Dual or More: Apple - (Product Vision / Sales ) Steve Jobs CEO & Co-founder / (Technical / Builder) CTO & Co-founder Steve Wozniak

You’ll need to think about getting your “Steve Wozniak” or joining a team that may have 1 or both of the players that you need.

Remember, the world needs more great early employees! You may be able to find a company that’s already doing your idea or something similar and you may have the opportunity join a company that already has a "Steve and Steve" and be totally happy! That’s for you to think through!

24/7 Mentality

Great founders enjoy living and breathing their business. You’ll have to make many personal sacrifices that ordinary people think are insane and don’t want to make. Make sure that you’re mentally, economically, and physically ready for something like that.


  • You might want to think of giving up to a significant percentage of equity to a “CTO & Cofounder” at an early stage if you truly need the other person to build what your company will be
  • Market rate for good/great full time developers/engineers: (junior) $60k-$90k, (mid) $80k-$120k, (senior) $100k -$200k / yr (or more) + equity
  • Bigger companies will give $250k-$1m / yr packages to great engineers

If you have a small amount of money $20k-$50k, you might be able to start someone or a web contracting company, but beware of lesser expensive options because they could build bad code that may not be “tweakable” or scalable and may only work with a pre-defined scope.

Great Movies to Watch

Startup Incubators

Advisor or Mentor

Get an advisor or mentor in your area that enjoys your idea! Some may be willing to help you for free, some may want a small % of equity to give you their time and expertise. I have several and they are typically compensated with equity. Alternatively, if you are able to land solid investors, you can develop good relationships with your investors and they can become good advisors.

Marketplaces are tough!

They are 2 sided - sellers and buyers, think about both - always understand that getting enough supply and demand is one of the biggest struggles when building a marketplace! 


Resoltz - fitness platform - Eugene / Guy, if you want intro, let me know.

If you get a budget and want to be introduced to engineers, I can make a couple of intros

Bryan Jasmin Merchandise!

Let’s talk about this -

Let me know if there is any way I can help you build awesome merchandise for you, your friends, or other professional athletes!


I hope this was helpful Bryan! Please keep me in the loop on what you end up doing! Feedback along the way will help me learn how I can help other entrepreneurs best! Enjoy!

Kind Regards,


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$20 and Under Accessories!

Posted by Juan Caminero on

RageOn is known for the quality of our all-over-print clothing and home goods, but this year we're dishing out a huge selection of eye-catching accessories that will give your look it's final touch.

Shop through our Fleek Market collection to find necklaces, hats, masks, rings, bags, phone cases, and more as low as $20 and under! Whether you're looking for something simple to compliment your Pizza Dress or trying to find a statement piece that can't go unnoticed, chances are we've got something for you. 

Collect these badass Animal Ski Masks and pass them out to the whole squad. Not ferocious enough for you? Try on one of our Exotic Animal Face Ski Masks and unleash your inner beast. (Just don't rob a bank or anything, seriously.) 

With warm weather around the corner, it's about time you give the sun something to shine on! Ice out any outfit with these creative gold and silver jewelry pieces. A little bit of bling goes a long way, and plus who can resist a little this little sloth guy. 
Like what you see? Start marking cash promoting RageOn products like these when you join our brand new Affiliate program! Share any product and make 15% commission on anyone who clicks on your link and purchases an item within 30 days.
All of these high-quality accessories are available now and the perfect compliment for your brand new RageOn gear. Feeling creative? Take your fashion game one step further and design your own custom clothing using the RageOn app or Web Creator!
Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more! :) 

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RageOn's Affiliate Program is HERE!

Posted by Juan Caminero on

Share ANY product. Make 15% commission of every sale.

RageOn has some exciting news! We've rolled out a brand new Affiliate Program that will allow anyone to earn $$$ just by sharing! Here's how to get started: 

1. Create An Account

All you'll need to get started is a RageOn account! Sign up or Log in here to receive your unique affiliate code and start tracking sales on your dashboard. 

2. Share Your Link

When you become a RageOn Affiliate, we will automatically generate links that are unique to you on each product page. Share any product to your socials, email, text - literally anywhere to find people to purchase the products you promote.

3. Earn 15%

You'll earn 15% commission on any purchase that comes through your link within 30 days. If someone clicks on your link and doesn't purchase at first, you will still get credit for the purchase if they come back to RageOn later. Little effort, big reward!


Share from any product page!

Once logged in, share using the Social sharing options on each product page, or copy and past the link. Example:


Add "?aff=YOUR-CODE" (unless the url already contains a "?", then add "&aff=YOUR-CODE" instead) to any url to create your affiliate link. You make 15% of anything someone purchases that comes through your link within 30 days.

Monitoring your Affiliate Sales is simple!

On your dashboard, under Transactions, there is an “Affiliate” section where you can track all sales that come through your affiliate links. You can cash out via PayPal in your profile once your earnings are greater than $50 and it's been more than 30 days.

Were you a member of our previous Sponsored Brand Rep program? No problem! 

We are transitioning all of our RageOn Sponsored Brand Reps to be RageOn Affiliates. This means that we will no longer be using Refersion to track any sales. There will be no need for exclusive discount codes, because now you’ll have unique product URL’s! All sales will be tracked through the RageOn dashboard. You will now be able to grab live discount codes from our newsletters or social media and your fans can use them too! Unlike our previous program, this allows affiliates to benefit from all of RageOn's huge storewide sales and promotional offers. 

Let's do this!

If you have any questions regarding the Affiliate Program or the best ways to market your link on social media, you can always send an email to for assistance. We've worked hard to make this program straight forward and easy to use, but we're never too busy to answer questions or hear your feedback! 

As a final note, we would like to thank each and every member of the RageOn family for supporting us in this exciting new project! This Affiliate program is a giant step in a new direction that we hope will empower creators and give our fans more amazing opportunities to earn cash and spread some RageOn love. :) 

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Custom T-Shirts + St.Patty's Day Swag!!!

Posted by Juan Caminero on

Every St.Patrick's Day our nation gathers in the streets to parade, drink, and eat corn beef! During all the bar hopping madness, it's common practice to lose a friend or two in a sea of green - but who cares! You'll be making friends all night with these brand new holiday inspired designs from RageOn. 

RageOn's St.Patty's Face in the Hole designs are now available on the RageOn iOS App and Web Custom Creator! Position the face of anyone you know onto a beer wielding Leprechaun or barmaid. These customizable all-over-prints are the perfect gift for the booze loving friend or family member in your life!

You'll have to act fast - these festive custom designs are only here for a limited time! 

Not feeling creative? Our world-class art team has you covered. Choose from any one of these pre-made all-over-prints that are guaranteed to turn heads on St.Patrick's Day! 



Whether you're looking for eye-catching festival clothing or original holiday designs that will stand out in a crowd, RageOn is your number one stop for the best quality all-over-print fashion the web has to offer. Our dye-sublimated gear is printed on premium fabric that will never crack, peel, or fade and we don't need the luck of the Irish to keep that guarantee!

Looking to save that gold you found at the end of the rainbow? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram to keep up with our exclusive flash deals, opportunities, and storewide sales. Send us a picture wearing your custom St. Patrick's Day Face in the hole T-Shirt and we'll blast it on social media! 

Thank you for reading and Happy St.Patrick's Day!!!  :) 


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Top Sellers' Secrets Revealed!

Posted by Juan Caminero on


Once you've created your own custom all-over-print brand with the RageOn app or Custom Creator, the next step will be learning how to properly market your designs and maximize profits! 

We've compiled a list of the most effective methods used by our top selling brands to generate healthier sales!

Here's a quick checklist that you can reference when getting your products ready: 

1. Actively sharing your designs on social media will be your greatest tool for promoting your store! Post fun and interesting content along with products in order to draw attention to your page. Include the link to your store inside all posts and social media bios. 

2. Make sure your images are properly aligned on the mock up before making a product live on your store. Be sure to carefully check your previews and adjust the file if necessary. Professional looking products are key and will help attract consistent purchasers. 

3. Be sure to offer a variety of products (T-Shirts, Pillows, Sweaters and more) in order to round out your product mix. You are automatically prompted to do this with each new product post. 

4. When you make a new design, tell people about it. The best way to get your first sale is to notify the people already familiar with your work.

5. Create a banner to give your brand an official look and feel users will gravitate to. If you have a website, be sure to link to your RageOn store or products. 

6. Before you say a word about your product, you have to know what you are selling. It's important to talk about the quality of RageOn clothing and know the answers to common questions related to shipping, fabric, and pricing. Visit our FAQ section to get a better idea of what customers want to know. 

7. If you really love RageOn's products, it will come across online. Being consistent with your marketing is essential for building trust with potential customers. Users who stay committed, post every day, and actively promote will earn the most sales. 

Thank you for reading and using the RageOn custom creator to make your creative visions come to life! We hope you find these tips useful in helping you boost sales and create an established brand in the RageOn community - and beyond! 

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The Best Geek Fashion of 2017

Posted by Juan Caminero on

A letter to the nerds of RageOn, 

We know the path to your heart. We know it's covered with sci-fi references, grease covered pizza boxes, and more anime than your wicked entertainment system can handle. We also know you love sharing your passions with the world. That's why we've put together a list of MUST-OWN all-over-prints that belong in every geek's closet. These premium quality designs are guaranteed to never crack, peel, or fade and that's no jedi mind trick. ;)

Shop through the collection below and find more things that go beep, boop, and bazinga on! 

1. Warrior 2187 T-Shirt

2. Protectors Zip-Up Hoodie

3. Pacman Ghost Tank Top

4. Cat Trooper T-Shirt

5. Hotline Miami Zip-Up Hoodie

6. Bubble Backpack

7. Trooper Split Sweatshirt


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Stickers are finally here!

Posted by Juan Caminero on

You can now add Stickers to your Custom Products! The ability to create custom T-Shirts, Tank Tops, Sweaters, and more is even more fun with these creative little decals. Download or Update your RageOn App for iOS to get this awesome new feature!

How To Use Stickers:

Once you upload an image, click the new and shiny "Add Sticker" button!


Click on any sticker to add it to your product.

Add as many stickers as you'd like! Tap to select a sticker to pinch/zoom/rotate/position.

Voila - you're done! You can now either post the product for sale or buy the product yourself! 

No iPhone? No Problem!

Custom Create on Web!

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Posted by Juan Caminero on

While the Patriots and Falcons throw down at Super Bowl LI, RageOn is dropping prices like a bad fumble! Whether you're looking for popular all-over-print fashion or getting creative with our custom creation tool, you'll be safe in the pocket!  

Save 30% OFF orders over $50 when you use the code: SUPER30


Collect these football inspired clothing designs and celebrate America's most popular pastime with discounted T-Shirts, Sweaters, Tank Tops, and MORE! 


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Bring in the Chinese New Year!

Posted by Juan Caminero on

RageOn is wishing you all a Happy Chinese New Year! 2017 is the year of the Rooster and we're cock-a-doo·dle-dooing big things just for you! 

For a limited time, you'll save $10 OFF our premium quality crewnecks when you use the code: ROOSTER 

Show us how you're celebrating by downloading the RageOn app and creating a custom Chinese New Year design! 

Here's a few epic all-over-prints inspired by the Chinese Holiday: 

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3 Reasons Drop Shipping Is The Best Way To Make Money Online

Posted by Juan Caminero on

Drop shipping has become a hot topic in business. An increasing number of people are looking toward working online and setting up an internet-based business. From crowdfunding, to blogs, to Amazon or Shopify, drop shipping currently offers one of the best ways to make some serious cash online.

What is drop shipping?

Drop shipping is a business fulfillment model whereby a customer orders a product from an online store (owned by you) and the original manufacturer fulfills this order.

With drop shipping, you never own any inventory. You just make the inventory available via an eCommerce store.

To understand how this works, think of an example:

When a customer finds your online store on the web, they might order a trendy computer gadget that you advertise. You could advertise this gadget at a price of $200, but it might only cost $150 for you to purchase it from the manufacturer.

When you buy from the supplier, the supplier ships the product directly to the customer.

In other words, you are acting as a middleman between the supplier and the customer, and you are earning a profit for this.

The profit is the difference between the price the customer pays you and the price you pay the supplier to fulfill the order.

Why is it a good business model?

There are many reasons that drop shipping is a lucrative business model that works.

Here are three of the most important:

1. Minimal initial investment.

This is one of the most fundamental advantages of running a drop shipping business.

If you wanted to start up your own computer gadget shop in your neighborhood, there’d be a lot of costs associated with it.

Rent and inventory are two of the prime expenses needed at the outset when opening a traditional retail outlet.

Since you don’t own the inventory in a drop-shipping business, you’re already reducing initial investment to almost zero.

And since you’re selling the product online, rent isn’t an issue. This is why absolutely anyone can start up a drop-shipping business.

Once the ball is rolling, you’d be surprised at how quickly you can earn a lot of money.

2. More emphasis on marketing.

Running your own physical business is a tough job. There’s lots of manual labor involved that loses valuable time you could spend on marketing. Since the entire order-fulfillment process can be automated, drop shipping offers a unique opportunity for business owners to focus on marketing their brand from the outset.

With less time spent stacking shelves and more time spent advertising your business and spreading the word, the profits will roll in faster than you ever expected.

3. Sell a broad range of products.

Traditional retailers are constrained in what they can sell by their individual budgets. With drop shipping, the fact that you never own any inventory means you can offer as many products for sale as you feel necessary.

The scope of products you can sell in a single drop shipping store is an order of magnitude much greater than in traditional retail. This allows you to tap into different niches and figure out which ones are the most profitable.

The opportunity to strike gold and offer an in-demand niche product is there. If this happens, you’ll soon be seeing dollar signs in your eyes.

So there you have it, three great reasons that drop shipping is one of the most popular ways to make money online today. So what are you waiting for? Get out there and read all you can about how to set up an online store.

Be careful, though. There are no free lunches in life – you’ll only succeed in the drop-shipping business if you put in the same level of hard work you would with any other form of business.

(via b2c)

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