In the United States, 

  • Flu kills 4k-60k / year
  • CoViD-19 killed 132k already, projected 200k by EOY
  • CoViD-19 is 3.3X-50X more deadly than the flu

As you can see, the Coronavirus is far more deadly than the flu. Therefore, we need to get rid this virus. 

How to Get Rid of CoViD-19
It's been proven that extreme measures across the board need to be implemented and executed upon in order for any of the measures to be effective. 

We've seen great results in countries that have had the discipline and execution to mitigate or stop CoViD-19 - stopping large gatherings, locking down non-essential places of business,enforcing face masks, implementing contact tracing, etc. 

US's segregated approach of some states participating and some not, has not been working. Implementing these measures in some states and not all is like a kid peeing on the right side of the pool and thinking it doesn't affect you in the middle of the pool... 

Kitten Face MaskSkull and Roses Face Mask

Hello United States of America!!! Being #1 in the world with death tolls due to CoViD-19 is a wake up call!

USA, please either:

Option A: BE UNITED: Have a serious lockdown for a solid 2 months and enforce masks for essential needs or

Option B: BE UNITED: and Don’t


Option A has proven to work with Germany, Taiwan, NZ, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Denmark, China, Japan, etc.

Option B has proven to have the most deaths in US and Brazil - ESPECIALLY pro-rata vs. any other country…

Additionally, Option B will spread CoViD-19 faster, as a result, more will die and the US people will have to be OK with that. The reason why some experts want to do this is that maybe the virus will run its course. However, maybe it won’t “run its course" and then maybe CoViD-19 stays around and then we are forced back into Option A.

I think the answer is clear: Option A - we need a united governance throughout the United States! Lockdowns must happen across the entire country!  


Wear anything to protect your face! At RageOn, we made it super easy for anyone to choose the most fun face mask to help mitigate the spread of CoViD-19! 

Simply visit: 

Or create your own face mask:

face mask


132k-137k deaths - &

More than 200k deaths -

Total deaths -

Which countries doing best -

How NZ beat CoViD-19 -

RageOn - face masks help save lives! -

Wearing a face mask can help save your live and someone else! -

 Face Masks

Face Masks


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How to Make Money with RageOn!

Posted by Chelsea Heidlebaugh on

Make Money while staying Fit and having Fun with your Dog!

What did you just read? Making money while staying fit and having fun with your dog. You would enjoy all three activities separately, but it sounds unreal to do all three at once!

Staying fit always costs a lot, doesn't it? But what if we tell you it's all possible in a few quick steps. Perhaps if you're good at it and have a good reach in social media, you can make money in no time!

RageOn makes it all possible. It is an eCommerce website where users can sell their images on a T-Shirt, sweatshirt, face mask, and so on. There are hundreds of product types to choose from on the RageOn! Product Builder. 

Once you upload your product, it will go live among the millions of custom printed designs on Whenever a user buys your design, you'll earn commission on it. Rageon takes care of the printing, delivery, and customer care.

All you have to do is upload the cutest picture and market it as much as you can. Of course, it helps if your friends look up to you on Instagram or you have 'fans' on TikTok.

But you can not earn the big bucks with the help of your adorable dog until jumping into how to make money on RageOn. Let's see how quickly you can register and start earning on RageOn!

How to Earn Money on RageOn?

While there are a variety of ways to make money with RageOn, the easiest of them is to sell your designs. You just have to upload an image that will look good on clothing, see how your design looks and upload the design to your store.

That's it; you're done! Now you'll earn a profit every time someone purchases your design. Here are the steps to register your product and start earning on RageOn:

  • Download the RageOn app for mobile or open website and sign up.
  • Select Profile Picture and username.
  • Choose a plan for your products. You can choose from the Free, Starter, Business, or Enterprise plan as per your reach as a creator. A different program will earn you varying amounts of profits. You can upgrade your plans on the go as your designs go viral.
  • Upload a catchy image or design and choose the product to print it on.
  • Post the design to sell and it will instantly go live on the site
  • Earn money every time someone purchases your design. Visit your account and see your total commission earned and all other sales data


People upload stories with their dogs on Snapchat and Instagram every day.

Dogs are cute, adorable, and it's hard to find someone who doesn't like them. Perhaps, if you have a dog, you probably have already used them to gain likes on social media at least once. People upload stories with their dogs on Snapchat and Instagram every day.

Now instead of finding pictures that fit best on a social post, you can sell unique images of your dog..

Your dog's pictures are unique for you and your dog. And that's what RageOn is about. It's sharing what you have with the world. It's an endless exchange system of creativity that will only grow and grow.

How can you stay fit while uploading pictures of your dog? Well, there is no need to find some far away place most of the time. The nearby garden or dog park will do the job. Do not forget to carry some fluid rich fruits such as watermelon and a water bottle for you and your adorable dog to prevent dehydration. Remember, your dog loves to go on a walk and play outdoors more than travelling in a car with you. 

So, get a backpack with a camera and some food, go on a walk with your dog and visit Dog Parks and Beaches to try some new photographic ideas. This will keep both of you healthy and will improve the bonding between you and your beloved companion as well.

After reaching your destination, Find an exotic background, keep the focus on your dog, and take breathtaking images. You can use your iPhone or a camera to capture some unforgettable moments. Whatever you do, make sure photos are in HD resolution.

Here are a few ideas to take your dog's image that will go viral on RageOn.

Best Places to take images of your dog


Dogs absolutely love water and vast uninterrupted land. And you know that you can capture the best photos of your dog when he's happy. Take a ball or other toys for your Dog to have fun while you capture it all. He will create the moment, and you'll capture it.

Dog Park

Any local dog park around you will come in handy to bring the playful behavior out of your dog. He'll interact well with other dogs in the nearby park if you already walk him there. 

Places with different backdrops

To make your photography day productive, choose places that have different backdrops. You can capture images exuding distinct vibes in a few hours. Choose a park or a ground near a riverside or an amusement park, among others.

Urban Wonderland

Places with paved roads, narrow alleyways, Graffiti sprayed walls, can give that contemporary vibe to your image. Therefore, vibrant contrasts only enhance the sheen of your design.


Of course, you'll find tens of different places apart from these in your neighborhood. Our recommendation is to choose an area within walking distance. This will help you burn calories and also sweat it out while you have fun.


Having your dog on the run will ensure your energy levels are high, and you can travel long distances without fatigue. Moreover, the money you might earn afterward will be enough motivation to walk those extra yards.


You'll also need to stand and crouch a lot while taking images. All this helps you stay fitter and grow stronger by the day. Still figuring out how to click photos that you can be proud to sell? Here are a few tips.


Tips for Capturing breathtaking pictures of your dog

Make your dog used to the camera

The shutter sound can scare your dog. You can either turn it off or click it a few times, pointing away from your dog. Pop him a little treat or pat him every time the shutter closes.

Timing is everything

The vibe you want to create with your picture should decide the timing of your photograph. You should take action photos at the start of the session when your dog is fresh. Clicking photos after the 3-mile walk will enhance a serene vibe.


Take lots of pictures

Clear your camera’s memory card at the start. Get ready to take hundreds of images out of which you'll find one or two designs ideal for your products.

Shoot in morning or evening

Avoid shooting in the afternoon as washed-out images never look good, no matter how good your dog's expression is, the lighting will wash everything out.

Get down on your dog's level

A common mistake people make while taking their dog's pictures is standing over their dog. Don't let your images disappear in the crowd. Sit on your knee and take photos on the eye to eye level for the best results.

It surely will take some time before you get the image that sells. Your best bet is to keep trying until you strike gold. Upload designs regularly, preferably every week.

It will not only increase your chances of earning; you'll stay fit. Undoubtedly, sessions with your dog are never not fun either. After clicking and uploading your best images, don't forget to market them.

Share your product links with friends, family, and followers. You need to make yourself visible to make a sale. And the more you sell, the faster your reach will increase. You might want to treat your dog on your first sale too, eh?


Husky Dog Mask


Cute Lil Doggy T-Shirt




French Bulldog and Galaxy Onesie



Who Let the Dogs Out T-Shirt



Maltese Goddess


Author Bio

"Eva Greene is a Lead Pet Blogger at She shares everything she has learned about dogs by documenting her own journey. She made some critical mistakes that caused her a lot of stress, so she started the blog to prevent other dog owners from making the same mistakes."

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Snowball is Helping Save Lives!

Posted by Chelsea Heidlebaugh on

Any face covering at all can help mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and Snowball has joined the fight to STOP THE SPREAD!

Snowball Money is now collaborating with RageOn’s marketplace to bring you amazing products to help save lives and open your mind to what Snowball can do for you in the near future.

They are used to helping others with their remarkable technology that will soon become a household name. During the current financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Snowball intends to provide support to people living in emerging economies suffering from hyperinflation. 

Go to
to see their product selection and find out where you can invest in this fast growing company!

Snowball Money Face Mask | Gradient


Snowball Mask | Plain Black


Snowball Money Face Mask | Full Black

You can become an early investor of Snowball NOW. With as little as $111, you will be able to invest and own a stake in Snowball! 

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Why Ben Heine is Designing Face Masks

Posted by Chelsea Heidlebaugh on

Ben Heine is a world renowned artist and Verified Artist on RageOn!

We love to showcase amazing artists on RageOn! and especially artists who are doing good in their communities and beyond! Ben recently stepped up to help the world by creating face masks! We interviewed Ben and he explains how he personally came in contact with the hardships caused by the virus and also provides advice for RageOn! creators.

Where are you based out of?

"I am an artist based in Brussels, Belgium. I am a professional illustrator and photographer. I also play the piano as a hobby and I have 2 children."

How has Covid-19 affected your country and yourself?

"Belgium has the highest rate of deaths in proportion with the total population. It’s a small country, we all know someone who was infected. My grandfather was infected at 91 year old, he was heavily sick for 2 weeks, but he survived. The lockdown was a very hard moment to live economically and socially speaking. I also have a master in Journalism so I have also  published many video analysis of what we are living currently."

Why did you decide to sell face masks with us?

"Because I really think these masks can save lives in crowded spaces. They are also mandatory in many cities so I want to contribute and help people with nice looking masks. I also know RageOn products are high quality and made with care."


What are you doing to help get the word out about your face masks and the importance of wearing face coverings in public?

"I’m sharing them on all my social networks which accumulate more than 500,000 people."

Any tips for artists running online stores on RageOn or advice on how artists can get through tough times like these? 

"Keep uploading and creating original art to change and improve the world."


Thank you so much, Ben!

Do yourself and your community a favor by picking up one of Ben’s creative face mask designs! STOP THE SPREAD!

Scroll down to check out a few of Ben’s face masks or go to for his whole collection


Lion Mouth Face Mask


Invisible Man - Flesh and Acrylic Face Mask


Reggae King. Digital Circlism. Face Mask


Multi-Color Rose Face Mask

Screaming Face Mask Design by Ben Heine - Covid-19 Protection

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Do Your Part for Change!

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We Stand with the Black Community.
For Equality, Justice, and Peace.


It is easier than ever to donate to a cause or support your fellow man through the use of technology. When terrible things happen there are resources out there that will help whoever is directly impacted. Now is the time to sign petitions, donate, text, and call to help bring justice and a call for police reform. Also, make sure to go out and VOTE! Together we can bring long lasting change to America. 

Take Action BELOW!


Justice for George Floyd

Demand justice for George Floyd

#JusticeforFloyd: Demand the officers who killed George Floyd are charged with murder.


-Text “JUSTICE” To 668366

-Text “FLOYD” To 55156

-Get in contact with the District Attorney and Minneapolis Mayor. Leave a message for them DEMANDING that 4 officers including Derek Chauvin (Badge #1087) and Tou Thao (Badge #7162) be arrested for the Murder of George Floyd. (Info Below)

- (612) 673-2100: Minneapolis District Attorney, Mike Freeman.

- (612) 348-5550 or email:

- 612-673-3074: Internal Affairs Number



Official George Floyd Memorial Fund

George Floyd’s Daughter’s Fund

Reclaim the Block 

Take a look at our powerful collection featuring designs from our community of artists and creators. We will be making a donation of 10% of the profits made from the collection. 

Black Lives Matter Face Mask


PRO BLK 24-7 365 T-Shirt


Racism Stops with Me Face Mask

Black Lives Matter Love All Fist T-Shirt

I Am George- BLM George Floyd Memorial Tribute Hoodie



I Have a Dream that Black Lives Matter T-Shirt


I Cant Breathe face Mask


Black Lives Matter T-Shirt

Please forward your confirmation email and order number to in order for us to make the donation!

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Face Mask Collabs!

Posted by Chelsea Heidlebaugh on

RageOn! has teamed up with multiple influencers to help spread the word on the importance of wearing masks during this pandemic! 

Our goal is to Stop the Spread and Save Lives with our massive collection of incredible face mask designs, where everybody can find a mask they feel comfortable wearing daily. 

Check out these video collabs and let us know what you think in the comments! Much more to come!






Due to this pandemic, the RageOn! team has worked extremely hard to bring something truly special to the public -- Customizable Face Masks! CDC says wearing ANYTHING on your face helps decrease the chance of spreading or getting this awful virus CoViD-19.

These masks are also great for pet allergens, dusty environments, and Other environments that require Respiratory Protection. Made from polyester blend material and sublimated print. These face masks serve as an easy to wear protective layer and designed for comfort. 


This practice has been proven time and time again to work and stop the spread of many illnesses.



Tutorial on how to create your own

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How an Uber Driver Lost her Job, then Tripled her Income Overnight!

Posted by Adam Broitman on

 Just a few short months ago, the way we made an income and provided for ourselves and families significantly changed due to the announcement of global shutdowns due to the CoVid-19 global pandemic. People that once had full time work were left unemployed and searching for ways to make money to sustain themselves and their lifestyles.

More and more people are turning to online shopping to stay safe and stop the spread of the virus. Those who are unemployed are starting to create their own online businesses to help offset the financial burden during this time and to provide products and services that are new and help solve problems during this pandemic and recession. 

Anna of Blixxdesigns is currently unemployed due to CoVid-19 shutdowns. Anna was an Uber driver who lost her income due to the CoVid-19 pandemic. She decided to help others in need  by making and selling face masks through Etsy, but saw that RageOn was offering custom face masks on their marketplace and decided to open up her own store. In less than 2 weeks, Anna made over $2,800 selling face masks on RageOn! She did this by uploading high-quality designs daily and sharing with her friends and family to spread the word! 

“I have been selling face masks to my friends and family for only 2 weeks now and I made almost $3,000! I am so grateful for having RageOn as an amazing tool to make money because I lost my job due to this global pandemic and also help save lives decreasing the transmission of Covid-19”

How to Create Face Masks and Sell them online

Create trending designs that customers will look for. 

Think of occupations, hobbies, memes, funny designs, etc. Doing research on what is trending will help your potential for sales. Think about what type of design would represent you and use that strategy to create designs that other customers will look for. 

Upload high resolution/high quality artwork. 

You can find free public use image sites to find high quality images that will create the perfect artwork on your products. Both of these services offer free high quality images that you can use, save and upload to different product types on RageOn!

Share your designs and store with friends and family through Facebook and Instagram. 


Your friends and family all need and are looking for face masks. Let them know that you have all the designs that they are looking for by sharing your products and store by sending direct messages through Facebook. 

Personalize your message. Don’t just share product and store links. This is spammy. Get creative with your messages. For example: Hi XXX, I know that face masks are in such high demand right now and I wanted to let you know that I am selling them. Do you have a specific design you are looking for? Here are some examples of mine. Would love to customize one for you!


Instagram is a great social media tool for you to use to promote your face masks. You can create a daily IG story about your store and show customers how to find your products or posting mockups of some of your favorite and best sellers. 

Get creative with your hashtags so that people can find your posts and stories. Do your research on trending hashtags so that your posts and stories can reach potential customers.

RageOn offers two ways to make money with Ecommerce. You can create a store on the RageOn marketplace or if you have an existing Shopify store, you can sync the RageOn Connect app to your Shopify store. From the RageOn Connect Shopify app. You can also sync best selling products from our Featured Gallery easily to your store. 

Create a store HERE and start selling face masks NOW!

Face Mask description

Dual-layered, reusable, washable, antimicrobial cloth face masks help save lives!


CDC: “Wearing ANYTHING is better than nothing!”

Three big reasons why wearing a face mask will help save lives: 

If you have CoViD-19, are asymptomatic, or sick in general, it WILL HELP mitigate the amount of your droplets from reaching others nasal and mouth passages and it WILL HELP by causing you to touch your face less. Touching your face is one of the easiest ways to bring the virus into your body through your nose and mouth. 


The masks are also great for pet allergens, dusty environments, and Other environments that require Respiratory Protection. 

IMPORTANT PLEASE READ This face mask is NOT 100% preventative, no mask is, and it’s NOT intended to be a surgical mask or medical respirator. Quarantining is best practices by social distancing yourself, washing your hands, and staying away from sick people. Remember, this mask IS better than nothing - so please wear one to help save lives if there is nothing else better available.


-Wash your mask daily if worn in public places like the grocery store
-Add an extra layer of fabric or tissue. The more layers the better. 

-More great tips on mitigating CoViD-19 are located here.

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CoViD-19 Update and Special Announcement

Posted by Chelsea Heidlebaugh on

CoViD-19 (Coronavirus) took the world by surprise and thousands have died due to the highly contagious airborne spread. All of our lives have impacted during this difficult time. 

The virus does not discriminate, so always take the proper precautions when going out in public or around family. If you are not showing symptoms, you still may be a carrier of the virus and can spread to others who have compromised immune systems.

Here are some best practices to protect yourself and stop the spread:

  • Clean your hands often and for 20-30 seconds with warm/hot water
  • Don’t touch your face
  • WEAR A FACE MASK, Goggles, gloves
  • Avoid close contact (social distancing)
  • Stay home if you’re sick (quarantine yourself in a room)
  • Cover coughs and sneezes (use a tissue or your arm)
  • Clean and disinfect
  • Stay Home in general (you may be asymptomatic)

  • Due to this pandemic, the RageOn! Team has worked extremely hard to bring something truly special to the public. Customizable Face Masks! Wearing ANYTHING on your face helps decrease the chance of spreading or getting this awful virus CoViD-19.


    The Kitten No One Loved Face Mask

    Blackout Face Mask

    Oil Spill Face Mask

    These customizable face masks are now available on our web builder to sell or buy.

    Big reasons why wearing a face mask will help save lives:

    If you have CoViD-19, are asymptomatic, or sick in general, it WILL HELP mitigate the amount of your droplets from reaching others nasal and mouth passages, it WILL HELP mitigate the amount of other droplets from reaching your nasal and mouth passages, and it WILL HELP by causing you to touch your face less. Touching your face is one of the easiest ways to bring the virus into your body through your nose and mouth. 

    These masks are also great for pet allergens, dusty environments, and Other environments that require Respiratory Protection. Made from polyester blend material and sublimated print. These face masks serve as an easy to wear protective layer and designed for comfort.


    This practice has been proven time and time again to work and stop the spread of many illnesses.


    I Just Need Some Space Face Mask

    Tentacle Face Mask

    Skulls and Flowers Face Mask  

    Customize Your Own!

    Notable Quotes:

    “the CDC is reportedly contemplating a change in guidance, and many public-health experts have already pivoted. “I went with the public-health message at the beginning: People don’t need masks,” Marr said. “But I’ve changed because of the mounting evidence that it does seem to be spreading through the air.“

    “A few studies suggest that homemade cloth masks are less effective than proper medical ones, but are still better than nothing . In one experiment , a surgical mask filtered 89 percent of viral particles from the air, a tea towel blocked 72 percent, and a cotton T-shirt blocked 50 percent.* In general, thicker materials are better than thinner ones,”  

    IMPORTANT PLEASE READ **This face mask is NOT 100% preventative, no mask is, and it’s NOT FDA approved, intended to be a surgical mask or medical respirator. DO NOT GO AROUND PEOPLE UNLESS IT’S AN EMERGENCY, please social distance yourself, and use this mask in a worst case scenario of having no other alternatives, or simply enjoy this mask as a fashion product post CoViD-19! Remember, this mask IS better than nothing - so please wear one to help save lives if there is nothing else better available**

    Extra Face Mask Tips: 

    -Wash your mask daily if worn in public places like the grocery store
    -Add an extra layer of fabric or tissue. The more layers the better. 

    Other great tips on mitigating CoViD-19 are located here:
    (mitigating the transfer of CoViD-19 - basic things like social distancing, washing hands, etc.)

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    Andrew Yang Design Contest!

    Posted by Chelsea Heidlebaugh on

    Andrew Yang Design Contest

    1. Design the best Andrew Yang themed merch using the RageOn iOS App or Web for a chance to win $1000 and a chance for your design to be available on Andrew Yang’s official campaign store!
    2. Use the hashtag #AndrewYang2020 in your product titles/posts so that we can track your entries! Tip: Submit multiple designs!
    3. Push your friends and family to create an account on RageOn and Like/Super Like on your contest entries. This will boost the product higher in the Popular Section.

    The winners are determined by the quantity of LIKES the design earns, the number of COMMENTS, SALES, and by our JUDGES! 

    How do you rank higher?

    Follow other users, like their products, and share your designs with your social network! This will drive more visibility and engagement towards your brand! Also, the more awesome Andrew-themed T-shirts that you upload, the higher the chance you have of creating a KILLER one that people LOVE. Don't forget to check the popular section on RageOn for real time updates on what's trending. 

    How do the prizes work?

    -1st Place gets $1000 and a chance for your design to be available on Andrew Yang’s official campaign store!

    -2nd Place gets $500 and a feature on our socials

    -3rd Place gets $250

    Contest ends Wednesday, January 15th, 2020 @ 5:00pm EST. The winners will be announced via RageOn’s Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!

    A minimum of 100 participants are required for the judges.

    Download the RageOn App or visit the RageOn Website to begin! Good luck!

    RageOn reserves the right to use any uploaded designs for promotional and commercial purposes related to the Andrew Yang Design Contest and all RageOn partners. All entries MUST be high quality artwork and self-created.

    Terms are subject to change

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    How to CRUSH your 2019 Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotions!

    Posted by Alicia Domico on

    It’s no secret that Black Friday and Cyber Monday are two of the biggest sales events of the holiday season, so much so that, in recent years, they’ve combined to form Cyber Weekend.


    According to the National Retail Federation’s (NRF) annual report, over 165 million Americans shopped from Thanksgiving to Cyber Monday in 2018, raking in over $6.22 billion for retailers in online and in-store sales. $2 billion of those sales came from smartphones alone, so about 33% of holiday sales now take place on a mobile device. The average shopper spent $313.29 on gifts and other holiday merch, with Gen-Xers and older millennials spending the most.



    And, if you think that Cyber Weekend only benefits large major retailers, like Amazon and Walmart, think again. 2018 was a big year for small business, too. Small Business Saturday hit a new record of around $3 billion in sales, with around $400 million being spent Saturday morning alone. Plus, with over 47.4 million shoppers, SBS was the second-largest in-store sales day, only behind Black Friday.


    The opportunity to reach more customers during Cyber Weekend is huge. It also means that competition is steep. With so many retailers vying for customer attention, as well as the reality that the average customer is much savvier than before, how do you stand out? In this guide, we’ll show you exactly how.



    Getting started early seems like a given, but it’s easy to get so swept up in the daily grind and all of life’s other responsibilities that such an important holiday event might slip your mind, costing you potential sales. Starting and organizing your holiday promotions ahead of time (ideally, in September) will not only give you peace of mind, but you’ll also have time to be more strategic with your marketing initiatives. You’ll also be able to:

    • Clearly define your sales goals
    • Create a well-thought-out campaign strategy
    • Build up customer excitement for your holiday promotions
    • Plan for shipping deadlines




    Cyber Weekend is a big deal. Customers are looking for the best deals. Making their shopping experience worth their while is extremely important. Here are just a few popular sales perks you’ll never go wrong with:

    • Early-bird discounts. We will have Early Bird deals going on the week before Black Friday. Blast these on your socials!
    • Promo code. We will be pushing major discount codes on our end. Take advantage and push the same ones!




    Once you’ve decided on your promotion strategy, you’ll need to begin thinking about what products you want to feature. You may love the design on your all-over print swim shorts, but swim shorts may not be the most appropriate choice for the holiday season. If you’re having trouble deciding which custom products to sell, no worries! We’ve compiled our top-selling products from Cyber Weekend 2018, and the following products were by far the most popular:

    • All-Over-Print Hoodie
    • All-Over-Print T-Shirt
    • All-Over-Print Sweatshirt 
    • All-Over-Print Onesie
    • Cotton T-Shirt
    • Cotton Sweatshirt 
    • Phone Case
    • Coffee Mug
    • All-Over-Print Leggings
    • All-Over-Print Crop Top
    • Bandana 



    This is probably the most important step in the entire promo pipeline. It’s no use putting so much work into planning if your products don’t make it to their customers in time for the holidays. We only provide print-on-demand products, so check RageOn’s shipping and processing policy to gauge approximately when your customers should order to get their gifts on time! 

    All of RageOn’s custom products are hand made and made on-demand.




    Now that you’ve prepared your strategy, now comes the fun part–planning your holiday marketing campaigns. Have a little fun with your campaigns and remember that the holiday season is not just an event, it’s an experience. Bring a little magic to your customer with holiday campaigns that get them in a festive mood. Create eye-catching graphics that feature your best sellers and also some limited time releases to boost sales!

    Check out what your favorite stores and artists are doing on their end. You may see something else that will work for you too!



    If you have additional questions about how to maximize this HUGE selling opportunity please email our team at so that we can connect you to our team that can support you!




    Continue to look out for more emails to help you along the way so that you can CRUSH IT!

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    Promoting your E-Commerce Store with Instagram - Social Media Tips Part 2

    Posted by Jack How on

    Welcome back to Part 2 of Social Media Tips!

    A Picture of People Using Instagram

    Before we begin, please do check out our Social Media Tips Part 1 blog post if you haven't!

    Instagram. We all know what it is, and almost everyone we know uses it. Earlier this year, the social media giant has announced that they have 1 billion monthly active users, shaking up the entire industry! However, the service was not complacent, and has been constantly releasing exciting updates! 

    On top of previous updates, Instagram has been constantly upgrading and optimizing IGTV, focusing more attention on increasing engagement rates from Instagram Stories via chat stickers, and improving monetization through enabling ads to be placed on the explore page!

    Here are some amazing reasons why you should definitely use Instagram to promote your e-commerce store:

    - 1 billion people use Instagram every month

    - 80% of users follow at least one brand, with 60% of those saying they’ve discovered new products/services through the platform

    - 30% of Instagram users have purchased products they discovered on Instagram

    - 65% of top-performing Instagram posts clearly feature products

    Without further ado, here are some tips to help you promote your e-commerce store with Instagram:

      1. Find your Profile

      Experts have advised that you should consider adding searchable keywords by your name to increase the chances of potential customers finding your through the search bar (similar to SEO). The example below shows @startupvitaminscom adding "motivation" beside their name as the channel often posts motivational quotes.

      Other ways to give a complete picture to your profile is to be clear about what you will be doing with your profile through the descriptions in the bio. Adding a link to your store is an easy way of achieving that! 

      Nowadays, more and more people are turning a blind eye to corporate brands, and supporting brands that give a personal touch. Don't be afraid to express emotion and personality through emojis and informal slangs on your profile!

        2. Content

        I know you have probably read countless articles about Instagram content that they are getting repetitive and mundane. Our advice on this is simple: Consistency is Key. No matter what you do, always post regularly and find your rotation early.

        For an e-commerce store, it can posting up to 3 times a day, with 3-step rotation - Motivational Quotes, Product Shots, and Reposting User-Generated Content. This is just one example of a rotation, but all good things come in 3s right?

        Even though being consistent is important, we should also not be afraid of change and strive to be adaptable. Mix things up once every few months. Plan out a bunch of rotation variations to intrigue your fans. Go wild, but try to maintain the short-term consistency!

        It is widely known that 8 to 11 hashtags is the sweet spot for Instagram posts, but the common question is what hashtags should we use? You can easily generate the best hashtags (that match your profile and your posts) through 3rd party services like Display Purposes and All Hashtag. However, you shouldn't always use the most popular hashtags, because you will always bring in the same segment of people. As we always say, go wild. Mix it up with some less popular hashtags to extend your reach!

        3. Engagement

        Engagement is highly critical to gauge the success of a social media strategy, and it is the most common metric. A pro tip would be to always respond to and/or like comments and messages that people send. Even if the comment looks like it's spam or automated, liking it will show others that you are active!

        You should also follow like-minded brands to comment and engage with their followers, with aims of luring them over to your brand! Also, you should like and comment to other people’s posts using the same hashtags that you use.

        Another fun and cool way to increase engagement is through Giveaway campaigns! 

        We recently ran our Electric Zoo: Evolved Giveaway Campaign through and it was amazing! Do contact us directly if you'd like to know more about it!.

        Here are some of our learning points for Giveaway Campaigns:

        - They allow you to gain new followers and engage them

        - You can leverage on them to announce new products

        - Always aim to partner with like-minded brands or influencers (this will help you find new followers in your niche), but don’t look for someone who calls themselves an influencer, find someone who matches your niche audience

        In Summary

        Promoting your e-commerce store with Instagram has never been simpler! However, you have to put in the due diligence in creating your own social media strategies. Identifying what works and what doesn't through analytics is necessary for you to triumph over your competitors and produce the best social media for ecommerce. 

        Share in the comments below your own special Instagram Marketing tricks and stay tuned for Part 3!


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        Tell A Joke Day! 🤣

        Posted by Jack How on

        HAHAHAHAHAH! It's TELL A JOKE DAY! The funniest holiday is back again this year on August 16th, and we can't wait to have a great laugh and forget about our everyday worries. Tell all your friends and family your favorite joke and get them to do the same! You'll definitely spend the entire day filled with smiles and laughter! 🤣 🤣

        Before you get too excited, always remember 3 important factors when telling a joke: humor, timing, and delivery. It takes some skill to tell a joke well, but no pressure! Did you know that jokes have been a part of culture since 1900 BC? Wow.

        Let's celebrate Tell a Joke Day together with some hilarious designs from our Tell a Joke Day Collection

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        1. Tank Top Tank Top

        Tank Top Tank Top

        2. Um, The Element of Confusion T-Shirt

        Um, the element of confusion T-Shirt

        3. Fight for E-Koala-Ty T-Shirt

        Fight For E-Koala-ty T-Shirt - Cute Koala Bear Equality Pun

        4. Hipster Jesus Loved You Before You were Cool T-Shirt

        Hipster Jesus Loved You Before You Were Cool T-Shirt - Funny

        5. Earth Is Like Uranus, You Should Keep It Clean T-Shirt

        Earth Is Like Uranus, You Should Keep It Clean T-Shirt - Fun

        6. Taco 'bout it, It's Nacho Problem T-Shirt

        Taco 'bout it, It's nacho problem T-Shirt

        7. I'm A Fun Guy T-Shirt

        I'm a Fun Guy T-Shirt

        8. It's All Good In My Hood T-Shirt

        All Good In My Hood T-Shirt - Grim Reaper Funny Metal

        9. Food Fight Tank Top

        Food Fight Tank Top

        10. Bar Code T-Shirt

        Bar Code T-Shirt

        11. My Mind Was Changed By A T-Shirt Slogan Said No One Ever T-Shirt

        My Mind Was Changed By A T-Shirt Slogan Said No One Ever T-Shirt - Funny Sayings

        12. Dad Joke Survivor T-Shirt

        Dad Joke Survivor T-Shirt

        13. All Systems Gogh T-Shirt

        All Systems Gogh T-Shirt - Vincent Van Go Funny Art

        14. Chick Magnet Boxers

        chick magnet boxers

        15. Clinton On The Streets, Sanders In The Sheets T-Shirt

        Clinton On The Streets Sanders In The Sheets T-Shirt

        16. Put Me Out Of My Missouri T-Shirt

        Put Me Out Of My Missouri T-Shirt | Funny Saying State Tee

        17. 9 Juan Juan In Case Of Taco Emergency T-Shirt

        9 Juan Juan In Case Of Taco Emergency T-Shirt

        18. 7 11 Was A Part Time Job T-Shirt

        7 11 Was A Part Time Job T-Shirt

        19. Aunt Becky's New Show T-Shirt

        Aunt Becky's New Show

        20. Best Graphic Designer Ever T-Shirt

        Best Graphic Designer Ever T-Shirt

        Knock knock!

        Who's there?


        Boo Who?

        Aww, I know it's sad that we've come to the end of the blog post but you don't have to cry hahaha! If you love jokes as much as we do, please check out our Tell A Joke Day Collection (don't forget to use "JOKE20" for 20% OFF!). Tell your favorite joke in the comments below!


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